The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 2

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A Official Lisk Core 1.0 Beta Update

Yesterday, Lisk community manager Jan Liz-Fonts provided us with an update on the testing progress of Lisk Core 1.0 Beta. Most of us know that Lisk Core 1.0 is Lisk’s biggest development and release to date. It included over 4560 Commits and over 500 plus code changes and enhancements in it’s one single project deployment. In his post Jan explains that since the start of the public Beta testing (1 month ago) over 80 Core issues have been closed. This is accompanied by over 200 commits made towards the advancement of Core 1.0. During the process Lisk’s developers have faced some ‘hard’ issues which take up a lot of their time to fix. One of these hard problems was the Memory leak in the core application/postgres but 36 hours ago the team managed to finally close this issue.

Now, the team faces a “medium” classed issue which relates to the Lisk network peers not properly staying in alignment when it comes to network broadhash and forging new blocks. Once this issue has been taken care of and been properly tested Lisk Core 1.0 Beta will be in the last stages of its completion.

After this, Lisk Core 1.0 will be moving to the Test-net where the newly fixed and added code will once again be tested. The team anticipates that here the testing will be much shorter and thus will be migrating to the Lisk Main Network some time after. This entire process of testing and re-testing once again shows that the team wants the Lisk code base to be the best it can be.  Also, when we look at the high ratings Lisk got in this years Darpal Ratings code reviews we can see that LiskHQ working hard and is on the right path.

For a more in dept and technical update make sure to read Jan Liz-Fonts update on the Lisk Subreddit!

LiskHQ Is Attending The New York Blockchain Week

Last Friday, 12 members of LiskHQ travelled from Berlin to the USA to promote Lisk during the New York Blockchain Week. The Blockchain week consists of 23 different conferences and summits with most of them having a different focus. Of these 23 events Lisk is attending two of the biggest ones of the week which are Consensus 2018 (May 14th – 16th) and TokenSummit (May 17th). Consensus is a major Blockchain technology conference which is hosted by CoinDesk. It features over 250 speakers and over 4000 attendees from the leading industry startups, investors, financial institutions, enterprise tech leaders, and academic and policy groups who are building the foundations of the Blockchain and digital currency economy. At Consensus, Lisk is set up at booth 327 which is a double booth from where the Lisk’s co-founders, Lightcurve’s developers, marketers and Lisk’s cryptographer provided all kind of attendees with information and got the word out on Lisk.

Yesterday, on the second day of the event,  Lisk got a lot of attention with one of the highlights being Max Kordek’s interview with NASDAQ. The interview was on Blockchain in mainstream society. During it, Max explained that he thinks Blockchain is not yet in the mainstream society because it is still to technical. In order to change this the user experience is one of the most important features as this will allow people to first just use the products without having to know about the tech behind it. They also quickly talk about subject of privacy in the Blockchain and the importance innovation and the pressure this is bringing to all projects in the space.

Today will be the last day of Consensus which like mentioned earlier will be followed up by TokenSummit. This last event is the first conference that explored in-depth the token-based economies. The goal of TokenSummit is to continue to discuss the economics, regulation and practices around Blockchain-based tokens, protocols, and crypto-assets. This will be done with a specific focus on how to create successful business models while designing token-based economies.

Once the Lisk team is back in Berlin we can probably expect some blog posts on the New York Blockchain Week and all the team members experiences during the events!

Lisk Community Meetups

Today (May 16th),  Adam Michael Daw is hosting the second Ottawa Lisk Community Meetup which this time is sponsored by Bloqspace. During the meetup,  Adam and other attendees are discussing the latest Lisk updates and other interesting things happening in the Blockchain space. As this is the second meetup one of the main focusses will be to grow the Lisk Ottawa community, this will be done by making the meetup high accessibility. The meetup will be built in such a way that it doesn’t matter if you are brand new to the cryptocurrency space or a veteran as there will be plenty of opportunities to discuss and share personal insights and experiences. This combination of new and experienced attendees makes these kind of meetups a great learning environment and it also gives attendees the chance to ask all the questions they might have.

On May the 30th Edward Trosclair (StellarDynamic) will once again be hosting the monthly Lisk New Orleans Blockchain Meetup. This time it will be taking place at a new location called “The Shop” in the Contemporary Arts Center. During the event LiskUSA will be providing the attendees with a Lisk Update on all that has been going on in the past month. After the update John Alex Hebert & Brandon Glosson (Nimbus76) will be hosting a Lisk Technical Workshop. If you are interested in taking part in the workshop then make sure you bring a laptop to interact. The meetup will round off with a panel discussion and a chance for attendees to ask all their questions during a Q&A. If you would like to attend the Lisk New Orleans meetup than make sure you RSVP as there are only 23 spots left!

A Major Update

Last Saturday the team gave the community yet another awesome update, by introducing their new and improved website and tools. The first thing you will notice when you visit the site are the new colours and design styles as they really catch the eye. The second thing that stands out on the main page are the new widgets which are the voting rewards calculator. Honorable mention goes to the Chainalysis tool which gives hourly, daily or weekly information about transactions happening on the Lisk Blockchain.

The development team also updated one of’s most used tools : the Pending tool which has over 20,000 weekly users. The team added the history of payouts so that users have the ability to see what their pending amount was on different dates. The developers have also added tool tips for a better explanation of the tool and improved the mobile experience.

There have also been some changes in the team as Tony and Jayjay are now taking over the leading role in the development of the website for Joo5ty. He will be focusing more on GDT projects but will remain part of the team as a content creator. This also led to the next big announcement which is the creation of the delegate. It will support the team, but also the community and good causes. So if you like the news updates and tools then make sure to vote for these hard-working community members!

The last major announcement is the new partnership between and LiskUSA. This partnership has us working together on news articles and blogs as well as helping each other out with development of both websites and tools. This also brings a change in the Lisk Weekly News Roundup which from now on will provided by LiskUSA in the form of  “The State of Lisk Report”.

To celebrate this new milestone, is giving away 25 LSK to one lucky winner. All you have to do is subscribe to the newsletter and vote for the delegate. The team will randomly pick a lucky winner on the 31st of July!

LiskHQ Releases The Lisk Hub 0.6.0

This week, LiskHQ released the Lisk Hub version 0.6.0 together with a blog post.  In it they explain the new features and improvements. One of these improvements is on the transaction detail page. It now shows you the transaction type and if it’s a delegate vote transaction it will display all the votes that you added or removed.

A new feature in this version is the ability to see the USD/EU value of the LSK tokens you are transferring. This will help Lisk Hub users from making mistakes as it allows them to quickly see if they are sending the right amount. Another new feature is the vote launch protocol screen, which will show the delegates you selected to unvote or vote for. The launch protocol will also let you know if spelled a delegates name wrong or if you already are voting or unvoted a selected delegate. These two new features once again show LiskHQ’s wish to make the Lisk Hub experience as easy and user-friendly as possible.

Version 0.6.0 also has some small tweaks one of which is in the creation of a Lisk ID avatar. When you move your mouse to create your personal ID it will now not only move the shapes but it will also change their colors. This will give Lisk Hub users a hint of the final colors their Lisk ID avatar is going to contain. Another small tweak is the decreased height of the price chart which has resulted in more space for users to see their latest activity’s.

For more information and examples on these new features and improvements make sure to check out Lisk Hub 0.6.0 blog post!

Lisk North America Community Giveaway

Last month, LiskHQ held its very first Lisk North America Tour, during which community manager Jan Liz-Fonts visited multiple Lisk meetups and conferences. The tour started off with a stop in San Antonio (Texas) where a Lisk community meetup was hosted by Brandon (Nimbus76) and Edward (StellarDynamic). After this Jan headed off to Canada to attend the Forward JS: Ottawa Summit and to co-host the first Canadian Lisk meetup together with members of Bloqspace. The Lisk North America tour rounded off with a stop in Seattle (Washington) where over 200 people attended the Lisk.Seattle Inaugural Meetup.

To thank the Lisk community in North America for the great events and all the support LiskHQ decided it was time for a special giveaway. All you have to do to take part in the giveaway is write a comment down below the post with you Telegram username, like the post and join LiskHQ on the official Telegram. One lucky winner will be receiving a box full of Lisk merchandise which include an official Lisk t-shirt, bag and water bottle!

LiskUSA Attends The Collision Conference

At the start of this month LiskUSA attended the Collision Conference in their hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. The Collision Conference consisted of hundreds of startup booths which Edward and

During the event Edward and pitched Lisk to many up and coming projects that were still in a very early state of development. Most of these projects had yet to decide what platform to launch on but had great ideas like micropayments to help the needy, something which totally suits Blockchain technology. They also managed to network with a lot of interesting people who all had their own Blockchain projects such as a decentralized ride sharing service in the Netherlands. LiskUSA also managed to do some merchandise marketing by leaving some custom-made goodies such as LiskUSA t-shirts and pens at the free giveaway tables.

It was a great event where LiskUSA spread a lot of Lisk awareness and helped people learn more about . For a full report on the Collision Conference and all the other things Edward and have seen during the event please make sure to read our : LiskUSA Collides with 10.000+ Attendees at the Collision Conference in NOLA blog post!

MADANA Development Update

This week, MADANA released a newsletter in which they give an update on their recent development. The MADANA (Market for Data Analysis) project will be one of the first major Lisk ICO’s and was the first to receive an investment The Pioneer’s Vault. MADANA enables individuals to participate in their data market while simultaneously preserving their privacy. Its ecosystem functions with tokens known as PAX (Privacy Analysis Exchange). These tokens can be used to buy data analysis results from MADANA’s decentralized information pool while rewarding data producers.

In the newsletter we can read that the MADANA team has worked hard and have successfully registered their patent which is now officially pending. The newsletter also features their recent partnership with Capgemini which will give them a bright future for the adoption and implementation of their technology. We can also read that on April 23rd MADANA CEO Christian Junger and Thomas Schouten (Marketing lead at Lisk) introduced MADANA and Lisk in front of a group of reputable Chinese investors and chiefs. And at the end of June Christian Junger is visiting China and attending the Blockchain Forum Qingdao where he is also meeting with potential investors.

Currently MADANA’s CEO Christian Junger and COO Dieter Schule are in New York City together with Lisk to represent MADANA at Consensus 2018 and have good talks about data privacy combined with Blockchain technology.

MADANA also recently relocated to WeWork in Berlin and acquired new talents to strengthen their growing team. At the end of the newsletter we get a look at whats next for MADANA which is the publication of their first version white paper. This is followed up by the release of detailed information on the upcoming pre-sale and token launch event of MADANA’s cryptocurrency which is called PAX.

If you are interested in MADANA then make sure you follow them on their social media channels so that you don’t miss out on any updates!