LiskUSA is back to award the Lisk All-Stars 2020

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LiskUSA is back and we are excited to announce this year’s Lisk All-Stars.

Last year, we had our first picks with the Pre-SDK All-Stars. This was an expansive list of community members who made contributions we believe worthy of being awarded. This year we focused on a smaller number but doubled the prize to 100LSK. This is just a small token of gratitude for the great contributions from our All-Stars so others are encouraged to donate to them directly.

Among those selected are some of the biggest contributors and most talented individuals in the community who went above and beyond for the Lisk ecosystem. Narrowing it down to the final winners was tough as there are so many excellent contributors.

Without further adieu, our picks for the Lisk Alpha SDK All-Stars 2020:

Most Practical Technical Solutions
Our first All-Star has helped with many solutions including developing and managing bots and operational security techniques to defend vs some very persistent threats.

Our first award goes to

Most Underrated Contributor
Our next All-Star has been in the meetup and promotion game for long time. Recently this All-Star took a major step up with plans to develop a Metamask like application for Lisk.

This next award goes to Crypto_Embassy

All-Around Rising Star
A true rising star – with expansive work involving our testnet and security research.  He has even published a Scientific Paper in the ACM Digital Library and now has a PoC named Lisk Restaurant

The rising star is dav1

Top SDK Tester/Contributor
Our next pick was a tough choice with so many now working with the SDK. However, one individual set themselves apart from the rest by testing the SDK since the very beginning. As well as an impressive new project called Featchain.

This award goes to JesusTheHun

Most Helpful Community Liaison
If you have questions, then this next All-Star has the answers. Not only is this next pick very active in the online community, they offer incredibly helpful information for old and new members alike.

The winner is … – Przemer

Most Active Community Member
This next pick was probably the easiest choice. If you are on the discord then you are quite familiar with this all-stars daily salutations.

The award for most active community member goes to Minions
You can checkout the minions proposal in #delegate-proposals

Excellence in Meetup Hosting
LiskUSA considers itself to be on the front lines when it comes to hosting and representing Lisk to the rest of the world. So we know just how difficult it is. Even when faced with the alt-coin bear market and now a pandemic, this All-Star Team stayed on top of the game. Excluding an extensive list of other contributions this All-Star has been amazing in meetup hosting and community outreach.

This award goes to the entire Moosty Team: Corbifex, Raphael, and Jurre

Excellence in Communications

Although this All-Star has not been as active recently, they have been a top communicator on many of our social media platforms constantly spreading the work of Lisk.

This award goes to John_Muck of LISK Highlights!

Most Helpful HQ Developer
We’re not even sure if we are allowed to donate to our HQ All-star, but at the least this developer definitely deserves a shout out. Being incredibly helpful in solving many issues as well as offering great opinions and advice. Our gratitude for all of the help from our final All-Star can’t be stated enough.

Last, but not least, our final award goes to Shuse2

Thanks again to all of our All-Stars for your past and continued contributions to the Lisk ecosystem. In case you wanted to read about our first Pre-SDK All-Stars team from last year, check out:

Next year we will make an announcement and if you feel yourself or someone you know deserves to be rewarded, feel free to reach out and let us know. We would love to hear from you. Look forward to more frequent updates from LiskUSA coming soon.