Mid US Ambassador Report September

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A lot of behind the scenes preparation work was done in September. My assistant and I went to our first conference and had fun networking and learning. Here’s a list of what we managed to accomplish:

Prepared Meetups for October (New Orleans, Boulder, San Antonio, Miami)

Purchased new Equipment to Improve Meetup production quality

Traveled to establish relationships and new meetup hosts (Boulder)

Produced the Flyer for October Meetups

Made an updated budget for Lisk USA

Attended Object Management Group: Cybersecurity Workshop conference 

Donated 50LSK each to all non-forging independent members of Lisk.Builders  (250 total)

Remotivated those working on the Ledger Nano S Lisk compatibility (@bradleat, @vekexasia)

New Testnet participation bounties: (50LSK)

Supported several new community members in direct message

Moderated for nearly 40 hours on the month

Continued to help improve testnet as well as testing