The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 13

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Even though we are going through a bear market,  LiskUSA will continue to keep you up to date on all the Lisk developments! Among the latest news this week is the release of Lisk Elements Version 1.0.0,  two new employees joining LightCurve, July’s community update! You can read about all these stories and much more in this week’s The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 13

LiskHQ Announces The Testnet Migration Block Height

Earlier this week, LiskHQ released a blog post where they announced that the second release candidate for Lisk Core 1.0 was ready to migrate from the Alphanet to the Testnet.

Yesterday, the team released another blog post in which they announced the block height at which the migration will be taking place. The block height at which the migration is going to happen has been set at block 5932033 which is approximately at tomorrow 12:00 CET.

The team also encourages everyone to use the lisk-bridge script. This script fully automates the migration process by accepting the migration height as a parameter. This migrating on the same height will also allow the team to test the migration process once again before moving to the Mainnet.

It has been a long wait for the entire Lisk community but it finally seems that the migration of Lisk Core 1.0 to the Mainnet is on the doorstep!

The Team Releases Lisk Elements Version 1.0.0

Last Monday, LiskHQ released their new general-purpose JavaScript library in the form of Lisk Elements v1.0.0. With it they also released a blog post in which the project lead for Lisk Elements, Will Clark explains what is new, how this release relates to the upcoming releases of other products, and what is next for Lisk Elements.

In the blog post we can read that the team has redesigned the architecture of the library from scratch. This resulted in the library now having its functionality divided into distinct areas with clear dependencies on each other. This version also has some other changes such as a new protocol for signing messages using your Lisk passphrase, a clean and extensible resource-based structure for our API client and exposing many more utility functions than before.

In the blog post, Will also explained that Lisk Elements is used by almost all of our other products, but does not depend on any of them directly. This means v1.0.0 of Lisk Elements is just the first in a wave of product releases related to this update.

The blog post rounds off with the future plans for Lisk Elements. Which include publishing each part of Lisk Elements as a separately installable package, working on improving validation and error messages and shifting from core network functionality to SDK-related features.

LiskHQ’s Weekly Developement Update

This week, LiskHQ released their first development update for the month of August. Last week the team was fully focused on the QA (quality assurance) for Lisk Core 1.0.0-rc.2. During the intensive testing of the second release candidate the team found several issues which needed fixing. These issues where #2199 , #2249  and #2269. The good news however is that the team managed to fix all these issues pretty quickly.

This resulted in this version being best release candidate to date and it being ready to migrate from the Alphanet to the Testnet. LiskHQ expected to be able to announce the block height at this happening within just a couple of days.

A New Lisk Survey

A couple of days ago LiskHQ once again released a Lisk survey where they ask their community for feedback. This time the survey consists of 19 different questions which are either multiple choise or open to your personal anser. So far the team has already received over 300 responses but more is always appreciated.

So if you haven’t yet filled out the form make sure you do and in doing so help LiskHQ make its communication and content even better!

July’s Lisk Community Update

Last Wednesday, LiskHQ released their monthly communtity update. As always the blog post is divided in 4 different parts being the Company, Development, Marketing and Community update.

The company update starts of with a change in the Lisk Foundation’s board. As of now Pascal Schmid joined the board and replaced Guido Schmitz-Krummacher. More information on this topic can be found in a blog post which LiskHQ released around a week ago. The company update also features the 8 new hires who joined LightCurve in July. These team members will be working in the Science team, Development, Marketing, and Operations.

This month Lisk also got added to Blockfolio Signal, the finance department laid the groundwork for financial operations to support future projects and MADANA, a future Lisk side chain project, opened up their whitelisting process for its pre-sale.

In the development update we can read about the teams continued efforts in making the Lisk Documentation and Guidelines user-friendly and comprehensive as possible. The team also managed to contact and update all the exchanges where LSK are traded about the upcoming migration of Lisk Core 1.0 to the Mainnet. And in doing so they ensured a smooth transition for all the LSK tokens stakeholders.

The team also kept up with their weekly development update blogs, announced release candidates for both Lisk Elements v1.0.0 and Lisk Hub v1.0.0 and where once again ranked in the top of last months Darpal Rating’s Github Audit.

Moving on to the marketing update, which features Lisk’s new partnership with Netguru. This is a renowned digital agency from Poland which will help Lisk take their UI and UX on the products platforms to the next level. In June Lisk also got 152 media mentions and 6 media placements and did multiple interviews with for example NXTalpha, JAXenter and Bloomberg BNA.

In the community update we can read about the Lisk Poland tour. During the tour several members of the LightCurve team traveled to three cities in Poland  to host Lisk meetups. It also features the new Elite Center which the Lisk community members in China founded. It also gives a shout-out to the Lisk community members at Bloqspace who hosted a Blockchain meetup in El Paso, Texas and have also sponsored the CAMPJS Code Retreat.

Once again the community update gives a nice summary of all the Lisk related events that happened in the last month. So if you want to stay up to date on Lisk but don’t always have the time to follow all the news then make sure to read these community updates!

LightCurve Hires Two New Employees

This week LightCurve once again expanded by welcoming two new team members. On the left we have Rachel who is a tech evangelist with a background in JavaScript development (mainly react but also a little node). She is joining the Lisk marketing team as a technical voice and will be writing blog posts, attending events and generally engaging with the technical community.

To the right is Lisk’s new community manager Jędrzej who is replacing former community manager Jan Liz-Fonts. Jędrzej together with Mat be there to answer any questions you might have about Lisk and will be active in the and on Reddit.