Scholarships are great for encouraging and rewarding community participation. They are given to motivated and dedicated Lisk enthusiasts in need of funding. The scholarships will be decided on a case by case basis as the value of Lisk and size of contributions may vary.

Pre SDK Development Scholarship
GitHub Pull-Requests
Discussions with the development team
Meaningful development work completed to Lisk products.

Development Scholarship
Blockchain Application Development
Meaningful development once SDK is released.

Outreach Scholarship
Social Media Campaigns (Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc)
Advertising Campaigns
Community Awareness Campaigns
Video Promotions (Youtube, others)
Faucets and Giveaways

Meetup Scholarship
Organize a local Lisk-related event
Find someone who can organize it

Participation Scholarships
Host a Lisk Core installation on the test network and participate in Gitter Testing
Make consistent high quality posts on Lisk Subreddit, Lisk Chat,etc
Attend Community Meetings with questions

Translation Scholarship
Technical Documents
For those showing promise as translators.