The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 12

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Hey guys, I’m back from vacation and excited to share a very special State of Lisk Report as it features all the news of the last 1.5 week! Among the latest news is the Lisk Vlog, LiskHQ’s weekly development update, a new side chain project and the newly released Chainalysis tool by the developers of You can read all about these stories and much more in this week’s The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 12

The Lisk Vlog Episode 5

This Tuesday, LiskHQ released their 5th Lisk Vlog which has all the news and updates of the last month. As always the Vlog split up in a company, development and marketing update.

In the company update we start with HR Generalist Eve Schmiedeskamp showing us the new office space which LiskHQ moved into at the start July. We then get an introduction of the 8 new LightCurve hires. The new hires are Mehmet Yatki (Backend developer), Anastasia Albert (Marketing manager), Domenico Loia (UI/UX designer), Monica Tartau (Event manager), Andreas Kendziorra (Cryptographer), Jana Bachström (Business developer), Angela van den Eijnden (Office manager) and Andrei Klimenok (Frontend QA engineer). LiskUSA wishes all of them the best of luck with their new job at Lisk! The company update rounds off with the Lisk community getting a financial update by Lothar Skorupka who is Lisk’s financial lead.

The Vlog then continues with the development update in which Diego Garcia and Mona Bärenfänger explain the newly updated Lisk Documentation. We then have Juan Gonzalez talking about the mostly talked about subject of the month the Lisk Core 1.0 Testnet Migration. We get updates on Lisk Elements, the Lisk Hub and the Lisk Explorer and all the versions of these Lisk products that were released this last month.

In the marketing update we see Bart Stassen talking about Lisk’s new coöperation with Netguru. And we hear Thomas Schouten talking about the newly founded Lisk Elite Center which was founded by Lisk’s community members in China. Of which you can read more further down in this report!

We end the Vlog with community manager Mat Piaggi giving some shout outs to Lisk community members who are doing a great job at promoting Lisk and he tells us what we can expect in the upcoming month.

Once again, the Vlog gives a very nice summary of all that has happened last month so if you havent watched it yet then make sure you do!

A New Lisk Foundation Board Member

Yesterday, LiskHQ released an update on the Lisk Foundation, this foundation was established on November 16, 2016 with the purpose of giving the Lisk ecosystem a strong legal groundwork to develop in a sustainable and efficient way. The Lisk Foundation secures and administers the funds (about 107,691,404.92 USD at the time of writing) for the Lisk project out of Zug (Switzerland).

In the blog post we can read about a change in the Foundations board which used to consist of Lisk founders Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows and Guido Schmitz-Krummacher.This board held regular meetings to review the work accomplished by its various contractors (i.e. Lightcurve, Taikonauten, Netguru, and Wachsman), perform legal and financial assessments, as well as discuss plans moving forward.

Yesterday, LiskHQ announced that Pascal Schmid will be joining the Lisk Foundation board effective immediately as Schmitz-Krummacher wants to concentrates his efforts around being an independent Blockchain and cryptocurrency expert. Guido will however still support the Lisk project wherever possible in the future as well.

Pascal Schmid holds an M.A. HSG in Finance, Accounting and Controlling from the University of St. Gallen in 2004. He brings with him a career that spans more than a decade and has many years of professional experience as a finance expert and in setting up start-ups and in C-level positions. Pascal is also fluent in German, French, and English and has a great deal of knowledge about Blockchain making him an ideal candidate to join the board!

A Lisk Exchanges Update

This Monday, the Lisk community got a update on the process of contacting all the exchanges that allow the trading of the LSK token. LiskHQ needed to contact these exchanges before they can migrate Lisk Core 1.0 to the Mainnet.

This is why LiskHQ was happy to announced that they contacted all their cryptocurrency exchanges about the migration to Mainnet and in doing so ensured a smooth transition for all stakeholders. 

The Weekly Developement Update

Like each Thursday LiskHQ released their weekly developement update. This week the blog post starts with LiskHQ thanking the community for their continued patience and understanding. In the update we can read that LiskHQ held a quality assurance (QA) round for the Lisk Core 1.0.0-rc.2 release. This QA led to the following issues #2199, #2249, #2252 and #2243 which where either not completely solved to LiskHQ’s liking or where newly found.

Thanks to the size of the LiskHQ development team they are also in the position to keep working on newer versions of Lisk Core. The team is currently working on Lisk Core 1.2.0 and updated the Node.js version from 6.14.3 to 8.11.3. You can read why this new Node update will make a big impact and why it is so fast by reading a article by Thorsten Lorenz on the new version. LiskHQ also announced that the final goal is to upgrade to Node 10 LTS, which will come later this year.

LiskHQ also worked on making the documentation even more comprehensive and user-friendly as it already was. They changed the structure of the main documentation pages for the Lisk products as well as standardized the Tables of Contents where you can see all the sections and subsections. LiskHQ also improved the Lisk Core Migration page by further details and having a short video which demonstrates what a successful migration should look like. The Lisk Core Configuration page has also been updated with new instructions on how to enable, disable and check your node’s current forging status.

The next steps for LiskHQ are to carry out the solutions for the issues they found during the last round of QA for Lisk Core 1.0.0-rc.2. As well as continue to dedicate additional resources to the Lisk Core 1.2.0 release. They end the blog post by ensuing the community they are working as quickly and efficiently as possible on this release while still taking all the proper steps to make sure its security and success.

For me this once again felt like a good and transparent developement update by LiskHQ. I also like that they are not waiting around for Lisk Core 1.0 to be complete and ready for the Mainnet but instead continue developement and progress on newer Lisk Core versions!

GNY Commits To Lisk

Last week, a new future Lisk side chain project called GNY introduced itself to the Lisk community. GNY is leveraging the power of the Blockchain with Machine Learning (ML) to pre-existing Blockchains, offering smart APIs that bridge to Ethereum, to Asch, to Lisk and any developer working with our universal system. Last year GNY made a long term commitment to the Lisk ecosystem by investing and then registering the delegate name GNYDEVS.

GNY focuses on todays customers who are deeply involved with their digital lives and have increasing expectations to be met and questions answered with no more than a click. GNY will allow new Blockchain projects that succeed in this new environment by refining their platforms to deliver messages that are highly adaptive, real-time and secure. The project uses cutting edge machine learning with state-of-the-art algorithms to dissolve the limitations of traditional programmatic communications and marketing.

The project made the decision to commit to Lisk as it focused its talent on building out a DPOS network that utilises JavaScript in an extremely user-friendly way and that is exactly the type of framework that GNY wants to work within and provide value.

GNY also announced that its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will launch on the 3rd of September 2018 and Lisk tokens will be accepted in the token sale. So there is no need to convert your Lisk to take part in the ICO. Other good news is that Lisk wallet holders who participate in the token sale will be airdropped tokens built on a Lisk side chain that uses GNY. This airdrop will be totally exclusive to Lisk wallet holders.

The GNY team is looking forward to bringing their own vision of this industry to the Lisk community and will keep updating them with the projects developments.

The New Lisk Chainalysis Tool

This Wednesday, the developers of released their latest tool : Lisk Chainalysis together with a blog post. The purpose of this tool is to shed further light on the Lisk Blockchain itself in regards to the transactions that are taking place. The Chainalysis tool will show you two Block numbers, the first one being the Chainalysis Block and the second being the Lisk block. The Chainalysis Block is the Block number for which all the data is referring to and is a snapshot of the Lisk Blockchain.

The tool allows any user to easily view various pieces of data, such as the number of transactions in a certain time frame, the number of active wallets, or even the amount of Lisk being sent to or from an exchange. You can even track the amount of forged LSK tokens by the delegates and the fees which were paid over a certain time span.

The Chainalysis tool can also show you various top 100 tables which can show you the number of transactions in a block, the amount of Lisk in a block, the amount of Lisk in a transaction to an exchange and much more. This amazing tool will give the Lisk community many new and easy to view insights of all that is happening on the Lisk Blockchain.

So on behalf of LiskUSA and the Lisk community I would like to once again thank the team for providing the community with all of their amazing tools!

The Darpal Rating Results

Last week the Darpal Rating’s team released their audit for the month of June. Darpal Rating is a top Chinese tech influencer and platform that offers Blockchain reviews, interviews and auditing. In this audit they reviewed and ranked over 250 Blockchain projects based on their GitHub code audits.

Lisk once again preformed very well and ended up being 5th out of the 258 ranked projects. In June the Lisk Github had a total of 241 commits which were ranked type A1 (continuously, steadily developing new features). In the audit we also see that Lisk received a very high rating for its popularity and a high for number of contributors and release frequently.

This audit once again shows that the Lisk team is hard at work and making high quality commits towards Lisk Core 1.0 and the other Lisk products.

MADANA Opens Their Whitelist Sign-Up

Today, MADANA the first major ICO (Initial Coin Offering) on the Lisk Blockchain opened up their whitelisting process for its PAX token pre-sale. In this pre-sale 15 million tokens of the 100 million total PAX supply will be sold at a fixed price of 0.50 a PAX. Unsold PAX of the pre-sale will be sold in a more expensive main sale (30 million tokens) where the price is set at 1.00 a PAX.

This whitelisting marks a huge milestone for MADANA and the entire Lisk ecosystem as it will be the first major ICO and dApp on the Lisk Blockchain platform, therefore pioneering Lisk’s vision of accessible dApps for everyone!

So if you are interested in investing in MADANA then make to sign-up for the whitelisting so you can take part in the pre-sale which is set for September the 1st 2018!

Introducing The Elite Center

Around two weeks ago, we reported on the new Elite Center founded by Lisk’s community members in China. This week LiskHQ released a blog post on the first Lisk Blockchain incubator to let the community learn more about this incredible initiative.

In the blog post we can read that the inaugural conference attracted Lisk delegates, community members, Blockchain investment institutions, exchanges and media outlets.

The Elite Center was created to help further grow the Lisk ecosystem by providing opportunities for investors to get involved early on with Lisk-based projects. The Elite Group wants to help new projects face the hurdles they have to take and help speed up the development process. The Elite Center will also provide certain projects with services and training in entrepreneurship, public relations, community management, communications or marketing.

Projects which are based in China will be having access to more services such as the 500 square meter office to work from, recruitment services, product managers and more.

The Elite Group will make an initial investment into the incubator will be $1 million and hopes to work with at least 5 projects in the months after the release of the Lisk SDK (Software Development Kit).

If you want to run a project on a Lisk side chain and are interested in getting help from the Elite Center then make sure to contact them for more information!

Bloqspace Sponsors Camp JS

On August the 10th, CAMPJS Code Retreat will be taking place in Gold Coast (Australia). The official camp schedule includes talks and workshops, but attendees also run other activities like bushwalking, drone flying, and even knitting.

Thanks to the community members of Bloqspace Lisk will have a strong visual presence across the talks and workshops as Bloqspace will be the main sponsor of this 3-night code retreat for anyone who is interested in web technology.

LiskUSA would like to take this opportunity to thank Bloqspace for the incredible work they have done and their continued drive to help spread Lisk awareness all around the world!