The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 31

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The New Lisk Hub Web Page

Today, LiskHQ released the Lisk Hub version 1.7.0. In addition, they also introduced its brand new landing page.

The Lisk Hub is an all-in-one solution to manage your Lisk ID, access and send LSK tokens, as well as vote for delegates. It combines functionality from the former Lisk wallet and Blockchain explorer.

On this new page you can find all the information, upcoming features, and guided tutorials on the Lisk Hub. It also features some of the world’s top exchanges on which the LSK token is listed and gives you a direct link to their website.

Once again a very nice addition to the Lisk website which will be very helpful for people who are new to Lisk!

The Lisk Community Awards

At the start of this week, community manager, Jedrzej Jeziersk, announced the Liskies. These Lisk Community Awards aim to give the Lisk Community a chance to endorse individuals that contribute to the Lisk Ecosystem the most.

The Community Awards will have 6 different category’s : best Technical Content Creator, best Non Technical Content Creator, the Merry Lisker, best Community Tool, and Community Member of the Year!

In following days LiskHQ will publish 3 nomination posts, each covering 2 categories. Under the dedicated Nomination posts community members may place their nominees for given categories.

The first topic has already been created.  You can nominate community members for the category’s : best Technical Content Creator and the Merry Lisker.

So make sure to nominate and vote for your favorite Liskers of 2018!

GDT Introduces The Bounty Pool

Monday, the Global Delegate Team (GDT) announced their new bounty pool which will reward community members who do outstanding work for the Lisk ecosystem.

From now on, each month, GDT will hand-pick 10 Liskers who will each receive a share of the 1600 LSK tokens provided by the GDT’s members.

This month the well deserved community members where : Prolina, TonyT908, Endro, Elevate, Slamper, Lemii, Elum,, John_Muck, and Korben3 who all received a 160 LSK tokens.

It’s good to see this initiative by GDT as a donation and especially recognition for the work people are doing is really motivating!

Another Exchange Adds Lisk’s Machine Learning

At the end of November, GNY announced that their Lisk Machine Learning (LML) token opened up for trading on Cryptopia. GNY’s Lisk Machine Learning will be a future Lisk side chain that will allow the Lisk ecosystem to add artificial intelligence capability to side chain applications.

This week, GNY was pleased to announce that the LML (ERC20) token will be opening on Berlin’s new curated crypto exchange Xtech.

But that was not all! On Thursday GNY announced that LML will also be listed on BitBay. By the end of this month BitBay users will be able to trade LML and the best part is that it will have a fiat pairing.

By getting LML listed on exchanges GNY enables people who could not take part in their ICO (due to country regulations/restrictions) to still be able to buy LML tokens.

So once again a great job to the GNY team and in doing so showing their commitment to Lisk and the community!

The Hague Blockchain Meetup

Next week, Dutch Lisk ambassador Meyade will host a community meetup in The Hague (The Netherlands).

This last meetup of the year will have something for everyone in the Blockchain scene, regardless of whether you are a long-term Lisk follower or a Blockchain enthusiast wanting to learn more about our project.

During the event there will be presentations on the three pillars of Lisk, the newly introduced Lisk Center Utrecht and there will be plenty of time to ask all your questions during the Q&A.

After getting Lisk a spot during the Erasmus University Blockchain event and helping in setting up the Lisk Amsterdam Meetup. This is why I’m sure that Meyade will also succeed in making this event a big success.

So if you don’t want to miss out on this last Lisk event of the year then make sure to RSVP as soon as possible as there is only 1 seat left!

November’s Elite Group Report

As of October the Elite Delegate Group has released a monthly report where they summarize their activities and contributions to the Lisk ecosystem.

The report is divided into three segments which are the Community Activity, Sponsorship and Promotion.

In this months Community Activity we can read that Elite sponsored the China Lisk Blockchain Meetup held by Lisk ambassador Tim Yau. During this event delegate Leo shared his vision for the future of Lisk and Leah (Operation Manager of the Elite Center) spoke about the latest developments of Lisk’s side chain project named MADANA.

The Elite group is also working on two new Lisk block explorers called and Lisk Observer.

In November, the Elite group sponsored a number of community members for their work in growing and promoting the Lisk ecosystem. Elum received a donation for his work as the Dutch Lisk ambassador, Marjin for the development of his Lisk IFTTT and Prolina for discovering an important bug in Lisk Core.

In the last segment, called Promotion, we can read about the Elite Centers cooperation with a Blockchain Media Platform in China. They created a contest in which you could guess the price of a virtual currency. Thanks to Elite they took LSK as the benchmark currency.

At the end of October they also promoted Lisk by creating a column called Lisk Express to follow up on the real time information and community news of Lisk.

It’s good to see these monthly reports by the Elite Delegate Group and them showing the community what they have worked and are working on!