Mid US Ambassador Report: May

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May was a very active month for my activities and also the beginning of both my ambassadorship as well as becoming an active delegate.

Here is a list of efforts I took this month.

Hosted Lisk New Orleans Blockchain Meetup: Features and Advantages

May 3rd, Click here for article and videos

Visited other Meetups and Events for networking and recruitment:

Ethereum Meetup , Tech Talent South, GNOcode Hack Night

Efforts through Lisk USA for new community members:

LiskUSA.group Website launched and Scholarship program created.

Scholarships: 200 LSK: Bradleat, KyleFromOhio, Suepaphly (Additional 100LSK available for two months > 95% uptime on testnet.) One time.

Bounty projects in progress:

KylefromOhio, Extensive Youtube station 1000LSK (Partially redeemed) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChK8OwkMpXLKlO73h5qWaPw

KylefromOhio, High quality Lisk infographic 200 LSK (Unfulfilled)

Bradleat, hardware wallet support (Bounty undisclosed, Unfulfilled)

E1337, Soon to be announced project 200LSK (Unfulfilled but close)

Misc contributions:

Gave support to: ^^^ + 4fryn, Liskr, bradleat, KylefromOhio, platinumestates, Sportshark, wannabe_Rotebaron, deon, and many others in Lisk.chat channels.

Moderated Lisk.chat for nearly 80 hours on the month.

Helped bring testnet to a much better state.