Lisk USA 1 Yr Anniversary Meetup in New Orleans!

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The occasion was our 5th meetup in New Orleans, and the One Year Anniversary of Lisk USA. It was also the first time we hosted the event at the beautiful Contemporary Arts Center.  Around 25 guests were in and out of the event that night. A major highlight was the fact that Bloqspace was in full-force and helped capture some of the best video and audio ever from a Lisk USA meetup. They also helped with other things and their presence really made the One Year Anniversary special.

As always, there was delicious food and beverages for everyone to share. We felt we did our best job yet this time at providing a comfortable and safe environment.  I enjoyed demonstrating the Lisk Overview HQ produced. The questions lead me to believe that the guests were truly intrigued. The crown jewels of the event however were the technical segments. First, John Alex Hebert with his detailing of how to get started developing for Lisk. After that, we had Brandon follow a transaction through the Lisk Network to get an intimate look at the plumbing. We all left having learned a lot.
Here’s a video of the Overview Presentation: (We will be updating more videos of the technical segments later.)

Thank you everyone for coming, we hope to see you again or next time in Miami!