Lisk Miami Blockchain Meetup: Parte Tres

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Lisk Miami: Part Tres

LiskUSA was thrilled to host another Blockchain meetup over the weekend in Miami city. This marked the third event of our constantly growing, quarterly meetup group. It was great to see some of the regulars, as well as some new faces.

Some of the attendees informed us that they attended all of the blockchain meetups in the area. They said that despite the Miami heat, and the bear market, our Lisk Meetup was pulling the highest attendance in Miami!

This isn’t without reason of course. It is because our meetups are not your typical networking event. We take the time and effort to set a great atmosphere for our guests to be comfortable so they can share their ideas and opinions. LiskUSA also makes sure to provide our groups with quality information, typically in the form of presentations, and we are always happy to have Q&A.

The event was hosted at Workshops 360. A spacious shared workspace that also doubled as an art gallery for some amazing artists. The attendees enjoyed the space as well as some drinks and local sandwiches while they caught up with current members and became familiar with the new attendees. (If you are ever in Miami, I suggest the cubano sandwich, they are the best.)

The theme for this event was the Political Theory of Blockchain which is a topic we are excited to introduce our attendees to. After some networking and a lot of great discussion on everyone’s political theories we moved into the next segment of the meetup.

LiskUSA had a special presentation for everyone on this new topic that we are just beginning to explore. It was titled the “Political Theory of Blockchain” and this was our first chance getting to reveal this new information and theory we had been working on for some time. With the help of LiskUSA’s new political consultant we were able to “take the prism political science to create and develop useful theories on the topic of Blockchain Political Theory. Essentially, using ideas and concepts from traditional schools of thought and incorporating them into our favorite new field – blockchain technology.

The presentation was filled with a lot of information concepts that are still being developed. An example of what was being discussed was an old concept known as a City-State. A city-state is typically a sovereign entity that governs itself without outside influence. By taking this old concept and combining with blockchain technology we created a new concept called the Crypto-State, with individuals that interact with that system being citizens of any particular Crypto-State.

Essentially, taking individual blockchain projects and comparing them to these old world governmental systems allows for rather accurate analysis of how and why different projects and participants act the way they do. From how they are governed, to the benefits they grant, and even how they “war” with each other.

Overall, this new concept was taken very well and we were told that it was very relatable. It was able to take high concepts of blockchain technology and ground them with commonly known concepts of political science. After the presentation the attendees had a lot of questions, new thoughts, and ideas that they wished to discuss with us and each other.

After political theory presentation, we had a chance to answer a lot of questions about Lisk and how a lot of the concepts tie into it. An example is how Delegated Proof-of-Stake introduced representative democracy to the blockchain space. This includes the benefits, not only politically, but also for more technical issues like scalability.

These conversations eventually got taken to a high technical level with a lot of specific questions and topics coming from very talented blockchain developers, most of which were already creating projects on other blockchains. Such as a working Event Ticket smart contract platform.

We also had some hard hitting technical questions from a great group of young gentlemen developing projects on Ethereum. Luckily, LiskUSA members are fairly well versed in not only politics but also development and programming. So, we were happy to answer their questions and show them the potential benefits to using the Lisk. By the end of the event we were all having a great time while everyone discussed and shared their projects with bright hopes for the future.

We were also joined by some of our friends from BloqSpace who flew out to join us. They provided some great materials including a blockchain comic about Lisk. We also had someone make a VR video of the meetup that will be able to be explored in the future.

Of course, the event wouldn’t be complete without also giving everyone a lot of great Lisk swag such as our custom made Lisk hats and sunglasses – perfect for showing of your favorite blockchain project in sunny Miami.

We will continue to develop our new Political Theory of Blockchain and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next LiskUSA event. Until then, have a great summer!