The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 3

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Community Dev Hirish Releases Lisk Commodore 64

Yesterday, delegate Hirish released a cool new tool for nostalgic and amarcord Lisk users. The tool emulates the famous Commodore 64 environment and provides an extensive list of commands in order to gather information from the Lisk Network, Blockchain and delegate pools. You can use the tool by for example entering in a simple command like “A <your lisk address>” which then retrieves all the details about that particular account from the Lisk Network.

The tool integrates the Lisk Support API in order to provide information about Pending Rewards (P <your lisk address>) and various other information about delegates and pools. It also integrates with the CoinMarketCap API in order to show Lisk Price and Market Data (PRICE Command).

In the future Lisk Commodore 64 will be updated with many more commands and utilities! For now the best way to learn what this tool can do is to play around with it, just open it up and shoot the command “HELP” to start!

BrikBit Digital Shares Update

This Italian based project is one of the big future Lisk side chains, BrikBit Digital Shares is a digital company founded in 2018 with high technical skills in Architecture, Coding, Design and above all Blockchain. It is the first Blockchain-based ecosystem that develops and manages entire operations for the Real Estate industry. BrikBit will be the meeting point for all players in the Real Estate market, providing safety without the need of a middle man and by doing so reducing costs. By doing so, it will allow the best partners to be part of an innovative real estate project and offer user cases for owners, operators or constructors.

Last week, the BrikBit team released a blog post where they give a summary of what has happened in the last months which where full of exciting international events. The blog post starts of with a media mention as BrikBit was featured in the most important Italian financial Newspaper “Il sole 24ore”.

In April, Co-Founder, President of BrikBit Alex Dell’Orto attended IoThingsMilan which is a 2 day exhibition on Innovation and Technology. Here he gave a speech and was interviewed (both in Italian) by ITEspresso, the Italian IT online news channel for Small and Medium Enterprises. After this event Alex Dell’Orto and his fellow Co-founder Stefano Prosdocimo attended BitCoin Meetup in Venice. Here Alex gave a speech Real Estate and Blockchain technology in front of over 100 crypto-lovers.

In May, BrikBit was in London for the Future Proptech exhibition which is the most well attended global event dedicated to the technology innovation and digital transformation occurring in the wider Real Estate sector. The conference brought together over 1,200 representatives including the world leading Real Estate companies, tech VC, media & institutional investors to connect with the PropTech ecosystem. During the conference BrikBit was also selected for DiscoTechPropTech Innovation Challenge. This was an open collaboration process where corporate “Challengers” such as the Ministry Of Housing and Local Government work with some of today’s brightest startups to solve some of their current business challenges.

Last week, Alex Dell’Orto also attended a two-day event called GeoSmartCampus in Rome, this event was organized by the ESRI Italia summit, Official Distributor of Esri for the Italian market, leader company in geo-smart solutions.

BritBit definitely is a project to keep a close eye on as they will be the first project with Blockchain knowledge to enter the the Real Estate market. So if you are interested in this future Lisk side chain project then make sure you follow them on Twitter to never miss out on any update!

New Tool Updates

The go to Lisk community website has had some tool updates. The developers announced the adding of an experimental feature to the Lisk Pending tool that allows our it to contain pending amounts for delegates that don’t have a running tool to show pending balances. The team has created an algorithm which can fairly accurately predict how much LSK tokens are currently pending for a selected Lisk address. This was done by utilizing voting/transaction history, voting weight of the delegate, forging rewards, payout history, and a delegates sharing percentage.

You can see these additional LSK balances underneath your normal pending list and it could take up to 3-5 seconds longer to appear. Once the team has finalized their algorithm, they will focus on reducing the time so that it’ll be near instant.

This week, announced the release of their new public API. The API offers a bunch of interesting features for developers to utilize, including pending amounts, delegate payout information, special addresses, and pool memberships.

For more information on both the new features and the public API be sure to read the latest blog posts!

Vote For Lisk On Dx.Exchange

Next month, the first crypto exchange powered by the NASDAQ’s brand name, technology and regulations is set to launch. The platform named Dr.Exchange will allow its customers to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat money, to trade on a token-to-token basis. Dr.Exchange will be a one-stop-shop for exchanging fiat and crypto and will also have the option to convert coins back to fiat and to withdraw it. The exchange will not be charging fees for trading operations, but traders will instead pay a monthly fee of around 10 euros.

The platform is expected to start of by featuring the top six coins but this has yet to be confirmed. In a second phase more of the top 25 listed coins and tokens will be added. Dr.Exchange did make it clear that they are supporting Blockchain technology and are not going to list coins because the projects pay them, those who are worthy will be listed. If a project thinks they are they can apply for listing and will then go through a three-step process. This process will consist of the initial application, followed by an interview and an inspection of the team and their white paper by the in-house team and due diligence.

Dx.Exchange wants to become a community based exchange where every users opinion can make the difference. This is why they are asking the crypto community to vote for the next currency that should become tradeable on their upcoming platform.

So lets once again show the power of the Lisk community and all vote  for Lisk as the next currency to hit Dx.Exchange!

The BlockShow Europe Nominees 2018

Next week, the BlockShow Europe 2018 conference will be held in Berlin (Germany). This event will gather more than 3,000 attendees and over 150 projects, as well as over 80 internationally recognized speakers and experts from banks, institutions and diverse global industries. The conference will offer insights into the major disruptive potential of new Blockchain ventures and will have representatives of the Central Bank and EU government who are going to share their experiences of implementing the technology in their fields.

During the event there will be a Blockshow Rating in which BlockShow is set to use the world’s first Blockchain polling application to identify the distinguished women leaders and Europe’s game-changing companies.

In the catagory : Distinguished women on Blockchain – europe we have the chance to vote for Lisk’s very own leading Frontend Developer Gina Contrino! Gina is an important part of the Lisk team and it would be great to see her win in her hometown of Berlin!

And in the category : Europe’s game-changing companies Lisk is nomineed as one of the companies, developing a revolutionary idea, creating a new customer experience, designing a critical infrastructure, or building an outstanding business model.

There are still 4 days left till the voting closes so lets show Gina and the whole Lisk team some community love by voting for them!

LiskHQ Attends WeAreDevs In Vienna

While a large part of LiskHQ was in the United States to attend the New York Blockchain Week another big event called : WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018 was taking place in Vienna (Austria). This event brought together 8.000 techies from over 70 countries and is dubbed by many as the “Woodstock of Developers”. At WeAreDevelopers Lisk was represented by Jan Liz-Fonts, Lindsay Buescher, Gabriela D’Alò and Andries Bel. During the event they had the pleasure to meet and speak to Andreas Antonopoulos (one of the world’s foremost bitcoin and open Blockchain experts). This chat with Mr. Antonopoulos will be featured in Lisk’s next Vlog which can be expected next week!

China Releases Its Public Blockchain Rating

Last Friday, China’s Ministry of Industry & Transformation Technology released their rankings of 28 cryptocurrencies and Blockchains. Earlier this month the South China Morning Post already reported that China’s public Blockchain rankings were developed by China Center for Information Industry Development (CIID), an institute that works closely with the government to advise on policymaking in technology. Their ranking is on a cryptocurrencies technology, application, and innovation. The good news is that Lisk managed to score a total of 104.8 points which landed us in 3rd place finishing above the major Chinese cryptocurrency NEO.

This score was reached by adding the following sub-index points : Lisk’s Technology scored 64.4 points its Application 20.9 and Lisk’s Innovation scored a 19.5 points. Unfortunately China’s Ministry of Industry & Transformation Technology didn’t publish the method by which it determined those rankings or the highest possible score. As we look at the results we can see that Lisk didn’t reach any high scores but managed to get good overall points which resulted in the 3rd place finish. This rating once again shows that Lisk is on the right path and seeing as China is a major player in the crypto space this result can only mean good things for Lisk’s future!