The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 25

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The Lisk Monthly

Friday, LiskHQ published their Lisk Montly Vlog. In it Community Manager Jędrzej Jezierski updates us on all that the team has worked on in past month.

The Vlog starts off with the major events of October which where the Lisk Berlin meetup and the Web3 Summit.

Lisk also got a lot of media attention in October. The Coinpost Japan wrote an article about Lisk Mobile and Rachel Black was interviewd by Neil Hughes. Lisk’s CEO Max Kordek was interviewed by Berlin Valley and Thomas Schouten was included in Bitcoin News.

In October, Lisk got added to a new exchange and the crypto management apps Delta Direct and CoinGecko. The Vlog also features all the new development releases of the Lisk products during the last month.

Jędrzej rounds of the Vlog with the introduction of the latest LightCurve hires and giving a shout out to some hardworking community members.

Once again a very nice update which really shows the work being done at Lisk in the past month!

Lisk Adds 5 New Country Ambassadors

This Monday, LiskHQ introduced 5 new Lisk country ambassadors who will be joining the first batch of 8 selected ambassadors.

A Lisk country ambassador is someone who is passionate about Lisk and wants to help expand Lisk’s global presence. The most common way in doing so is to host informative and professional meetups during which they update their community with the latest available Lisk news and updates.

The newly selected ambassadors found most fitted for this task are : Ty Diamse (Germany), Tom Ploeg (Belgium), LiskUSA’s very own Matthew Chauvin (US), Remo Bonfante (Italy) and Benjamin Favre (France).

On behalf of LiskUSA I would like to congratulate you all and I am sure you will all make LiskHQ and the community proud!

The Lisk Community Spotlight

This week, LiskHQ released a new community spotlight blog post. This time it features the community created implementations for a main Lisk Core 1.0.0 key feature: The Transaction Memo Field.

The transaction memo field allows the user to send custom notes along with any Lisk transaction they make. This new feature will not only encourage social interactions between LSK holders but also have business use cases.

In the short amount of time the transaction memo exists the community already created 4 sorts of implementations.

The first implementation is “Lisk Wall” which was created by Korben3 and Sexor. This implementation is available on Testnet and allows you to add a message to the wall thus creating a social interaction.

The second implementation is the option to send and receive files. Lisk Community member Lemii created the Lisk File Manager which lets you upload and download files using the file ID. But he was not alone as Sexor also created a file sender.

The file senders work by the ingenious method of zipping the file and encoding it to either base64 or 91. It then gets sent across multiple transactions and finally sending a transaction with metadata to sew up the other transactions.

The next implementation is featured in last weeks Report and is the Lisk IFTTT (If, This, Then, That) Integration created by Community member Marjin. This is a web-based service to create chains of simple conditional statements, called applets, which are triggered by changes that occur within other web services.

Last but not least we have “Lisk Pay to Enter” a project created by community member Korben3. As the name suggests, this uses the transaction memo to allow users to pay to view content.

These amazing projects really shows the limitless options the adding of transaction memo field created. So hopefully we will see many more cool projects pop up in the near future!

Bear Marketing @ Node + JS Conference

Last week, we published the Bear Marketing @ Node + JS Conference report. In this report you can read all about Edward (StellerDynamic) and Matthew’s (Ultrafresh) trip to Vancouver (Canada) where they attended the 4th annual Node + JS Interactive Conference.

At the conference LiskUSA promoted Lisk by sharing information, talking to attendees and handing out some cool Lisk loot. Many of the attendees were excited to know Lisk was written in JavaScript and were guided to the Lisk Github and other Lisk resources.

LiskUSA also interviewed a number of the server hosting companies, such as Microsoft Azure, Heroku, and Linode about their plans to facilitate cryptocurrency nodes. 

During the event Edward and Matthew also attended many of the informative presentations, enlightening keynotes, and an engaging panels. In the report you can read all about the presentations such as Wiring the Internet of Things, Controlling a Tesla with Node.JS, Girl Develop It, and Node for Max.

During the event the LiskUSA team learned a lot about Node and JavaScript while also making sure to introduce a lot of the attendees to Lisk and how they can get involved!

LSK Got Added To EXMO

On October 25th, the LSK token got added to the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange. EXMO is a universal cryptocurrency platform which enables users to carry out transactions with each other in cryptocurrency.

What makes EXMO special is that the platform does not buy or sell anything and can in no way influence the rates of the traded currency pairs. They exchange just accepts funds and cryptocurrency from users, after which they are able to carry out trading operations with each other using the funds they have placed in their user wallets.

The adding of the LSK token to EXMO brings another Lisk to fiat option as users are now able to trade LSK in the following pairs : LSK/BTC, LSK/USD and LSK/RUB.

It’s really great to see the LSK token being added to more and more exchanges showing us exchanges recognise the progress LiskHQ is making!

Lisk Now Introduces Lisk Mobile 0.4.0

Last Thursday, a Lisk Now update was published in which Lisk Mobile lead Ali Haghighatkhah announced the release of Lisk Mobile 0.4.0. Lisk Mobile is an app available on iPhone and Android offering standard transaction and account balance functions for the LSK cryptocurrency.

This release introduces new features which greatly improve the accessibility and user experience of the app. The first new feature is the touch ID which allows users to login using their fingerprint and face recognition. This way you only have to enter your 12 word passphrase once after which you can just quickly access your account when you want.

The second feature added is the pull to refresh option of the transactions page. This way users can quickly refresh the page to see if they have any new incoming transactions or if their transaction was confirmed.

The last added feature is the redesign of the transactions details page. The Lisk Mobile team improved the look and organization of the page in some ways. The most noticeable change is the introduction of dedicated icons for different types of transactions making them easier to recognize.

It’s good to see LiskHQ adding the community requested features to Lisk Mobile this quickly which is showing us our feedback is being heard!

A Survey For Node Operators

Last week, marketing manager Lindsay Bucher released a survey for Lisk Node operators. In the short 10 questions survey the development team wants to find out how they can improve the documentation as well as to help automate processes.

So if you are running a Lisk Node then make sure to send LiskHQ your opinion by filling out the survey.

That’s it for this weeks informative episode, be sure to check back next week for episode 26!