The Lisk Pre-SDK All-Star Team

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The Lisk Difference 

Within these emerging economic models, Delegated Proof-of-Stake has shown to be the most energizing. A robust competition is what produces the network’s security expectations and the incentives are the engine that drive the competition. Under this umbrella, with Lisk, a natural Decentralized Autonomous Organization has formed. Although not as liquid as some would hope, we’ve still seen many contributors take up the good faith challenge have their efforts be rewarded or even delegated.

Throughout the journey, I’ve had the true pleasure and honor of working with many of them very closely. They have taught me much and I can only hope I have done the same.  I strongly believe that these true friends of Lisk will be among those responsible for “Creating the Future”.

The making of an All-Star Testnet

After the initial rush to Mainnet forging, Testnet became quite neglected. This was very negative for Lisk as Testnet continues to act as a staging ground for new delegates, testers and developers. It seemed no one cared about Testnet anymore. So in typical Lisk fashion, we created an incentive to increase participation. The Testnet Bounty was born. In order to claim it, three months of greater than 98% productivity must be achieved. Since then 29 community members have completed the challenge with one currently active.

Here are the names:

ZOwn3d, Xereo, Vekexasia, TonyT908, Southpaw439

Sexor, Przemer, Prolina, Peteh, LiskSnake,

LiskPoland.PL, Lisk.Central.America, Lemii, Korben3

Jackson, firedust0, Endro, Elevate, Carbonara, Arca_music

aradiarun, 5ubstance, 5anity, 4fryn, Suepaphly, KylefromOhio

Liskfaucets, Thamar, CryptoFantasma (active)

Pre-SDK All-Star Categories

Those selected into these groups went above and beyond for Lisk. Among them are our best and brightest in each respective craft. Even narrowing it down to five was tough as there are so many excellent contributors. Without further Adieu, I give you the Lisk Pre-SDK All-Stars. Winners in these categories will receive 50 LSK.

Excellence in Meetup Hosting:

Lisk.Central.America, Nimbus, Ultrafresh, Crypto_Embassy

Most Dedicated Prospective Delegates:

Endro, Lemii, Korben3, Moosty, Sexor

Most Creative Technical Contributors

Prolina, Korben3, Sexor, Lemii, TonyT908

Top Community Liaisons:

John_Muck, LiskNews, Southpaw439, Przemer, Frakilk