Mid US Ambassador Report October + Meetups

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This month we had our work cut out for us. New Orleans, Boulder, San Antonio, and Miami were all on the agenda. It was very interesting to travel through different climates and cultures. We had a chance to do some fun things this month such as our blockchain idea contest, giveaways, and some very engaging panel discussions. We made some great new friends and associates while educating many curious new comers. In November we will begin planning to serve all these cities once again in the coming months! Here’s all the events and efforts from October:

Donations: @Carbonara,, @Hirish, @alepop, @E1337, @5an1ty (50LSK each) (100LSK) Many smaller donations and giveaways to members throughout the month.

Lisk New Orleans Blockchain Meetup: Governance

Lisk Boulder Blockchain Meetup: Intro to Blockchain

Lisk San Antonio Blockchain Meetup: Use Cases

Lisk Miami Blockchain Meetup: Intro to Blockchain