The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 21

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A Review Of The Lisk London Meetup

Yesterday, community member and Reddit moderator John_Muck released a blog post in which he shares his personal feelings after last week’s LISK meetup in London.

In his blog post you can read all about his pre-meetup with Max Kordek, Thomas Schouten, and Mat Piaggi. Also present was the Founder and CEO of GNY, Cosmas Wong, as well as the Founder and Chief R&D Officer, Richard Jarritt.

John describes each segment of the event in great detail. What I liked a lot about this part of the blog post is that John shares his feelings after each presentation. Giving the reader real insight in the vibe at the event and the way the presentations were held.

John finishes the blog post with his last thoughts and what his main take away was from the meetups.

I found this to be a very nice write-up of the event and even without me being there it gave a good impression of the atmosphere during the event. So if you haven’t read the blog post then make sure you do and hopefully more blog posts will follow in the future!

The Lisk Berlin Meetup

This Thursday, LiskHQ will host a community meetup in their hometown of Berlin. During the meetup the team will discuss all the latest Lisk news and updates. There will be presentations on the three pillars of Lisk: the development tools, Lisk Mobile, and the Lisk Academy. The event will also feature two segments which are called “Kick-off Business Development” and “State of the Blockchain Industry.”

The attendees will also get an introduction to MADANA; Lisk’s first major side chain project and ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The meetup will round off with a Q&A after which attendees can do some networking and meet the team.

There are still a couple of free seats left. If you would like to attend tomorrows event then make sure to RSVP as soon as possible!

An Update On The Pioneer’s Vault

Yesterday, Lisk’s CEO Max Kordek announced that his private effort, The Pioneer’s Vault, will make a second round investment of €120.000 for MADANA. The Pioneer’s Vault was created at the beginning of 2018 by Max to help stimulate the growth of the Lisk ecosystem. The Vault consists of his personal LSK assets which he reserved for investments in promising Lisk side chain projects.

In his blog post Max explains that this second investment comes after MADANA successfully launched their pre-sale and completed a variety of business and technological milestones. These milestones together with MADANA building up a team of 15 contributors in total convinced Max to keep supporting this future side chain project with a follow-up investment.

In January 2018, Max already invested 10.000 LSK (valued at €200.000 at that time) in MADANA as a pre-ICO (Initial Coin Offering) investment. With this second investment the total investment by The Pioneer’s Vault sums up to €320.000 in Lisk.

It is good to see another investment coming out of the Pioneer’s Vault and hopefully more will follow in the future!

LiskHQ Needs Your Help

Yesterday, community manager Lindsay Buescher started a Reddit thread where she asked for the help of the Lisk community. LiskHQ is gathering data on the delegate voting process which will be used to support the design process of Lisk Hub voting and delegate functionality.

The team has created a short survey in which you can give your opinion on the Lisk Hub and its features. So far LiskHQ received feedback from 88 respondents and the top 3 possible features are : A Decentralized Exchange (Dex), Fiat gateway to purchase LSK tokens directly,  and Hardware wallet support.

LiskHQ is also looking for some volunteers who want to take part in their online user interview to help improve the Lisk experience. If you would like to give your opinion and share your user experience then you can send an email to the address found in the Reddit topic.

So make sure to fill in the survey to share your thoughts with LiskHQ!

The Global Lisk Market

If you are actively trading LSK tokens then the Global Lisk Market can help you find the exchange with the best buy or sell price. On the website you can see all the major Lisk exchanges in one place and get real time price updates. For each exchange it shows you the best bid, ask, and last price. The site also features direct links to each exchange and all the Lisk updates posted by LiskHQ via Twitter.

If you plan on buying some LSK tokens make sure to check out the Global Lisk Market to see which exchange gives you the best rates!

The First Lisk Monthly Vlog

Last Friday, LiskHQ released their first Lisk Monthly Vlog which gives us an overview of all that happened in September. The Vlog starts of with a marketing update in which community manager Mat Piaggi talks about some of the Blockchain events LiskHQ attended and the media coverage Lisk recently received. Mat also mentions the newly released ambassadors program and that more ambassadors will follow soon.

We then get a development update which includes the Lisk Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) and the new releases of Lisk Core and the Lisk Hub. In the community update Mat covers the blog post on Erica Kang, the Lisk Hub Star Lottery (which will get a second round draw due to unclaimed prizes), the Lisk meme competition, and community member John_Muck’s new Twitter account Lisk Highlights.

Mat rounds off the Vlog by telling us what we can expect to see of Lisk in October. But for more information on that I would suggest watching the Vlog!

The Future in Focus

This week, LiskHQ released a new blog post in their series : Future in Focus. This time it features the real estate project BrikBit which will be built on the Lisk-based Blockchain ecosystem. BrikBit is the first Blockchain-based ecosystem that develops and manages entire operations for the real estate industry.

With the use of Blockchain technology BrikBit will be able to automate, intermediate, and make more transparent both typical and implicit processes. These can be steps such as fund collection, design, creation, and management. LiskHQ sat down with CTO and co-founder Alex Dell’Orto to give the community the opportunity to learn more about BrikBit.

The interview starts off with the history of BrikBit and Alex’s relationship to Blockchain technology. You can then read about why the world needs BrikBit and which issues there are in the real estate industry. Alex explains how Brikbit will solve these issues and how it will bring about the real financial revolution of real estate. One of their main goals is to bring transparency to this ancient industrial sector of real estate.

They round off the interview with Alex envisioning where he sees BrikBit in five years and how he think Blockchain technology will change the world.

I always find the Future in Focus to be an interesting read as you learn more about other projects and see how Blockchain technology will bring solutions to all kinds of current issues.