Mid US Ambassador Report July

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For our second full month in action we finally shifted into second gear. Many bounties were redeemed and Scholarships were awarded to some very deserving individuals. I am proud to announce the many events and achievements for our recipients and our organization this month. Thank you everyone.

Co-Hosted Lisk San Antonio Blockchain Meetup with @Nimbus73

Hosted Lisk New Orleans Blockchain Meetup

Presented Lisk @ Both New Orleans and San Antonio Meetups

Booked Speakers for future Meetup events

Made plans for further expansion of Meetup cities

Attended Local Ethereum Developers Meetup

Built greater cooperation with fellow Ambassadors

Pre-SDK Development Scholarship Awarded to: @Carbonara (400LSK)

Testnet Participation Bounties Redeemed: @KyleFromOhio, @4fryn, @LiskFaucets (100LSK each)

Moderated for nearly 60 hours on the month.

Continued to help improve testnet as well as testing.