The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 22

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LightCurve Keeps On Growing

This evening, LiskHQ introduced 4 new LightCurve employees to the community. Say hello to backend developer Pablo, business developer Menghan, backend developer Ishan, and last but not least front end developer Benjamin.

More information on these new team members can soon be found on the Lisk team page! On behalf of LiskUSA I would like to say : welcome to the team!

Follow Lisk On Delta Direct

Today, the development team behind Delta introduced Delta Direct. Delta is a free portfolio tracker application on which users get the latest coin prices and market charts in their local currency.

The newly introduced Delta Direct allows token holders to easily stay up-to-date with major business and technology developments of their favorite projects directly within the Delta app. Lisk was fortunate enough to be included in the first 32 teams to be added to Delta Direct.

From now when you are using the Delta app users won’t have to switch to any other Social media channel to get all the official updates on Lisk!

This Monday, released another great tool to the community: Lisk Excel. With this tool users can gather all transactions within certain fields and download them into an Excel File.

With Lisk Excel you can choose a number of fields which can help narrow down your search. The tool gives the option to enter : a sender address, recipient address, send or recipient address, from time, to time, transaction type, minimum amount, and maximum amount.

Once you have filled in the fields the data can be gathered, downloaded, and opened in Excel. Please note that downloads are currently limited to 10.000 transactions at a time. developer and delegate TonyT908 has some updates in mind for the future but for more on that I would suggest reading his blog post!

Ascend Has Relaunched

This week, Lisk Ascend announced its relaunch and alliance with the Sherwood pool. As some of you might already know Lisk Ascend is a group of talented community members who want to bring more transparency, dedication, and integrity into our delegate system.

This is why Ascend created the Ascend Pledge System. With this system, voters could pledge their vote and to show support to Ascend without actually having to vote.

According to Ascend, there were multiple reasons this system never took off as intended and this is why it was time for a change.

One of the first changes is that Ascend created a 90% sharing delegate. This delegate will share 50% of its forging rewards with Sherwood voters. An extra 40% in  rewards can be earned by voting for the Moosty delegate who itself will share 55% with its voters. A total of 35% of Moosty’s forging rewards will be used to help Ascend members finance their Lisk-related activities. The remaining 10% in rewards of the Lisk Ascend delegate will be used for Lisk meetups, donations, contests, and Ascend promotions.

But this Relaunch brings even more changes as each Ascend member increased its share percentage from 50% to 55%. Ascend also decided to get rid of the “vote for us all” rule which required a vote for all of a pool’s members in order to receive any rewards from the pool.

Last but not least, Lisk Ascend wants to make sure their delegates are active in the community. This is why their team downsized by several members and will ensure that their members stay active to stay part of Ascend.

These are some great changes being made by the Ascend team which will help them in their push to reaching forging positions. Keep up the good work Ascend!

The Elite Group Brings Lisk ATM’s To Hong Kong

On the October 5th, the Lisk Elite Group in cooperation with, Nitroswap, and Coinnewshk hosted a Lisk fiat adoption launch party in Hong Kong (China).

The launch party celebrated the deployment of 9 brand new Bytes Bitcoin ATM‘s on which LSK tokens can be bought with the local HKD currency. aDDITIONALLY, any owner of a General Bytes Bitcoin ATM will be able to have their Bitcoin ATM to accept cash for Lisk if they choose to.

The General Bytes Bitcoin ATMs are the most widely used Bitcoin ATM in Hong Kong and can easily expand worldwide.

To immediately make good use of the new ATM all attendees received a Lisk airdrop starter pack. This contained a Lisk ID + passphrase, instruction cards for setting up of a new Lisk ID, and a general introduction of Lisk. Each of the Lisk ID’s had a value of 5 LSK to 50 LSK on it. With the use of a QR code attendees could experience buying Lisk from the Bitcoin ATM and learned how to set up a new Lisk ID while claiming their airdrop.

But that was not all, as 10 lucky winners also went home with a Ledger Nano hardware wallet.

And as many of us could not attend the event decided to release a aftermovie of the launch party for the Lisk community.

It’s great to see the Elite Delegate Group taking the first step into getting fiat adoption for Lisk. Hopefully we will see many more Lisk ATM’s popping up all around the world!

A Recap Of The Lisk Berlin Meetup

After the Lisk Meetup in Berlin, Dutch Lisk ambassador Meyade “Elum” Curfs released a blog post to share his thoughts on the event with the community.

The blog post starts of with Elum getting a tour of the new Lightcurve office and seeing all the departments which where very structured. After the tour of the office it was time to do some networking during which he met many new enthusiastic Liskers. It was then time for the main meetup which Elum describes in much detail.

In the blog post we also learn that this Monday Lisk’s Business Development team was started. This team consisting of Max and Thomas will focus on attracting large investors and getting Lisk listed on even more major exchanges.

With the Business Development team LiskHQ will focus more on making the value of the Lisk token a priority. As Elum also stated, this is a very important milestone which the community will be happy with.

Elum rounds off his blog post with some final words about how LiskHQ is laying a good foundation for the future and how the meetup showed their professionalism.

This blog post is a nice read for anyone who could not make it to the meetup so you check it out!

Introducing Lisk Mobile

At last weeks community meetup in Berlin, LiskHQ released their latest product : Lisk Mobile. Lisk Mobile is a wallet offering standard transaction and account balance functions on Android and iOS phones.

LiskHQ also published a blog post in which you can learn everything you need to know about Lisk Mobile.

In the blog post LiskHQ explains that their main goal for Lisk Mobile was to expand the Lisk Hub wallet by offering it to all smartphones. This is also why this first release only has a limited feature-set and focuses on providing the best user experience.

As we all know LiskHQ always takes the security of their products very serious. This is why the team first tested three versions of Lisk Mobile internally. This led to the release of Lisk Mobile 0.3.0 which allows users to sign into a Lisk account, transfer, receive and request LSK, get an overview of your account activity, and explore individual transactions.

LiskHQ also shares their plans for the future of Lisk Mobile which will be to add more security, on-boarding, design and convenience features. After these features are added LiskHQ wants to make Lisk Mobile a fully-featured application. This will involve adding multiple supported languages, market and price information, options to acquire LSK tokens, and a major design overhaul.

By now, many of you have already downloaded and tried Lisk Mobile. If you haven’t yet then go read this blog post and check out the application!

The Lisk Berlin Meetup

Last Thursday, LiskHQ hosted a community meetup in their hometown of Berlin. The meetup attracted around a 100 community members ready to get the latest updates on the project.

The event kicked of with Lisk’s CEO and co-founder Max Kordek giving some opening remarks. Thomas Schouten then took the stage to talk about the three pillars of Lisk : the SDK (Software Development Kit), UX (User Experience), and Education.

Next up was Lisk’s new Tech Evangelist, Rachel Black, who gave a presentation on Lisk development tools. Rachel also gave an good explanation by using Cryptokitties as an example on how Lisk could solve scaling problems.

It then was time for a surprise as Ali Haghighatkhah announced the release of Lisk’s latest product : Lisk Mobile. The best part was that Lisk Mobile was immediately ready for the community to download and use on Android or iOS.

There also was a segment called the State of the Blockchain industry. In it, business developer Anastasia Albert presented some interesting stats on the European Blockchain space.

MADANA‘s CEO and Co-Founder Christian Junger was also at the event and gave an introduction on Lisk’s first major side chain. MADANA is currently running its pre-sale ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in which you still have the chance to buy PAX at 0.50 a token. After the pre-sale ends there will be a main sale in which the price will be set at 1.00 a token.

Even though the event was not going to be livestreamed, LiskHQ managed to give the community lots of updates of what was going on in Berlin via their Twitter and Instagram.

The next day LiskHQ released the Lisk Berlin Meetup Aftermovie.

The attendees described it as a nice event which really showed LiskHQ’s professionalism and vision. With a turnout of a 100 people it can definitely be counted as a successful meetup!

Lisk’s Development Update

Last week, LiskHQ released their bi-weekly development update. In it we get an update on the testing, refactoring, and work going into new features for Lisk products.

During the QA round on Lisk Core 1.1 the team identified some issues which were caused by the introduction of new features. This led to the opening of 4 new issues (#2434, #2367, #2420 and #2430) out of which 3 already have been closed. After this last issue is closed there will be another QA round, once this is successfully completed Lisk Core 1.1 will be released to the Testnet. When this release happens Lisk Core 1.2 will be able to start its first QA round.

The team also continued the work on Lisk Elements 1.1 and version 2.0. In this last version LiskHQ will make the move to TypeScript which will lay the foundation for applying types across Lisk’s products.

The blog post continues with the Lisk Commander 2.0 in which LiskHQ will switch their main framework to provide a better interface and maintainability. This version will also contain some new features such as creating signature objects and multiple accounts in one command.

The team also announced that they are working on hardware wallet integration for the Lisk Hub. This is set to be featured in version 1.4 or 1.5 but this will also depend on the hardware support manufacturer. However, it is good to see this is finally being worked on by LiskHQ and could be closer than we think as we are in version 1.3.

The blog post finishes with Lisk’s latest product release : Lisk Mobile. Now available for download on Apple App Store and Google Play.

Once again, a pretty extensive development update in which LiskHQ and the community continue to make a lot of progress. Keep up the good work!