The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 58

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Delegate ThePool Introduces New His Plans

Today, delegate ThePool (Karek) launched his new website and introduced his plans focused on expanding the Lisk ecosystem.

ThePool will develop future Lisk side chain applications, and reward voters with tokens from the newly introduced side chains, in addition to the traditional Lisk token rewards. ThePool also urges other delegates and the community to start developing as it should be quite easily to migrate and tie the apps to the to Lisk main chain in the future.

Last but not least he asks the Lisk community act in the best interest of ecosystem, morally and technically.

It’s good to see these changes by ThePool and hopefully many more delegates will follow him in helping grow the Lisk ecosystem!

A First Proof Of Concept App : Lisk Bike

This week, delegate Joo5ty introduced one of the first proof of concept’s on the Lisk Blockchain : Lisk Bike.

The Lisk Bike team wants to showcase a proof of concept that can be made with the current state of the Lisk Alpha SDK. As the Netherlands is a huge cycling country and ‘commercial bike sharing’ becoming more and more popular. The team wants to make use of this concept, fit a bike with a GPS tracking lock, build a JavaScript application and use the Lisk Blockchain for data registration.

Lisk Bike already launched its own website together a demo and roadmap. The goal is to have a working demonstration for all Lisk Center visitors/developers to inspire them to also start using the Lisk SDK.

Currently Lisk Bike is looking for funding for their proof of concept so if you like the idea then don’t hesitate to donate!

Lisk Events In August

Last week, LiskHQ released a blog post on everything you need to know about Lisk at Berlin Blockchain Week.

The Berlin Blockchain Week is a decentralized community-organized initiative which focusses on education, to push mass adoption via providing first hand information about the industry. During the week local projects organize events filled with scientific discussions, technical talks, and business updates.

LiskHQ will take part in multiple hosted, speaker, and attended events. One of the first hosted events was the Lisk SDK Webinar on which you can read more later in this blog post.

On 21st of August, LiskHQ will host a testing event in which there will be 6 testers for each product and Lisk will be present with 3 stations for Hub, Mobile and website. If you would be interested in becoming a tester, make sure to register on their website.

Last but not least, LiskHQ will be hosting the Lisk SDK Workshop for local developers on August 28th.

Lisk will also be speaking during some of the Berlin Blockchain week events. Ali Haghighatkhah (Head of UI) and Julian Alterini (Head of Design) will discuss Lisk Design Thinking at a UI/UX Designers Meetup.

Rachel Black (Tech Evangelist) will introduce the Lisk SDK to developers at a Coding Berlin meetup. And Jan Hackfeld (Head of Research) will discuss consensus algorithms at a Humboldt University Blockchain meetup.

LiskHQ members will also attend a number of events such as the Blockchance Conference which will be attended by Lothar (Head of Operations), Matthias (Head of Business Development) and Frederic (Legal Counsel). The Lisk Research team will be attending the Web3Summit and Rachel is going to be present at the DappCon event at the Technical University in Berlin.

All in all the team will have a busy August with many opportunities to promote Lisk and their Alpha SDK!

The Lisk Alpha SDK Webinar

Last Friday, LiskHQ hosted a livestream webinar where they showcased their Alpha SDK (Software Development Kit).

In the 1 hour-long webinar Rachel Black (Tech Evangelist) and Nazar Hussain (Backend Developer) gave an introduction to the Alpha SDK and teached people how create a custom transaction with it.

The webinar rounded off with a short Q&A (Question and Answer) where people watching the live stream could ask their questions about the SDK and custom transactions.

So if you are interested in the Alpha SDK then make sure to watch this video and read the blog post!

July’s Lisk Recap

Last Thursday, community manager Mat Piaggi released a bullet-pointed overview of Lisk’s progress for the month of July.

In the recap you can read about the recent SDK (Software Development Kit) & network development updates, wallet updates, Lisk Builders and Lisk Research. It also features the Lisk Foundation, important marketing updates and the latest Lisk community activities.

So if you didn’t have the time to keep up with all that’s been happening in June then make sure to check out this post!