The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 23

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An Update On Lisk Machine Learning

Yesterday, the Lisk community got an update on the Lisk Machine Learning of GNY, the first decentralized machine learning Blockchain platform.

In their update the GNY team made a major announcement : the team found a way to allow US entrants to acquire LML tokens. To do this GNY will be releasing a temporary ERC20 token to ICO (Initial Coin Offering) entrants from the 12th November, which will be listed on a series of exchanges from early December 2018. 

This means Lisk Machine Learning will be the first Lisk side chain project to hit exchanges!

GNY will release details of the swap from ERC20 token to Lisk side chain in early 2019 and are look forward to bringing the community more enterprise partners before that date.

GNY is currently in phase 1 of their ICO where you can use Lisk tokens to enter the ICO.

It’s amazing to see GNY making great strides within the Lisk ecosystem in such a short time. We expect to see more great things from the GNY team in the future!

Make Sure You Vote For Lisk

It’s once again time to show the strength of the Lisk community in a new voting competition. This time we have to vote and retweet Lisk on where we are in the finals and can win a $525 native ad and publicity on their website.

In the finals Lisk is up against Dogecoin, DeepOnion and DAPScoin and we still need some help to win.

There is just one day left before the competition ends so make sure to cast your vote and help to promote Lisk!

LiskHQ Releases Octobers Development Vlog

This Monday, LiskHQ released their development vlog for the month of October. This new vlog is hosted by Lisk’s tech evangelist Rachel Black and focuses 100% on the development updates of the Lisk products.

After a short introduction by Rachel we get an update on Lisk Core from lead developer, Maciej Baj. He explains how the team fixed bugs which were identified by community members. Meciej also mentions some of the new features coming in the next versions of Lisk Core which the team is working diligently on.

Shusetsu Toda, Lisk’s SDK lead, then gives us an update on Lisk Elements which is close to releasing version 1.0.

In version 2.0, Lisk will introduce TypeScript which will decrease the bugs and will help developers on how to use the library. Shusetsu also updates us on the Lisk Commander version 2.0 which will get a new framework making it cleaner and more extendable.

The vlog continues with Vit Stanislav who is the development lead for the Lisk Hub. In the update Vit talks about the release of the Lisk Hub version 1.2 which included a new logout button and implemented LiskHQ’s Twitter in the wallet. He also explains some of the smaller improvements introduced in Lisk Hub 1.3 and the upcoming release of the Lisk Hub1.4.

The last part of the vlog is about Lisk’s latest product release : Lisk Mobile. In the volg project lead, Ali Haghighatkhah, talks about the release and how the team is already working on some cool upcoming features such as access via biometric authentication, notifications, and much more.

The team did a great job, especially considering it was their first development vlog and many community members look forward to an even more technical, in depth, vlog in the future.

LiskHQ’s next vlog will be focusing on the business side of Lisk. Make sure to keep an eye out for that! Releases Its Next Tool

Only one week after the release of Lisk Excel, delegate Tonyt908 released yet another tool on His latest tool is called : Vote History.

With this tool there are a lot of things the user can view, such as : all votes cast for a particular delegate, all votes removed from a particular delegate the past week, all votes cast by a particular address, and much more.

For a full explanation on how the new tool works make sure to read Lisk.supports latest blog post!

LiskHQ Announces The Lisk Campaign

This week, Lisk community manager Jedrzej Jeziersk introduced the Lisk Campaign. This is an official monthly Reddit thread in which all delegates will be able to promote their candidacies. The thread will also function as a place for all community members to ask delegates questions about their proposals.

With this monthly thread LiskHQ hopes to create a safe and open environment for the delegate discussions as this is an essential part of growing the Lisk ecosystem.

This Monday the first Lisk Campaign thread was created. So make sure to check which delegates took the time to share their proposals and don’t be afraid to ask them questions!

The BLOQspace Lottery

Last week, BLOQspace announced they are hosting a Lisk lottery with some great prizes. In order to enter the lottery all you have to do is vote for delegate before October 31st. Once you voted you have a chance to win one of the 3 prizes which are : 250 LSK tokens for 1st place, 150 for 2nd, and 100 LSK for 3rd place.

But that’s not all, as BLOQspace is also hosting a photo competition in which you can post a picture of your best cryptocurrency or BLOQspace related costume on their Twitter. The winner of the competition will be awarded with 50 LSK tokens.

So if you want to have the chance to grab some extra LSK tokens then don’t forget to vote!