The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 30

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The LightCurve Team Continues To Grow

Yesterday afternoon, LiskHQ announced that LightCurve is growing again with the hiring of 6 new employees.

These new LightCurve team members are : Laurent (IT Manager), Pavel (Office Manager), Yuki and Dani (Backend Developers), Frederic (Legal Counsel), and Massao (Frontend Developer). A further introduction of the new team members will most likely follow in the next Lisk Monthly and on the team page.

With these latest hires, the LightCurve team now consists of around 65 employees. On behalf of LiskUSA, welcome to the team and the Lisk community!

Lisk Moves Its Bitcoin Reserves To A New Wallet

On Monday, LiskHQ announced that the Lisk Foundation’s Bitcoin reserves were moved to a new multi-signature wallet.

LiskHQ decided to move these funds to safely access forked BTC wallets with their private keys without any risks for the original wallet. Currently these forked Bitcoins consist of 8.489 Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold. The Lisk Foundation is also still holding 6.831 Bitcoins and millions of LSK tokens leaving the project well-funded for the upcoming years.

This was also confirmed by community manager Mat Piaggi who ensured the Lisk community that LiskHQ has the liquidity to fully support their new roadmap to the end. That takes into account the hiring requirements, development, and marketing strategies. The current focus is also on diversifying Lisk’s assets between cryptocurrency markets and more traditional assets.

For more information on the funds of the Lisk Foundation you can always visit the Lisk website!

Lisk’s Development Update

This week, LiskHQ released their bi-weekly development update. In this blog post we get an update on the work the Lightcurve Development teams did in the last few weeks.

The blog starts off with Lisk Core which saw the release of version 1.3.0 to Mainnet. The work on Lisk Core version 1.4.0 has also continued and only has two issues left to review after which the QA phase will start. The following Lisk Core release, 1.5.0, will contain the first phase of Application Architecture as well as pressing issues from the backlog.

LightCurve also continued the work on Lisk Commander version 2.1.0. This version will include the feature to get information from the transaction pool, as well as enabling data field when creating transfer transactions.

Lisk Elements saw the release of a patch which fixes 1.1.3 which had an issue dealing with a runtime problem in the non-babel environment. Yesterday LiskHQ released Lisk Elements version 2.0.0 and the work on version 2.1.0 has already started.

Work also continued on Lisk Hub version 1.7.0 its features will include implementing a bright background design and a feedback link to the sidebar, which opens up more opportunities for community feedback.

Last week Lisk Mobile version 0.6.0 was released which included a new design of the send screen and the introduction of bookmarked accounts. It also implemented the FIAT exchange ratio and the QR code scanner option.

Last but not least, LiskHQ released the Lisk Explorer version 2.1.8 on Mainnet which integrates usage of statistics and a heatmap.

The Lisk Monthly For November

Friday afternoon, LiskHQ published the Lisk Monthly which highlights all the work of LiskHQ in November.

The Vlog starts of with a marketing segment which features the Erasmus university event, Lisk’s Amsterdam meetup, and LiskHQ attending Tech Crunch and React Day in Berlin. It also features Lisk’s media mentions and the listings on KuCoin and Cobinhood.

The video continues with a development recap with all the product versions of November. It also features Lisk’s new development roadmap and the LIP (Lisk Improvement Protocol) Process.

In the Company update we see the people who joined LightCurve in November. Which where Altay (Mobile App Developer), Osvaldo (Frontend Developer), Philip (Senior Content Marketer), and Xana (Motion Designer).

The last part of the Vlog is the community update. This features the Lisk Bounty Bug Program, the new Lisk Center Utrecht, the Liskish wallet and all the Lisk community meetups held all around the world.

Once again a nice recap of the previous month which always shows how much is happening in the Lisk ecosystem!

The Lisk Amsterdam Aftermovie

Last Friday, LiskHQ released the Amsterdam meetup aftermovie. The video has exclusive behind the scenes footage of this second Lisk Amsterdam Blockchain Meetup which was held on November 27th at TQ.

During this meetup the Lisk team also officially announced the opening of the first Lisk Center in Utrecht in 2019. This is a community-driven initiative that’ll serve as a Blockchain incubator for enabling the adoption of Lisk-based applications.

The Amsterdam meetup attracted over 80 Dutch Lisk community members making it a huge success. Also, a special thanks to Dutch Lisk Ambassador Meyade in helping to host this meetup and the Erasmus university event.

If you want to know what you missed out on then make sure to check out the Lisk Amsterdam Meetup aftermovie!