The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 19

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We have a lot of exciting Lisk news to share with you! Among the latest news this week is the Reddit AMA, LiskHQ’s new video content, the community member spotlight, and much more. You can read about all these stories in this week’s The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 19

LiskHQ Hosted A Reddit AMA

Yesterday afternoon, LiskHQ hosted a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) in which the community could ask the team questions about development and Lisk in general.  Between 4pm-6pm CEST team members Oliver Beddows, Iker Alustiza, Rachel Black, Shusetsu Toda, Maciej Baj, Diego Garcia and Thomas Schouten were there to answer as many questions as they could.

The community had prepared a lot of questions surrounding the release dynamic fees, the new roadmap, how the Lisk side chains will work, and much more. Seeing as there was only a limited amount of time, and many questions, LiskHQ already stated that questions about the development of Lisk Core 1.0 would take priority.

During the AMA we learned that, in theory, the dynamic fee system is ready but Lisk Core 1.0 still needs to be optimized before it can be implemented. Hirish released the first Lisk cold storage wallet last week, and we in the AMA we learned the official LiskHQ version won’t be far behind. It most likely will be included in the Lisk Hub version 1.4.  We also learned that LiskHQ’s latest product, Lisk Mobile, is currently under review in the app store for both Android and iOS.

I have no doubt that the team tried to answer as many questions as they could but, in the end, many important questions also remained unanswered. I also have high hopes that the team will once again learn from this experience and continue to be open with its community!

The First Lisk Now Has Been Released

Yesterday, LiskHQ launched their first Lisk Now Vlog which is part of their new Vlog strategy. Lisk Now focusses on the Social Media audience and will contain spontaneous news or announcements on a wide a range of topics such as development, marketing, the Lisk Academy and much more.

The Lisk Now Vlog’s will be a space for anybody from the Lisk team to communicate a specific announcement. In this first release Lisk’s head of marketing Thomas Schouten takes us though a quick recap of the changes made compared to the Lisk Vlogs the community was used to.

I must say, I like the concept of Lisk Now and overall changes made with the Vlog strategy on which you can read more further in this report!

Help Out By Voting For Lisk

Last week, the Numex team asked the crypto community to vote for their top 10 coins that should get a free listing on their Bitcoin and Altcoin exchange once they go live in December. The team put together a list of over 50 different projects which you can vote for and one of them is Lisk.

To vote, visit the voting page and click the vote button behind Lisk. You can vote once per day for up to three coins and the team states that fraudulent votes will be removed.

So let’s once again show the strength of the Lisk community and get Lisk a free listing on this new exchange by voting!

LiskHQ Announced Their New Video Content

Last Friday, LiskHQ published a new blog post in which they announced a change in strategy when it comes to their monthly Lisk Vlog’s. After receiving feedback from the community and analyzing the average audience retention time per episode LiskHQ noticed two things of interest: the breakdown of the topics and the length of the Vlog.

LiskHQ found out that most viewers focus on just one specific section of the Vlog which also was the average audience retention time per episode. This is why the team came up with a new strategy and decided to create two short and independent Vlogs: one for Development and one for Business. The Development Vlog and Business Vlog will go online and alternate months, on the 15th of each month.

Two new series also introduced are called Lisk Monthly and Lisk Now. Lisk Monthly will be a monthly recap, where Lisk Now will be used for short format video series that will highlight spontaneous news or announcements.

We can expect the first new Vlog’s on the following dates : the first Lisk Monthly will be released at the end of this month, the kick-off of the Development Vlog on the 15th of October and the first Business Vlog on the 15th of November.

It’s very good to see LiskHQ researching how the community is looking at their content and making adjustments when needed. So far I like the concept and i’m looking forward to seeing the first Lisk Monthly being released at the end of this month.

Lisk’s Community Member Spotlight

Friday, LiskHQ released a new blog post in their Community Member Spotlight series. This time it features Lisk community member Erica Kang who helped spread the word of Lisk in South Korea and last year assisted LiskHQ in the organizing of the successful Lisk Asia Tour.

During the interview we get to know a bit about Erica’s background and the project she founded called KryptoSeoul which is a leading community building and marketing team in South Korea. This project is dedicated to delivering local content about promising Blockchain projects to the Korean community. The team also runs a YouTube channel on which you can find a mix of videos from KryptoSeoul meetups, interviews, and weekly live videos discussing the South Korean market.

Jennifer and Erica also talk about what attracted them to Lisk, how she got into Blockchain, what the Blockchain ecosystem in Korea looks like, and much more.

I would definitely recommend reading this episode of community member spotlight. Not only to learn more about Erica but also to get an idea of what the Blockchain space in Korea currently looks like.

Lisk’s Products Explained In One Minute

Recently, LiskHQ released 6 new educational videos where the lead developers explain the Lisk product they are working on in just 1 minute. The team released videos on Lisk Core, Mobile, Hub, Explorer, Elements, and Commander. In just 6 minutes of your time you can learn the basics about all the Lisk products. If this sparks your interest then there is much more information to be found in Lisk’s documentation which can be found at this website.

If you are new to Lisk then these videos are a great way of getting up to speed on the project, so make sure to check them out!