The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 10

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In this 10th episode of the State of Lisk Report we once again bring you the latest Lisk news. This week the report features a new Lisk Academy video, the opening of the Elite Incubator, the new LightCurve hires and much more. You can read all about these stories in this week’s The State of Lisk Report!

What Is Cryptography?

Today, LiskHQ released a new explanatory video for the Lisk Academy. This time it explains cryptography, which is the disguising and revealing of information using complex mathematic algorithms. Cryptography is used to protect the identity of users, secure blocks, secure transactions and secure information.

In the video you learn about examples of encryption in everyday life, how anyone can create a simple cryptographic system and the different methods of encryption. This video once again shows LiskHQ’s professional and leading role in their mission to help and educate everyone about Blockchain technology!

The Weekly Development Update

The migration of Lisk Core 1.0.0 to the Mainnet is getting closer and closer. A smooth migration is however only possible if the right steps are taken and LiskHQ ensures that their releases continue to be of the highest quality.

In this weeks development update we can read what these steps are, which issues where fixed and what LiskHQ’s next steps are.

First of all it is important that all the Lisk products are compatible with Lisk Core 1.0.0. Secondly it is important to communicate the migration with all the exchanges where the LSK token is traded. In this update we read that LiskHQ already has established communication channels with most major exchanges but is still continuing to reach others. This streamlined communication is needed to make sure the migration of Lisk Core 1.0.0 is able to occur without issues.

In the blog post we can also read that LiskHQ is constantly working to improve their documentation. And that they recently added a new section about troubleshooting to give solutions for the most common issues which can occur during the migration process.

LiskHQ’s next steps are performing and completing QA on Lisk Core 1.0.0 2nd release candidate. The team also decided to include a few extra features in the Lisk Core 1.0.0 release and are continuing the work on open issues for Lisk Core 1.2.0.

So make sure you read this weeks development update to stay as up to date as possible on the road to Core 1.0 onto the Mainnet!

The Brand New Elite Hub

Last Wednesday, the Lisk Elite delegate announced the opening of a brand new ‘Elite Incubator’ in the Chinese city of Xiamen. This first E. Asian hub will be used by the Elite to help support and create future Lisk side chains.

The opening event also gave the community a first look of the 500m2 venue where Luiz and other Elite delegates celebrated this milestone. After first getting the LSK token listed on some major exchanges its great to see Elite continuing this positive line with the Lisk Elite Center!

Meet The New LightCurve Hires

This Tuesday, LiskHQ and LightCurve welcomed 8 new employees to strengthen the team. The new members will soon be added to the Lisk team page, but we already got a short introduction. So please welcome Jana who will be working as a Business Development Intern, Lisk’s new Events Manager Monica and Cryptographer Andreas who is the second member of the Lisk science team. LightCurve also hired Anastasia who will be a Marketing Manager, Andrei who is a Frontend QA Engineer, new Office Manager Angela, UI/UX Designer Dominic and Backend Developer Mehmet.

It’s great to see LiskHQ and LightCurve continuing to expand the team with fresh new talent, and there will be plenty of space for them in Lisk’s new office!

What Is Lisk Core?

This week, LiskHQ released a new informative video, which this time features Lisk Core. In short Lisk Core is the code base of the rules established by the Lisk protocol and an essential piece of Lisk’s Blockchain ecosystem. It is a mandatory program to be executed on every node in the Lisk network, and guarantees the validity of the data contained within the Lisk Blockchain and the new data being written on it.

In the video called : What is Lisk Core? you get an explanation of the client-server relationship and how a server become a Lisk node. It also explains who can run a Lisk node and why someone would want to set up their own node.

So if you are interested in running your own node or want to learn more about Lisk Core before its Mainnet release then make sure to check out this video!

The Watcher Of Lisk

If you are interested in following Lisk’s activity on Github then there is a new tool to easily help you stay up to date. The Twitter account Watcher of Lisk watches Lisk core/commander/elements/hub repositories and tweets all the new commits/releases/tags info.

So if you are on Twitter and want to stay as up to date on Lisk’s development as possible then make sure to follow Watcher of Lisk!

The Release Of The Lisk Hub 0.10.0

Last Wednesday, LiskHQ released a new version of Lisk Hub together with a blog post about the new release. The Lisk Hub is an all-in-one wallet where you can manage your Lisk ID, access and send LSK tokens, as well as vote for delegates. In this new version LiskHQ made some new enhancements and changes to improve the user-friendliness and overall user-experience.

The first change is the removal of the Explorer menu item on the sidebar. This used to direct users to a page with a search input field that allowed users to search for a transaction ID or Lisk ID. But as the same search functionality is already provided by the search bar at the top of each page this was removed. LiskHQ also updated the search bar to now display your recent searches.

The next enhancement was also made in the search bar as it now also allows you to search for delegate names. When you start typing in the search bar of version 0.10.0 suggestions of matching delegates will appear, including their rank.

The last new feature is the ability to follow accounts. To do this you simply lookup an account and click the “Follow” button on the account page. You can then see a list all the accounts you are following in a new module on the Dashboard page. It is even possible give the an account a custom title to make it easier for you to remember who it belongs to.

This is the first step taken in a major revamp to address how multiple Lisk accounts are managed in Lisk Hub. In an upcoming release LiskHQ will remove the saved accounts and add a logout button. They will also make the dashboard accessible without the need to log in. This way users can use the list of followed accounts without having to enter their passphrase. The following accounts functionality will also help to enable users to use the list as an address book when sending transactions.