The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 18

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We once again bring you all the latest Lisk news in the 18th episode of the State of Lisk Report. The report features the new Lisk ambassadors program, the weekly development update, Lightcurve’s latest hires, and much more. You can read all about these stories in this week’s The State of Lisk Report!

Lisk Announces Their New Ambassadors Program

Yesterday, LiskHQ unveiled their new and improved Ambassadors program. To further expand Lisk’s global presence LiskHQ is looking for people who are passionate about Lisk’s mission, have a great understanding of Blockchain technology, and would like to be a key part of growing the brand.

The program will offer aspiring meetup hosts many benefits such as ongoing support, direct communication with the team, and many resources to enable you to become a thought leader within the Lisk community. LiskHQ’s ideal ambassador will hold informative and professional meetups about Lisk in their communities, using their branded slides, and media assets. LiskHQ expects these ambassadors  to provide meetup  attendees with the most up-to-date information available.  The meetup host of course does keep the freedom to pick his own speakers, location, and additional topics during the meetup.

In the new ambassadors program LiskHQ created three meetup tiers which ambassadors can host based on the size of their event. The first one is a meetup with 30 attendees, this will be ranked as a bronze event. If your meetup manages to attract 30-80 attendees it will be seen as a silver event and more than 80 attendees will rank as the top-tier which is gold. In the blog post LiskHQ does state that it’s important for community members to apply for a realistic tier based on the host’s location and network size.

LiskHQ also announced that during the silver and gold events they will try to always have a Lisk team member attend either in person or via Skype.

If you are already hosting meetups, want to start, or think you got what it takes to become a Lisk ambassador then you can apply by filling in the Lisk Ambassador form. If your application sparks LiskHQ’s interest they may invite you for a 15–20 minute Skype call for a further discussion.

You can apply to become a Lisk ambassadors until Thursday, September 20th, LiskHQ will announce the chosen ambassadors on the following day.

I know a lot of great community members are already hosting meetups all over the world so I am sure Lisk will have some great future ambassadors!

LiskHQ Is Coming Back To London

On September 27th, LiskHQ will be coming back to London to host a Lisk community meetup. For this event several team members will fly over and there will be presentations by Lisk Founder and CEO, Max Kordek, Thomas Schouten, Rachel Black, and Mat Piaggi.

The meetup will have something for everyone, so whether you are a long-term Lisker or an absolute beginner looking to explore Blockchain technology don’t hesitate to join! During the evening there are several subjects on the agenda such as an introduction to Lisk, the Lisk ecosystem, and user interfaces. The meetup will round off with a Q&A (Question and Answer) session during which you can ask all you questions.

Afterwards there will be room for networking and a chance to meet and talk to the Lisk team members. Currently there are still plenty of free seats. If you want to attend the event I would suggest to RSVP as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

GNY Introduces Their Lisk Side Chain Branding

This past Sunday, GNY officially introduced the branding of their Lisk side chain called LML – Lisk Machine Learning. LML will allow the Lisk ecosystem to add artificial intelligence capability to sidechain applications.

GNY’s Machine Learning system has already been tested and used in commercial US industry and will provide customer behavior prediction. With GNY developers will have the tools to reach consumers with better and more genuine interactions. The team behind GNY also officially started phase 1 of their ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The good news is that entrants who choose to use Lisk tokens to enter the ICO will also receive an equal numbers of LML tokens.

Recently GYN’s CEO Cosmos Wong was interviewd by the YouTube channel Legit Crypto. If you are interested in this future Lisk side chain and want some more information about the project I would suggest watching this interview!

Hirish Releases The Liskish Wallet

This week, delegate Hirish released the first Lisk wallet with Ledger Nano S support. Ledger Nano S is one of the most used cryptocurrency hardware wallets in the ecosystem. Hardware wallets are considered very secure for the storage of a user’s private keys in the Blockchain world. Your digital assets will even be safe when using an infected or compromised PC.

With the release of his Liskish wallet Hirish also published a blog post which guides you in what to download and how to set up your Ledger Nano S. The guide also takes you through the most common process of sending LSK tokens and voting for delegates.

Although the Ledger Nano S is a very secure way of storing your LISK, never forget to initialize your account by broadcasting a transaction to enhance security of your account effectively reducing the chances of being hit by an “address collision”.

If you have any questions about the Liskish Wallet don’t hesitate to either open an issue on GitHub or contact Hirish on the!

On behalf of LiskUSA, I would like to congratulate Hirish on his release and on entering the top 101 delegates!

The Berlin Blockchain Week

This week, several Lisk team members attended the Berlin Blockchain Week to meet new people and network. The Berlin Blockchain Week is a major community-organized initiative which invites projects, individuals, and anyone interested in fruitful and educational discussions to join them.

During the week there where 8 different venues and over 45 events during which attendees could learn more about Blockchain and it’s technology. The main goal of the Berlin Blockchain week is to reduce the noise from the market and focus on education in order to push mass adoption via providing first hand information about the industry.

Most of us known that one of Lisk’s own goals is to also help educate people, so the team members probably felt right at home during the events they attended!

Lisk’s Weekly Developement Update

Last Thursday, LiskHQ released the development update for week 36. The blog post starts of with LiskHQ announcing a change in the release of their development updates. From now on LiskHQ wants to include all of the products of the Lisk ecosystem in these updates. This is why the development blog posts will no longer be released weekly, but biweekly. This means we can expect the next developement update on September 20th.

The blog post continues with the network incident that happened  on the Testnet on September 1. While testing, Lisk community member and delegate Vekexasia sent a transaction with data field set to “\u0000hey:)”. This resulted in nodes crashing when database queries involving this transaction were executed. Even though this issue was found on the Testnet, LiskHQ members immediately stepped into action. After quickly identifying the issue they implemented the solution and ran some tests which led to the release of a patch.

The Lisk Mainnet network wasn’t ever affected by this issue but still it’s good to see LiskHQ takes quick action when needed, even when it’s during the weekends!

This week the development team identified several issues regarding the performance of API endpoints. Instead of fixing them in a patch release LiskHQ decided to reopen and make the fixes in version 1.1.0. After the reopening the development team fixed the following issues : #2348#2352#2351#2350, and #2330.

So what’s next? Because of the reopening of Lisk Core 1.1.0 there needs to be another QA round to ensure the highest quality. LiskHQ however expects this QA round to be finished this week. The team is also making good progress on Version 1.3.0 which at the moment has only four remaining open pull requests.

It’s great to see LiskHQ continuing their development and making good progress on future releases after the successful migration of Lisk Core to the Mainnet!

LiskHQ Celebrates Their Telegram’s Success

In the recent community updates we have seen that Lisk’s following keeps on growing on all of their Social Media pages. One of these is the rapidly growing LiskHQ Telegram group, which now has over 4,500 followers.

On Lisk’s Telegram you can find the official announcements, news updates, and join in on the interesting discussions taking place everyday. To celebrate this amazing growth of followers, LiskHQ released a custom-made Lisk sticker pack for use on Telegram. Among the new stickers are Lisk City, the Lisk defender, and my personal favorite, the Lisk wizard.

So next time you are on Telegram make sure to join the group so you can take part in the discussions and spam your favorite Lisk sticker!

Meet The New LightCurve Hires

Last Wednesday LiskHQ announced that LightCurve hired 4 new employees to join the team. These new hires are Dmitriy (UI/UX Designer), Mitsuaki (Back End Developer), George (Senior Content Marketer) and Alex (Social Media Manager).

More information on the new team members will likely follow in this months Lisk Vlog or when they are added to the Lisk team page.

On behalf of LiskUSA, I would like to say welcome to the team guys!