The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 11

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Among the latest news is development updates, LiskHQ member Shusetsu Toda’s JavaScript blog post, the Lisk Houston Blockchain meetup, LiskUSA @ Libertarian National Convention, and a newly released tool by the developers of You can read all about these stories and much more in this week’s The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 11

New LightCurve Hires Announced

The LightCurve team keeps expanding as community manager Mat from Lisk HQ this week said there will be two new members joining team in August. The roles these new people will take are number one, a community manager, and number two, a tech evangelist, who will focus on the community to begin with.

LiskHQ’s Weekly Development Update

This week, was once again a productive one with LiskHQ releasing the Lisk Hub 1.0.0 release candidate. This is the first Lisk Hub release compatible with the Lisk Core 1.0.0 API. Most of you know by now that all the Lisk products (Lisk Commander, Lisk Hub, Lisk Core and Lisk Elements) need to reach their 1.0.0 version before migration to the Mainnet can take place.

This week LiskHQ fixed several issues for Lisk Core 1.0.0-rc.2, the first one being issue #2199. This issue had to do with the possibility that after migration from Lisk Core 0.9.16 to 1.0.0, the legacy chain will still move faster than the newly migrated chain. Someone could then possibly perform a migration on that chain and revealing the chain to the already-running 1.0.0 network causing problems. The team also managed to fix issues #2154, #2226, #2227 and #2208.

On Lisk Core 1.1.0 the team fixed issue #1992 and #2148, an example of the last issue can be seen in the blog post. The next steps for LiskHQ are now to move to the QA phase as the development phase is ready for Lisk Core 1.0.0-rc.2. After the QA a date will be announced where the migration will be tested. This Testnet release will be a hard fork due to the block version change stated in issue #2199. The Mainnet migration process will however remain the same as initially planned.

For some it might seem like the release of Lisk Core 1.0.0 onto the Mainnet is being delayed and delayed. But we all know by now that LiskHQ wants to offer the highest quality and this takes time. But luckily with these weekly development updates we see the progress being make by the team!

Shusetsu Toda’s Thoughts On Javascript

This Thursday, Jaxenter published a blog post written by the project lead of the Lisk commander, Shusetsu Toda. JAXenter is an international technology website and news platform focused on bringing the latest news in the tech world to developers and businesses.

In the blog post Shusetsu shares his thoughts on the ongoing importance of JavaScript (Lisk’s programming language) and its role in the development of Blockchain. He explains that even though JavaScript appeared in 1995, it shows no sign of decreasing in popularity, with 29% of developers either beginning or continuing to learn the language in 2018. The main reason for this being that once a developer can code in basic JavaScript, the potential for them to create across a variety of platforms increases substantially.

Shusetsu also explains the difference between JavaScript and Java. These two programming languages are often confused with one and other but were designed to serve entirely different purposes. Unlike Java, JavaScript has no build setup required, making it far easier for developers to start using it and create applications. JavaScript’s main strength is its highly flexible nature and universality as a programming language.

The main reason the fouders of Lisk chose for JavaScript is because of this huge amount of developers knowing and using JavaScript in combination with its flexibility. Making it very easy for all kinds of people to start developing Dapps on Lisk in the future. Shusetsu also writes that the use of JavaScript to build new technological applications for Blockchain will make it a lot easier to integrate them with the existing tech and other sectors.

So rather than reinventing the wheel like some projects are doing in the Blockchain space it would be better to keep improving JavaScript. As it can perfectly function as the bridge between old and new technologies. Shusetsu ends his blog post with the statement that JavaScript is alive and well, and this shows no sign of changing!

For me as a non developer I found it very interesting to read just how popular JavaScript still is after all these years. And with so many developers using the language it opens op huge potential for the growth of the Lisk platform. So if you are interested in learning some more about JavaScript and its popularity then make sure to read Shusetsu’s thoughts of JavaScript blog post!

Lisk Houston Blockchain Meetup

Next month, on the August the 18th the very first Lisk Houston Blockchain Meetup will be taking place. This first meetup, will give an introduction to Blockchain technology, an introduction to the Lisk Blockchain application platform and feature a Q&A panel. The goal of the meetup is to create a new community interested in Blockchain technology and being able to learn from each other. So whether you are new to the technology or already know a lot about it there will be something for everyone.

This first meetup will be hosted by Lisk community member Ian Fortney (Southpaw439) and is sponsored by LiskUSA. Also attending the meetup are LiskUSA founder Edward Troclair (StellarDynamic) along with delegates Bloqspace and Nimbus who will be helping kick off this new group.

So if you live in the Houston area and are interested in learning more about Blockchain technology and the Lisk project then be sure to RSVP as soon as possible!

Where Liberty Meets Blockchain

This week, we released a blog post on the Libertarian Party’s National Convention which this year was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. As Blockchain and cryptocurrency are becoming more  mainstream, it is also becoming a hot topic with the party. Many within the party are still lacking much of the knowledge and quality information on the topic. They decided to organize a Blockchain panel event combined with two breakout sessions on related Blockchain topics.

LiskUSA’s founder Edward Trosclair received an invitation to speak on the panel as well as during the two breakout sessions. Which was once again opportunity to spread awareness and education of Blockchain technology, as well as some information about Lisk.

The first breakout session was on our new and thought-provoking Political Theory of Blockchain. This theory is about the way that people interact with, understand, and relate to each other and hows its changing. And how Blockchains can be described as a manifestation of the evolution of human consciousness.

The second session’s was on the much discussed topic of Blockchain regulations. Here Edward shared  lots of relevant guidelines and laws issues by the US government such as the IRS and FinCEN. And discussed unfavorable regulations such as New Yorks Bitcoin License that costs over $100,000 to obtain. This License drove dozens of Blockchain companies such as trading exchange Kraken out New York long ago.

After this it was then time for the Blockchain panel which consisted of a very diverse and enlightened group of people involved in the block-chain and cryptocurreny space. Luckily for us the panel event was filmed and now released.

For more information on the Convention and LiskUSA’s experience make sure to read our blog post!

The Future In Focus SONM

Last Tuesday, LiskHQ released a new blog post in their series : Future in Focus. This time the blog features SONM which is a decentralized fog computing platform that allows users to connect their personal devices to one virtual space. By doing this they create a decentralized marketplace where consumers and suppliers can rent and buy much cheaper computing power from one another to be used for specific computing tasks.

Jennifer Tekneci sat down with the co-founder of SONM Aleksei Antonov to help the Lisk community learn more about the project. The interview starts with Aleksei telling about the history of the SONM, its relationship to Blockchain and why the world would need SONM. He also gives a few examples of who would be interested in paying for the computing power SONM offers. These will be Machine Learning (ML) and possibly Artificial Intelligence (AI) developers, projects based around big data, research projects engaged in scientific computing or individual miners, rigs and data centers.

They continue the interview by talking about the current issues around the current fog computing market. Which have mostly to do with data confidentiality and trusted environment. They also talk about which problems SONM which involve savings on equipment, savings on rental of cloud servers, and solving other real world problems.

The interview is rounded off with Jennifer asking Aleksei about where he envisions SONM will be in five years and how he anticipates Blockchain technology will change the world. Aleksei thinks the main changes will be made in payments, cybersecurity and the sharing economy.

This was once again a very interesting episode in the Future In Focus series, so if you have not had the chance to read it yet then make sure you do!

Richlist Tool Released

Last week, the developers of released their newest tool, the Lisk Richlist. The purpose of this tool is to shed further light on how the Lisk tokens are distributed among all wallets and how much these wallets are now valued at. With the new tool also released a blog post and video in which Tonyt908 explains all the functions of the new tool.

In the tool the wallets are divided into different groups based on their current LSK balance, starting with >0-1, >1-10, >10-100, all the way up to >10,000,000 – 100,000,000. You can see how much Lisk is contained within each group, the number of wallets, and how much they are worth in USD and BTC

The tool also has a breakdown of how many wallets are valued at over $1, $10, $100 all the way up to $10,000,000 and the same goes for the for BTC value. It even lets you exclude the exchange and LiskHQ wallets to get a more accurate view of the amount of wallets and the amounts they contain.

Once again a great job by the team on providing the community with yet another amazing tool!