Mid US Ambassador Report: May

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May was a very active month for my activities and also the beginning of both my ambassadorship as well as becoming an active delegate.

Here is a list of efforts I took this month.

Hosted Lisk New Orleans Blockchain Meetup: Features and Advantages

May 3rd, Click here for article and videos

Visited other Meetups and Events for networking and recruitment:

Ethereum Meetup , Tech Talent South, GNOcode Hack Night

Efforts through Lisk USA for new community members: Website launched and Scholarship program created.

Scholarships: 200 LSK: Bradleat, KyleFromOhio, Suepaphly (Additional 100LSK available for two months > 95% uptime on testnet.) One time.

Bounty projects in progress:

KylefromOhio, Extensive Youtube station 1000LSK (Partially redeemed)

KylefromOhio, High quality Lisk infographic 200 LSK (Unfulfilled)

Bradleat, hardware wallet support (Bounty undisclosed, Unfulfilled)

E1337, Soon to be announced project 200LSK (Unfulfilled but close)

Misc contributions:

Gave support to: ^^^ + 4fryn, Liskr, bradleat, KylefromOhio, platinumestates, Sportshark, wannabe_Rotebaron, deon, and many others in channels.

Moderated for nearly 80 hours on the month.

Helped bring testnet to a much better state.