The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 20

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LiskHQ Attended Blockchain Live 2018

Today, LiskHQ was in London to attend Blockchain Live 2018, which is an event that tries to unite the pioneers with the newcomers, the innovators with the investors, and the community with industry.  (Pictured in the featured image above) The event attracted over 3.000 attendees, had a 100 different speakers, and 9 content theaters from which they gave business case-studies, keynote sessions, and networking breakouts.

During Blockchain Live, LiskHQ was set up at booth (B26) from which Max Kordek, Thomas Schouten, Rachel Black, Michael Borowiec, Jacob Kowalewski, and Mat Piaggi promoted Lisk, explained their vision and made new connections. Also joining the team in London was MADANA’s CEO and co-founder, Christian Junger, who was there to promote Lisk’s first major ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and help LiskHQ out in getting the word out on the Lisk ecosystem.

More information on what LiskHQ did during the event will most likely follow in an upcoming blog post.

Tomorrow, the team will also host a Lisk community meetup in London. This Lisk meetup will have something for everyone. Whether you are a long-term Lisker or an absolute beginner looking to explore Blockchain technology don’t hesitate to join!

During the evening there are several subjects on the agenda such as an introduction to Lisk, the Lisk ecosystem, and user interfaces. The meetup will round off with a Q&A (Question and Answer) session during which you can ask all you questions.

Afterwards there will be room for networking and a chance to meet and talk to the Lisk team members. Currently there are still plenty of free seats. If you want to attend the event I would suggest sending an RSVP as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Releases Their Latest Tool

This Monday, released their latest Lisk tool : The Data Field Search. The tool will allow users to search through all the transactions with data fields which were introduced with Core 1.0.

All the search terms in the tool are made case insensitive and you can narrow down your search to any Date/Time range you want. Users can also narrow your search down to a specific sender and/or receiver address. If you would leave all the fields blank then the tool will show you the last 1.000 transactions with a data field sorted by most recent to least recent. also released a blog post where they explain all the features of their Data Field tool. So if you are curious about what is being put into the new Lisk data fields then make sure to check out this tool!

This is not all, as there is more news coming from Last week tool developer and community member, TonyT908, announced he is now running his own delegate.

For the past year Tony has been one of the hardest working community members out there who created many tools for the Lisk community such as : Lisk Pending, Total Payouts, The Richlist and much more.

Since December 2017, Tony has also been one of our Reddit mods and just last week he became a Lisk ambassador for the US. On his new website you can find out more about Tony’s delegate proposal together with more information about him and his Lisk Contributions.

So if you have a spare vote or want to spent your votes on hard-working community members then consider TonyT908!

The Lisk Hub Reached 500 Stars On GitHub

In late August, community manager Lindsay Buescher started a challenge in which she asked the Lisk community if we could get Lisk Hub 500 stars on GitHub. I am happy to announce that this week we reached our goal of 500 stars.

This was mostly achieved thanks to the hard work of community member Ducktank who took it upon himself to create the Lisk Hub Star Lottery. He managed to raise a jackpot of 155 LSK tokens which got divided among 3 winners. These 155 LSK tokens were sponsored by delegate and community members : Phoenix1969,, Nimbus, Sexor, zOwn3Ds, and StellarDynamic.

The winners of the lottery are: in 3rd place Nethippo, in 2nd place Faival, and in 1st place Lukaszde12. Congratulations to the winners. If you have won then either Ducktank already contacted you or you can hit him up at “ducktank“.

Once again a great job by the Lisk community and thank you to the sponsors, and especially Ducktank, for your efforts!

LiskHQ’s Bi-Weekly Development Update

Some of you might have noticed there was no weekly development update in our last Report. The reason is that LiskHQ has decided to publish bi-weekly development updates to include updates on all of the products of the Lisk ecosystem.

In this first release we get updates on all the work that has been done on Lisk Core, Lisk Elements, Lisk Hub, and the Lisk Explorer.

Last Friday, the team released Lisk Core 1.0.3 which was released as a response to an issue found by community member Gr33ndrag0n. LiskHQ managed to fix the issue after some deep analysis and a thorough QA process. Due to the focus on patch 1.0.3 the reopened 1.1.0 milestone has been delayed a week. This milestone will also need another QA round to take into account the changes applied in the 1.0.3. The team also continued the work on Lisk Core 1.3.0 in which they will add a performance monitoring tool, New Relic. This New Relic will allow node operators to watch the activities inside their node application.

LiskHQ also completed all the development issues for Lisk Elements 1.1.0 which will be released after the documentation has been finished. This release will also feature a helpful function for validating Lisk transactions. The team has also started working on 2.0.0 which will see a move to TypeScript among other changes.

On September 19, the team released the Lisk Hub 1.3.0 which includes improvements for smaller screens, along with other minor changes to dashboard and settings and a number of bug fixes.

The team also released the Lisk Explorer 2.15 . This version brings a number of changes such as address page performance improvements, search feature bug fixes, and overall stability improvements.

I think the move to a bi-weekly development update was a good idea as it gives a way better overview of all the development work the team is doing.

The LSK Token is Once Again Availble On Changelly

Last Wednesday, the instant cryptocurrency exchange Changelly welcomed back the LSK token to their exchange. Changelly is a popular cryptocurrency exchange providing the ability to instantly exchange over 100 altcoins at the best market rate or buy them using a bank card.

Changelly has been around since 2015 and in that time attracted over 2 million registered users. The exchange processes more than 15.000 weekly transactions with a monthly turnover of around 60.000 BTC.  If you plan on using Changelly then don’t forget that they charge a 0.5 % fee over the total amount you are buying or selling.

It’s great to see Changelly updating their service to be compatible with the Lisk Mainnet and in doing so giving us another place to buy and swap LSK tokens!

The Results Of The 5th CCID Public Blockchain Ranking

This week, CCID Research which is a Chinese IT media initiative working under China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released their fifth round of public Blockchain rankings. The ranking is based three different criteria : Basic-tech, Applicability, and Creativity. The CCID gives the projects a number of points for each criteria and adds those to create the total score.

In this fifth ranking Lisk did not preform as well as usual. Lisk got a score of 67.3 for its Basic-tech, a 18.6 for Applicability add 17.4 for its Creativity. This led to a total score of 103.3 leaving us in 9th place right behind Komodo.

It must be stated that we only know the three different criteria and don’t know how the CCID actually awards their points.

Hopefully we will see Lisk back in the top 5 of the next ranking!