The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 28

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Pricing Is Now Included In The Lisk Excel Tool developer, TonyT908, announced the implementation of the most requested feature of his Lisk tools survey.

Pricing has now been added to the Lisk Excel Tool. As of now, the following currencies are available: BTC, CNY, EUR, GBP, JPY, & USD. Tony plans to add even more currencies soon, so if yours isn’t listed you can always sent him a message.

Once again thank you for your continued efforts and coming up with new tools which bring great value to the Lisk and its community!

The CCID Public Blockchain Ranking

Today, the CCID Research, which is a Chinese IT media initiative working under China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, released their seventh round of public Blockchain rankings. The ranking is based on three different criteria : Basic-tech, Applicability, and Creativity. The CCID gives the projects a number of points for each criteria and then adds those points together to create the total score.

In this 7th ranking, Lisk got a score of 68.1 for its Basic-tech, a 15.9 for Applicability, and 18.9 for its Creativity. This led to a total score of 102.9 leaving us in 8th place right behind Neo.

It must be stated that we only know the three different criteria and don’t know how the CCID actually awards their points. However, it’s good to see Lisk maintaining a top 10 place in these rankings!

GNY Get’s Lisk Machine Learning Listed

Back in September, GNY officially introduced the branding of their Lisk side chain called LML – Lisk Machine Learning. LML will allow the Lisk ecosystem to add artificial intelligence capability to sidechain applications.

This morning, GNY announced that their LML (ERC20) token will begin trading on Cryptopia as of November 27th.

GNY is a Machine Learning system which has already been tested and used in commercial US industry and provides customer behavior prediction. With GNY developers will have the tools to reach consumers with better and more genuine interactions.

The project leverages the power of the Blockchain with Machine Learning (ML) to pre-existing Blockchains, offering smart APIs that bridge to Ethereum, Asch, Lisk and any developer working with the universal system.

GNY focuses on today’s customers who are deeply involved with their digital lives and have increasing expectations to be met and questions answered with no more than a click. It will allow new Blockchain projects that succeed in this new environment by refining their platforms to deliver messages that are highly adaptive, real-time, and secure. The project uses cutting edge machine learning with state-of-the-art algorithms to dissolve the limitations of traditional programmatic communications and marketing.

On behalf of LiskUSA, I would like to say great job to the GNY team in showing true commitment to Lisk and Lisk Machine Learning!

Lisk Central America Keeps On Trucking

Lisk ambassador and community member Jake Simmons has worked hard on spreading the word on Lisk and Blockchain during several meetups in Central America.

On November 15th there was a meetup in Costa Rica. During this meetup attendees talked about Blockchain 101 and how entrepreneurs and businesses can incorporate Blockchain and smart contracts into their idea or existing businesses. Jake also gave a run down of how the Lisk platform can help businesses in accomplishing this.

Recently, there was a meetup for the mobile developers of Costa Rica where they talked about how mobile application can take advantage of Blockchain and smart contracts. The attendees also touched on more technical topics such as governance and consensus , followed by a technical overview of the Lisk platform and development tools.

Next week, Jake will host an official Lisk ambassador meetup in San José. During this meetup he will discuss Lisk Central America’s Mission, what is Blockchain Costa Rica, the Lisk Platform, Lisk Development tools, what is the Founder Institute, and there will be a project spotlight for GYN.

On behalf of LiskUSA, I would like to say amazing job Jake and we hope to see much more from you in the future! 

The Erasmus Tech Community 2018

On November 26th, LightCurve Head of Marketing Thomas Schouten will present a keynote during a Blockchain event at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (Netherlands).

This event named Re:think Blockchain aims to reevaluate what we know about the technology and see what are actual applications of it. The goal is to help students understand how companies use it and why it matters – because Blockchain is here to stay. This is also why the University attracted some other companies like ING and IBM to speak during the event.

The next day the Lisk Amsterdam Meetup will be held allowing students to join and dive deeper into Lisk.

A special thanks to the Dutch Lisk Ambassador Meyade for making this event possible!

A New Developement Update

Last week, LiskHQ released their bi-weekly development update which covers all the updates and new releases of the Lisk products.

The blog post starts of with Lisk Core which, on the 8th of November, saw the release of version 1.2.0 to Mainnet. The development team also released the first Release Candidate for 1.3 to Testnet. The development of 1.4.0 is still ongoing, including several important bug-fixes and code refactors.

Lisk Commander saw the release of version 2.0.0 which brings with it framework changes, improved validation of transaction inputs, an option to create multiple accounts, and an option to create a signature object for multi-signature accounts.

The team also released version 1.1.0 of Lisk Elements which has a change to the mono-repo structure, which allows us to put multiple packages in one repository. 

The new version 1.6.0 of the Lisk Hub added a “set max amount” feature among other improvements. And the release of Lisk Mobile version 0.5.0 introduced new welcome screen.

We can expect the next development update in early December so stay tuned!

The First Lisk Business Vlog

Last Thursday, LiskHQ released their very first Lisk Business Vlog. This new Vlog series is hosted by Head of Marketing Thomas Schouten and will be 100% focused on business updates.

During the video Thomas first gives an introduction to the business Vlog followed by a composition of the Lisk marketing team and what they are working on. We then get introduced to the new business development squad which consists of Anastasia Albert and Menghan Fu. They will be fully focused on creating value for the Lisk ecosystem, getting the LSK token listed on exchanges, and partnering with payment gateways.

The Vlog continues with community manager Mat Piaggi who gives us an update on the Lisk ambassador program and all the upcoming Lisk meetups all around the world. In the last segment of the business Vlog we get an update on the current contractors Netguru and Wachsman and how they have helped Lisk move forward.

Thomas rounds off the Vlog by mentioning the upcoming Lisk events in the Netherlands. He also announces that the next business Vlog will go more into detail about the plans for 2019!

The Lisk Austin Meetup

On Wednesday November 27th, Lisk Ambassador Brandon S. Glosson (Nimbus) will be hosting the first Lisk Austin Meetup. Joining Brandon are Tony Morinello (TonyT908), Jurre Machielsen (Moosty) and Bob Anglin of BLOQspace.

During this meetup there will be a review of the major components of the Lisk Platform which will include Lisk Core, Lisk Hub, Lisk Explorer, Lisk Elements, Lisk Commander, and Lisk Mobile.

There will also be demonstrations of the Lisk Hub, Lisk Explorer, Lisk Core, Lisk Elements, and Lisk Commander. And the developers of Moosty will give an presentation on their decentralized Blockchain application for musicians that is under development as a Lisk side chain. Last, but not least, there will also be a competition for 50 Lisk in Prizes and some Lisk swag.

This event will be a great opportunity to get to know other local Lisk and Blockchain enthusiasts, so if you live near Austin (Texas) then don’t hesitate to join!