The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 27

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Lisk To Be Listed On CobinHood

Today, Cobinhood announced Lisk will be live on their exchange on November 16th. Users of Cobinhood will be able to deposit, withdraw, and trade LSK for BTC. As the exchange offers many more trading pairs we might see more trading pairs for LSK to come.

Even though it is a small exchange its once again one more place where the trading of LSK tokens will be possible.

LiskHQ Releases A New Lisk Mobile Version

Yesterday, LiskHQ released version 0.5.0 of Lisk Mobile. This version brings a new welcome screen and fixes some bugs to improve your user experience.

Unfortunately, Lisk Mobile 0.5.0 for IOS was mistakenly released with Testnet configs. This caused users wallet balance to show up with zero LSK on it. The team was quick to respond to the issue in the and on Reddit assured the community that their funds are still being stored securely on main Lisk Blockchain.

Today LiskHQ released patch 0.5.1, which should now lets you see the correct balance when logging into Lisk Mobile!

Lisk Is Attending TechCrunch Disrupt 2018

Monday, LiskHQ announced that LightCurve and Lisk will be attending TechCrunch Disrupt 2018 which takes place in Berlin on the 29th and 30th of November.

TechCrunch Disrupt is a conference fully focused on startups. During the event there is a startup Battlefield competition, hundreds of startups in the startup alley, workshops, Q&A sessions, and legendary networking at the after parties. At TechCrunch, LiskHQ will have their own booth from where they will promote Lisk and discuss all about what’s new at Lisk.

So if you are attending TechCrunch Disrupt then don’t forget to stop by the Lisk booth!

LiskHQ Sponsors React Day Berlin

On November 30th, LiskHQ will be attending React Day Berlin. This conference is a brand new event in Berlin and a two-track (General + Native/Reason) event for Front-end engineers working with the React technology stack.

The conference will have around 25 different speakers and is expected to attract over 700 React fans and lovers. One of the speakers will be Lisk’s co-founder Max Kordek who will be presenting on the evolution of UI and UX in Blockchain.

Lisk is also one of the highest tier sponsors of the event so I am sure there will be plenty of attention and opportunity for the team to promote Lisk and network with talented individuals.

Xera Is Listing Lisk

Last Saturday, Xera announced that Lisk will be listed on their exchange. This London based exchange will be a fully integrated cryptocurrency trading platform. It claims to resolve the key issues facing exchanges such as security issues, lack of liquidity, latency problems, and a severely limited choice of automated functions. 

Xera is currently still in its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) phase; however, its still good to see Lisk being one of the first tokens to be listed on this new exchange!

The Lisk Amsterdam Blockchain Meetup

On November 27th Lisk is hosting the official Lisk Amsterdam Blockchain meetup. As this is an official meetup, it will be attended by team members of LiskHQ and LightCurve.

At the meetup there will be something for everyone, regardless of whether you are a long-term Lisk enthusiast looking for the latest information, a Blockchain fan, or an absolute beginner looking to explore the technology.

At the moment 90 people have already signed up for the meetup, leaving only 10 more free seats. So if your interested in attending this event then make sure to RSVP as soon as possible!

The Moscow Community Meetup

On November 22nd, Lisk Ambassador Alexey Usanov will be hosting a community meetup in Russia’s capital of Moscow. During the meetup Alexey will give the attendees an update on everything happening in and around Lisk in the past months.

If you are a Russian Lisker and would like to attend the meetup then make sure to sign up because there are only a couple of free seats left.

A New Lisk Survey

LiskHQ is currently exploring new opportunities for Blockchain technology and its possible applications in the future. This is why our community managers published a new Lisk survey on Blockchain development and future DApps built on Lisk.

So if you have a spare moment then don’t forget to fill in the survey and share you thoughts with LiskHQ!