The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 26

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Lisk Is Now Available On Ledger Nano S.

Today, Ledger announced that Lisk has been added to their Ledger Nano S model and is now available on the Ledger Live manager tab.

With this announcement, Ledger also released a step-by-step guide on how to install the Lisk app on your Ledger Nano S to manage LSK with the Liskish Wallet. The long-awaited adding of Lisk to the Ledger Nano S has been made possible thanks to the hard work of delegates Hirish and Vekexasia.

If you are planning on using the Ledger Nano S support then make sure to follow the steps in the guide. If you happen to get stuck or have questions then you can always contact : Hirish or Vekexasia on the!

LiskHQ Is Discontinuing Lisk Nano

Yesterday, LiskHQ announced that the Lisk Nano wallet will be discontinued on November 14 at 12:00PM CET so that the front end teams can focus on expanding the Lisk Hub and Lisk Mobile.

Lisk Nano was LiskHQ’s first official wallet which was released back in August of 2016. During the Lisk Relaunch event earlier this year, LiskHQ announced the release of their new wallet : Lisk Hub.

Lisk Hub, together with the release of Lisk Mobile back in October, made the team decide to move Lisk Nano’s code to an archived, public repository. It will not be maintained by the Lisk foundation or its contractors. Although, since Lisk is fully open-source it will still remain possible for the community to make use of Lisk Nano for any third-party applications they plan to develop.

It’s good to see LiskHQ is moving forward and fully focusing on their new products, this also shows their confidence in their new releases!

A Visual History Of Lisk Core

This Tuesday, delegate Nimbus released A Visual History of Lisk Core. In this visualization you can see each contributor to the Lisk Core Github Repository and what they worked on.

The video shows the start of Lisk Core with Lisk co-founder Oliver Beddows back in February of 2016 all way up to October 26th of this year. The visualisation really shows how the Lisk team has grown over time and the developement of Lisk Core picked up.

Great job Nimbus, hopefully we will see more of these amazing visualizations soon!

The Liskish Wallet Now Has Trezor Support

Last Saturday, delegate Hirish announced that his Liskish Wallet now supports Trezor One and Trezor Model T hardware wallets.

Hardware wallets are considered very secure for the storage of a user’s private keys in the Blockchain world. Your digital assets are safe even when using an infected or untrusted PC.

In his blog post Hirish gives a step by step explanation on how to use the Trezor Devices with Lisk. So please make sure to read this before you get started.

Many people in the community have asked for hardware wallet support for quite some time making this a real milestone for Lisk and the community.

So thank you Hirish and all the other community members involved in making this happen!

Lisk Announces The Bug Bounty Program

On November 1st, LiskHQ announced Lisk’s Bug Bounty Program. In this Bounty program Lisk is offering rewards for bugs or security flaws identified on Lisk Core and reported to them according to their set guidelines.

Once a security flaw is identified and reported to LiskHQ their security team will rate it in the following way : Low (€200), Medium (€1500), High (€2500–5000) or Critical (Determined on a case-by-case basis).

As shown the bounties are priced in Euros, but will paid out in LSK tokens. LiskHQ also announced that in 2019 the bounty program will extend to all of their Lisk products.

The Bug Bounty Program will be a great way of getting more developers and white hat hackers involved with Lisk and in doing so increase testing and security!

A Lisk Development Update

Last week, LiskHQ released its bi-weekly development update. In it we can read all about what the Lightcurve development teams have worked on.

The blog post starts off with Lisk Core which had the release of version 1.1.0 on Mainnet. It also features the great work of community member Simon Warta (Prolina) who found two vulnerabilities related to the representation of Lisk addresses as strings. In response to this LiskHQ released Lisk Core version 1.1.1 which easily fixed the issues.

The team also released Lisk Core version 1.2.0 on Testnet and started the QA phase of version 1.3.0. Meanwhile, LiskHQ continued working on the development of Lisk Core 1.4.0.

Lisk Commander saw the release of version 2.0.0-beta.2 which included a bug fix for delegate registration and vote transactions. And on Lisk Elements the work continues on migrating to TypeScript.

On the last day of October the team released the Lisk Hub version 1.5.0 which included the new follow Lisk accounts option. This feature makes it even easier to send Lisk transactions to known addresses.

Last but not least we have Lisk Mobile which saw the release of version 0.4.0. This version added bio-metric authentication (Face ID, Touch ID in IOS, and Fingerprint in Android) and a pull-to-refresh functionality to keep up-to-date with your latest LSK transactions. The Lisk Mobile team is currently working on version 0.5.0 which will see notifications and an improved welcome screen.

All in all good progress is being made by LiskHQ which will lay the foundation for the Lisk platform.

The LightCurve Team Is Growing

Last Thursday, LightCurve announced the hiring of 4 new employees. These new team members are : Altay (Mobile App Developer), Osvaldo (Frontend Developer), Xana (Motion Designer), and Philip (Senior Content Marketer).

Once photo’s have been taken new team members will be added to the Lisk team page. On behalf of LiskUSA I would like to say welcome to the team!

Lisk’s Second Block Reward Reduction

This week, a new milestone was reached at Block height 7,451,520 where the Lisk network saw its second Block reward reduction.

In the Lisk protocol, every 3,000,000 Blocks (~1 year) the reward for a successfully built Block is reduced by 1 LSK, ending at 1 LSK per block in 2021 where it stays at a fixed inflation rate forever. With this second Block reward reduction every new Block created by a delegate is now awarded 3 LSK tokens instead of 4.

This means that the amount of newly forged LSK tokens will go from 12,000,000 in 2018 to 9,000,000 in 2019, which means a 25% reduction. The next reward reduction from 3 to 2 LSK will be taking place next year at Block 7451520.

You can always keep track of the next LSK reward reduction by going to delegate cc001 website!

The Tool Survey

For the last year, delegate TonyT908 has worked hard on providing new tools for the Lisk community.

Tony has a ton of updates planned for the tools he needs our community feedback on what order he should do them in. This is why he created a short survey where you can tell him what tools you use, and if you have any suggestions.

So if you use the tools then make sure to give your feedback and in that way improve the tools you use.

See you next week for more exciting new and updates!