The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 15

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Once again, we have a lot of exciting Lisk news to share with you! Among the latest news this week: Lisk’s CEO Max Kordek being on the Crypto 101 podcast, a blog post about the BLOQspace team, the Block height announcement of the Lisk Core 1.0 Mainnet migration and much more! You can read about all these stories in this week’s The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 15

LiskHQ Is Coming To London

On September 26th LiskHQ and LightCurve will once again be coming to London. Team members Max Kordek, Thomas Schouten, Michael Borowiec, Rachel Black, Jacob Kowalewski and Mat Piaggi will be attending the Blockchain Live Conference. This conference brings together the biggest Blockchain innovators and investors with UK industry leaders, tech pioneers as well as Blockchain newcomers.

Max Kordek Was On The Crypto 101 Podcast

This week Crypto 101 released an interview they held with Lisk’s president and co-founder Max Kordek. Crypto 101 calls itself your average consumers guide to cryptocurrency. It gives people an intro to the various aspects of Bitcoin, alt coins, and their underlying technologies. It also holds in-depth interviews with founders and leaders in the crypto-space.

The podcast starts of with Max introducing himself to the audience and telling a bit about how he got into Blockchain technology and past projects he worked on. They then get on the topic of leadership and how important this is for the early years of a project. Max explains that he has seen so many projects that just lacked the leadership and in a way failed or did not reach they maximum potential because of it. This is why he thinks it is so important for Lisk to have strong leadership and must create a good foundation to build upon.

Max is then asked about Lisk’s market cap and the trust the team gets from their community. He explains that this trust comes from people being able to check GitHub and see the work the team is doing each day. Lisk also has a big marketing team that keeps the community updated and attends many Blockchain events all over the world. All these things combined together with transparency ensures people that Lisk is here to stay and will only grow in the future.

They then continue by talking about how Lisk got its funding and the 14.000 Bitcoin the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) raised. Max also ensures everyone that Lisk has plenty of funds to keep running even if the bear market would persist for a while.

After a short commercial the interview continues with the most important question : What is Lisk? Max explains that Lisk wants to solve some of the current problems of other projects in the space. Lisk wants to be easy and fast to use for developers. With Lisk, developers can just work on what they want to make or change instead of working on the entire Lisk code. Lisk also wants to be accessible. An example he gives is that most of the cryptocurrency wallets out there are pretty complicated. Lisk wants to change this by having a great but simple UI (User Interface) to make it easy for anyone to get started even if you are totally new to the space. The last problem is how to educate and help people to understand Blockchain technology, which is why the team created the Lisk Academy.

Then they talked about Lisk’s sidechains and their significance as a scaling solution. Some examples were given of how sidechains would work and it was compared to other solutions being developed.

The interview is rounded off with some talk about the old Lisk logo, the recent relaunch event and the price of the Lisk token. Max also gets asked to who he looks up to in the space and what projects he thinks are making a big impact.

I found this to be a very relaxed and open interview about a wide range of topics. So if you have a spare hour, or maybe when your driving somewhere, make sure to listen to this podcast and learn how Lisk’s CEO sees the future for Lisk and the entire Blockchain space!

Lisk Community Builder BLOQspace

Friday, LiskHQ released a blog post where they interview one of Lisk’s biggest community builders : BLOQspace. As some of you already know BLOQspace is a US-based group of Lisk and Blockchain enthusiasts. Their main goal it is to support the adoption of Blockchain technology and JavaScript development. The team has done this by hosting many meetups in the USA as well as providing free Blockchain education to anyone interested.

With their work in the US the BLOQspace team helps get people involved in Blockchain technology and be part of something bigger then themselves. This is why BLOQspace decided to create dedicated centers, frequent meetups and have a strong presence at industry events.

If you are an active Lisk community member then you already have seen the great work BLOQspace has done but they still have big plans for the future. They would like to ramp up the frequency of meetups and sponsorships and are always open to help and support community members with hosting meetups in new cities. The team is also working on translating and formatting the Lisk Academy coursework into 140 different languages. By doing so they want to create and distribute books to people all around the world to help as many people as possible to access the potential of financial freedom via Blockchain education.

BLOQspace also  desires to host a bi-annual Lisk Symposium where Lisk community members can engage with one another as well as with Lisk side chain projects. They also have plans to run an organization like the “Make A Wish” Foundation, called the DPoSitivity. With this organisation they want to bi-annually, grant the last wish of a terminally ill child.

In the last part of the interview they talk about one of the most important achievements, the creation of Lisk Education Centers. Currently, BLOQspace has three of these centers with two located in Texas and one in Puerto Rico. These centers all have computers to allow the team to work with people one-on-one to set up crypto wallets, use exchanges, and learn how to code. The team also uses Kano kits to help kids learn how to code. In their San Antonio center the team even has a room with ASIC and GPU miners dedicated to teaching the community first-hand about crypto mining and how to run and keep up miners.

I cant say this enough but BLOQspace is doing amazing work for Lisk, its community and Blockchain as a whole. If there is a team that deserves a forging spot in the top 101 then its BLOQspace. So if you have a spare vote then make sure to vote for BLOQspace and in doing so support and help Lisk grow!

MADANA’s Goes On A Roadshow In Asia

MADANA , Lisk’s first major side chain project with an initial coin offering (ICO) announced they’re going to visit South East Asia. MADANA is a German Blockchain startup which will focus on providing privacy-preserving data analysis for its users. The team will start their Asia roadshow on August 28th with the last stop being on September 5th. During this time the team will visit 3 major city’s.

Team members will start of by attending the Blockchain Summit in Singapore on August 28th which is followed by a community meetup the day after. After this the team is visiting Bangkok, Thailand where they will attend Block Hedge Asia on August, 31st and host a meetup on September, 1st. The last stop of the tour will be Saigon — Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam where they will also be hosting a special meetup.

If you would like to attend one of the meetups or just want some more information on MADANA then make sure to read the blog post or visit their website!

Another Milestone For Lisk

This week LiskHQ reached a major milestone by merging more than a 1,000 pull requests in the Lisk Core 1.0 Github repository. On behalf of LiskUSA I would like to congratulate the LightCurve development team as well as the rest of LiskHQ on this achievement!

Lisk’s Weekly Development Update

Thursday, LiskHQ released their weekly development update. In it we read about the migration of Lisk Core 1.0 to the Mainnet. The team also made good progress on the next releases Lisk Core 1.1.0 and Lisk Core 1.2.0. They announce that the QA (quality assurance) phase of Lisk Core 1.1.0 is nearly completed and passed the tests without the detection of any issues.

LiskHQ also managed to close 9 separate issues in version 1.2.0 which where : #2278, #2261, #1733, #2237, #1822#2274, #2273, #2225, and #2254. The team also announced that they will continue to work hard on these upcoming releases as there are still plenty of issues to be closed.

So if you did not have a chance to read last weeks development update then make sure you do as the next one is already around the corner!

LiskHQ Announces The Lisk Core 1.0 Mainnet Migration

Last Wednesday, the Lisk community finally got the long-awaited date and Block height on which Lisk Core 1.0 will be migrating from the Testnet to the Mainnet. This is the biggest milestone to date and is set to take place on Block height 6,901,027 at the end of round 68327.

LiskHQ announced that the Block height is expected to arrive on Wednesday, August 29, no sooner than 11:00 AM CEST. As this Block height gets closer, LiskHQ will be able to have a more accurate time as this calculation does not include possible missed blocks.

With this announcement LiskHQ also released a blogpost on the migration and it’s importance. In the blog post we can read that Lisk Core 1.0 is by far LiskHQ’s biggest release with 8,000 commits and over 1,000 issues closed and thousands of peer reviews. Some of the features in Lisk Core 1.0 are a new API design, new P2P communication layer, and additional features such as an entirely new data field that provides you with the option to include a custom message with your transaction. It also includes atomic block writes, structured test suites and code migrated to JavaScript ES6.

The blog post continues with the team explaining how they established the Block height for the migration. After the team chose a date for the migration to happen they created a script to accurately estimate which block will happen around that time. They also took into account the number of missed Blocks during the last few months and the number of missed Blocks from the version 0.9.16 in total in calculating the time of the migration. As LiskHQ always wants to be transparent with their community you this script has been made public for all to see.

So what will happen on August the 29th? LiskHQ will publicly communicate any updates or changes in the number of missed forged Blocks as  Lisk Block height 6,901,027 gets closer. On the 29th the Lisk engineering team will be on hand to help orchestrate and watch the migration process. The team will also maintain in close contact with exchanges on which the LSK token is traded to ensure a quick opening to deposits and withdrawals. LiskHQ also recommends avoiding any transactions during the 24 hours before and after the migration.

If you have any questions before/during or after the migration then don’t hesitate to ask them on Lisk chat!