LiskUSA + LiskHQ + Converge for the 4th Lisk San Antonio Blockchain Meetup

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This meetup was one of my favorite meetups yet! True to our model, the meetup included both a general blockchain segment that discussed scaling solutions for blockchains as well as a Lisk-specific segment including a special guest.

For our general blockchain segment, San Antonio’s very own technology evangelist, cyber-security guru, and budding blockchain extraordinaire, Omar Quimbaya, presented a doozy of a talk on Blockchain Scalability. We learned about blockchain scaling tactics like Lightning Network, Sharding, and Segwit. There was also some information on Bitcoin-NG.

For our Lisk-specific segment there was a very special treat. As many of you know, Lisk recently relaunched and has some great new additions to its ecosystem. In celebration of Lisk’s relaunch, Lisk Community Manager, Jan Liz-Fonts same all the way from Berlin Germany to fill us in. Having a member of LiskHQ attend the meetup here in the US was a real treat and we got to here about the rebranding.

As if that weren’t enough, they decided to give away at least 30 Lisk for this Meetup, courtesy of Lisk Delegate Pool, Ascend ( We had 4 winners who were excited to receive some lisk, most of them this was their first lisk they ever received. A couple of the winners were shown how to set up a wallet so they could participate in the giveaway. Jan also came with a lot of fresh Lisk Swag. Pretty much everyone left with something this time.

After the presentations we had a Q&A with the Meetup host Brandon, Edward from Lisk USA, and Jan from Lisk HQ. The attendees had some great questions, from some basics to more technical based, and they were all answered by our great panel.

Finally, the guests had time for networking which was a great time getting to know everyone. Everyone was also treated to good food and drinks.. Overall it was a great time and one of my favorite meetups yet. If you couldn’t make it out make sure to stay tuned for more information on the next meetup in your area!