LiskUSA Presents: The Lisk All-Stars Awards of 2021

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LiskUSA is proud to announce the third annual Lisk All-Stars Awards.

The Lisk All-Stars Awards began in 2019 to highlighting amazing members of the Lisk Community. What started as an expansive list has been narrowed down to around a dozen categories to put a spotlight on specific contributions and efforts worthy of recognition. LiskUSA has selected community members who have exemplified the level of effort, talent, and commitment required to be an All-Star of their selected category.

The All-Stars are non-forging delegates, so often times, these members are the unsung heroes of the community. As a reward, each All-Star will be receive a donation of 50 Lsk. This is just a small token of gratitude for the great contributions and we encourage to give recognition to these community members for their hard effort as well.

There are many contributors to our quickly growing Lisk ecosystem. Narrowing it down to the final winners was tough as there are many excellent choices, so we are proud to announce the Lisk All-Stars 2021:

Most Helpful Community Liaison
If you have asked questions in the Lisk Discord, then you have probably received an answer from our next All-Star. This member is incredibly active and always willing to provide information regardless of if you are a newbie or a veteran.

The winner for a second year running is – Przemer

Most Underrated Contributor
This award goes to a group that consists of several underrated contributors. Especially those in the USA may not see their efforts, but this group has some real positive impact.

This years award goes to Lisk Japan. Consisting of mdmg, uzamaru, and Jserp.

Trading Analysis King
This year we decided to add a new category to the All-Stars to highlight contributions, activity, and accuracy in calls made in the #trading channel of the Lisk Discord.

We picked the category name before the winner, but you probably already know that this award goes to – Majesttie_King

Most Professional SDK Project
This next award is one that highlights excellence in business and professionalism. The project is called Collabolancer and is a proof-of-concept smart freelancing platform that enables seamless collaboration. Just take a look at and you can see the professionalism starts at the front end and continues to a well done project.

The award for most professional SDK project goes to Aldo Suhartono Putra.

Hidden Gem
This award goes to someone who has been contributing but has gone mostly unnoticed while they continue to build. If we weren’t here to tell you about them then you might not know how much amazing work they are producing behind the scenes.

This award goes to Jackson Roberts (Jax). Check to learn more about what he’s been working on.

Excellence in Design
This award is for the most excellent design work the Lisk ecosystem. Lisker is a complete avatar system. It allows you to give your user accounts some personality. Using the Lisker Generator, anyone can build their own Lisker avatar. From changing the hair color to the icons on their clothing. The generator creates an unique Lisker Id which can be stored in any database.

This Excellence in Design award goes to Xding78. To see more of the excellence for yourself check out

Rising Star
This is a true rising star in the Lisk ecosystem. Not only is this All-Star seen frequently around the community they have a number of rising projects. These projects include a blockchain based snake game as well as Lisk Decrypt an encrypt/decrypt tool both of which are built with the Lisk SDK.

This years rising star is Anonimowy. Check out more at and

Top Academic
Our next pick was also Last year’s Rising Star. This year, our All-Star continues to makes strides in the academic world. With expansive work involving our testnet and security research.  He has even published a Scientific Paper in the ACM Digital Library.

The award for Top Lisk Academic goes to Davi L. Alves (Dav1)

Top SDK Tester/Contributor
Our next pick was a tough choice with so many now working with the SDK. However, one individual set themselves apart from the rest yet again. Having tested the SDK from the very beginning this All-Star still continues to impress.

This award goes to JesusTheHun. Be sure to checkout for more information.

Excellence in Meetup Hosting
Since Meetups are on hiatus for now, we have extended this award to include maintaining community growth. LiskUSA considers itself to be on the front lines when it comes to hosting and representing Lisk especially with the current global pandemic situation. So we know just how difficult it is. However, this All-Star continues to keep the Seattle Community on the Map.

So this award goes to Lisk89. Check out to follow the growth of Lisk Seattle.

Marketing Maverick
This all-star has been working hard with the community and it’s coming together nicely. She’s been top communicator and is working closely with the community group “the squad” as well as providing consistent support and help from HQ.

Monica Tartau is the Marketing Maverick

Most Helpful HQ Developer
Last, but not least, our final award goes to Shusetsu Toda. (Shuse2)

He’s always there to answer our questions even when they result in epic rabbit holes. Second year in a row winning this prize, a very impressive feat. Thanks again for all of the help you have provided to the community.

Finally, shout outs go to some runner ups or people who could not receive a reward due to being a forging delegate. Special thanks to:
ducktank, frakilik, gaxda, yaroo, southpaw, and the Moosty Team.

Thanks again to all of our All-Stars for your past and continued contributions to the Lisk ecosystem. In case you wanted to read about our  All-Stars team from last year, check out:

As an annual event, there is plenty of opportunity for community members to be recognized and awarded for their contributions and efforts to the community. Next year we will make an announcement and if you feel yourself or someone you know deserves to be rewarded, feel free to reach out to LiskUSA to let us know.

As additional incentive, and as development allows, LiskUSA also plans to include All-Star Trophies as NFTs on a Lisk Sidechain. So be sure to keep contributing and be sure to check back to for future developments.