The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 14

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Another week has gone by which means its time for this weeks The State of Lisk Report! Among the latest news this week is Lisk’s head of marketing, Thomas Schouten being on the Tech Blog Writer Podcast, Wallstreet-online publishing an article on MADANA and LiskHQ releasing the Lisk Commander version 1.0.0. You can read about all these stories and much more in this week’s The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 14

LiskHQ Releases The Lisk Commander 1.0.0

Monday, LiskHQ released the 1.0.0 version of the Lisk Commander version. The Lisk Commander which was previously known as “Lisky” is the command line interface tool for advanced users of the Lisk Network to interact with Lisk Core. Together with the release LiskHQ also published a blog post where they explain the key features of this release and what will come next for Lisk Commander.

With this new release LiskHQ has added a lot of new features. It is now possible to get Blockchain information with the new Lisk Core 1.0 API. You can now also create, sign, verify and broadcast transactions and give it a signature. And the encrypt passphrase and decrypt passphrase command now compatible with Lisk Core 1.0 as well as its now possible to sign message and verify messages.

In the blog post, we also learn that in the next releases of the Lisk Commander we will see a change of targeting the advanced Lisk users to developers and Blockchain creators. This is necessary as the Lisk Commander together with Lisk Elements and the SDK will be a tool for all sorts of developers to maintain and interact with the network.

I always find these kind of blog posts a very interesting to read especially if you are not as technically educated. This is why my advice to anyone who is new or wants to learn more about Lisk is to never miss one of these blog posts as they are understandable and can teach you a lot in a short time.

What is Hashing?

The Lisk Academy released a new video, this time on the topic of hashing. This is the name of the process of converting an input of any length into a fixed size string of text, using a mathematical function. This basically means that a text no matter how long can be converted in a array of numbers and letters. The short video explains what hasing is, the different formula’s which are used, what a the hash value is and the importance of the hashing speed and security.

The video also explains how hasing is used in Blockchain technology and how it checks if transactions actually happened. It also shows how newly created Blocks always use the hash of the previous Block to create a new hash. In this way each Block links back to each other all the way to the genesis Block, this is also why it is called a Blockchain and is what makes Blockchain technology secure.

If you would like to learn more about Blockchain technology then make sure to subscribe to LiskHQ on YouTube to never miss a new Lisk Academy video!

Wallstreet-Online Publishes An Article On MADANA

Last Friday, the German website wallstreet-online released an article on MADANA, which will be the first major project on the Lisk platform, launches ICO (Initial Coin Offering) under German law. The MADANA project is a Blockchain data analysis platform, which allows its users to enter their own proprietary data into an open data marketplace. Thanks to the work of our dedicated Reddit moderator John_Muck we can now also read the article in English, great job John!

The article starts off by talking about the opening of MADANA’s whitelisting registration process. Investors who want to partake in the ICO need to register to this before they can buy the PAX tokens in the pre-sale of September 1st. The price per PAX token will be at a fixed price of 0.50, which is half of what will cost a PAX token in the main sale next year.

They explain why MADANA, data and the value of data analysis is so important. This is because these kind of analysis can show a personal digital profile which can be used for many purposes. Things such as advertising, the behavior of people and much more. MADANA also wants to change the current data analysis market, by protecting the privacy of users which is one of the biggest problems.

MADANA already made a lot of progress since as they already filed for a so-called Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) patent for the data analysis. These are protected hardware components whose processing can not be viewed from the outside. MADANA’s patent makes sure that raw data remains protected and only analysis results are provided encrypted to the data buyer.

It is also important to know why MADANA chose for the Lisk platform. They explain that one of the most important reasons for this is that Lisk will be scalable where many projects are not. Lisk also aims to simplifying access to the Blockchain for developers and end users. This combined with high-quality developer tools and user-friendly software, made MADANA choose for Lisk. Besides Lisk MADANA also has two other partnerships which are with Capgemini and the European Digital SME Alliance.

The article finishes off with some more data on the upcoming ICO such as times, prices and percentages all which can also be found on MADANA’s website.

MADANA will be Lisk’s flagship ICO and the first of many to follow, and this will surely be an ICO you don’t want to miss out on. So if you are interested in MADANA and their upcoming token sale then make sure to register for the whitelisting and get ready for September 1st!

See The Lisk Delegates Forging On

The website is a delegate monitor which has a lot of information about the delegates and all that is happening on the Lisk network. Every 10 seconds the site automatically updates to show you the latest forged Block and all the transactions it has. The site also shows you the best forged Block, the amount of registered delegates (at the time of writing 1712), the nodetype the delegate is running, the latency, the amount of transactions and much more.

The Tech Blog Writer Podcast Interviews Lisk

Last week the Tech Blog Writer Podcast interviewd Lisk’s head of marketing Thomas Schouten. This daily Podcast hosted by Neil C. Hughes has listeners in over 165 countries and in 2017 was in the top 15 of Forbes “Inspiring Podcasts For Professionals Of Every Stripe.” The shows host is a highly recommended writer, blogger and podcaster working with all kinds of international thought leaders and businesses and has a big passion for sharing real startup stories from all over the world.

After introducing himself to the listeners Thomas starts explaining what Lisk is. He talks about what Lisk wants to achieve, the history of Lisk and its succesful ICO back in 2016. Neil asks Thomas what some of the main differences are between Lisk and Ethereum, Thomas explains that Lisk wants to be easy to understand and useable for everyone. He continues by telling about Lisk’s UI (User-interface) and documentation which are all focussed around being user-friendly and having easy accessibility for its users.

They then switch to the topic of the LSK token and where it gets its value from at the moment and how this is likely to change in the future. Thomas sees a future where the LSK token will be revolved around the side chains and Dapps which will be running on the Lisk platform. Thomas mentions some of the projects which are already interested in building on Lisk such as Sapiens, MADANA and more.

Neil continues by asking Thomas about the importance of Blockchain technology adoption and how Lisk seems to be taking a leading role in this. Thomas once again explains that one of Lisk’s main goals is to make Blockchain understandable and accessable for everyone. This is why LiskHQ created the Lisk Academy, the Academy can help educate people on the basics of Blockchain all the way to teaching them the advanced knowledge in a understandable and well documented way. Thomas also tells Neil that in the future the Academy will feature even more courses and Blockchain development tutorials.

They also discuss the new opportunities Blockchain technology brings. Neil talk about how some people argue that Blockchain technology will be taking away certain jobs and businesses. But Thomas explains how he sees it creating many new business models such as smart contracts, a node service for helping people create a node or running it for them or keeping private keys safe.

As always a very informative and most importantly understandable interview by Lisk’s head of marketing Thomas Schouten. These kind of interviews give us a look into the future of Blockchain and how Lisk wants to take a leading role in it. So if you haven’t had a chance to listen to the interview by now then make sure to do so!