The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 32

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List Gets Listed On Another Exchange

Today, LiskHQ announced that Lisk got added to yet another cryptocurrency exchange. The the Singapore based ABCC exchange listed LSK with a LSK/ETH trading pair.

So, as of today, you can start depositing and trading LSK tokens. To celebrate this listing, the exchange is also hosting a giveaway contest with up to 3,000 USDT to be given out.

Once again it’s good to see an exchange add Lisk and hopefully we will see many more follow in 2019!

A New Financial Strategy

Yesterday, LiskHQ released a Lisk Now where CEO Max Kordek announced the new financial strategy for the Lisk Foundation.

In the short clip Max explains that because of the recent market developments Lisk wants to further diversify its portfolio. In doing so LiskHQ wants to make sure they have a good balance between stable and volatile assets.

This is why in the next couple of weeks Lisk will sell around 3,000 Bitcoin and some of its altcoins. With the sell the Lisk Foundation will be holding an additional 12 million CHF (Swiss franc) in funding.

By selling just a part of their Bitcoin assets LiskHQ will be able to fund the project while keeping the potential gains of the remaining crypto funds. Max also announced that LiskHQ would not be selling any of the 7 million LSK tokens they are holding.

More financial updates on the Lisk and the Foundation will follow in 2019!

The New Lisk Hub Tuts

Yesterday, LiskHQ released 8 Lisk Hub Tutorial videos on their YouTube channel. In this Tutorial Series community manager Mat Piaggi shows you how to use Lisk Hub, how to navigate the interface and how to perform basic actions.

LiskHQ created video’s on : How to create a Lisk ID, Using the Dashboard, How to Send LSK Tokens, How to Initialize Your Lisk ID, How to Request LSK Tokens, Settings: Auto Logout, Switch Network, How to Register a 2nd Passphrase and How to Vote & Register a Delegate.

So, if you are new to Lisk and using the Lisk Hub Wallet then make sure to watch these video’s!

Meyade’s Recap Of 2018

Last Monday, Dutch Lisk Ambassador Meyade (Elum) released a new blog post in which he recaps his year in Lisk.

The blog starts off when crypto was at its peak and Lisk held its amazing Relaunch event in Berlin and it continues all the way to where we are today. Meyade talks about the meetups he hosted, the people he met and how back in September he became an official Lisk Ambassador.

Recently Meyade started organizing a Blockchain event, together with the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, and helped in setting up the Lisk Amsterdam Meetup. In the blog post you can read all about his experiences and the process of setting up these events.

Last week Meyade also hosted a meetup in The Hague. Here he recapped the last two years of Lisk with the community, and took a look forward to the next two years. They also discussed the new Lisk Roadmap and the Lisk Center Utrecht which will open in Q1 of 2019.

All in all a very nice blog to read with some funny personal story’s and experiences which we can all relate to!

The Lisk Richlist Got An Update

This week, developer TonyT908 announced an update to his Lisk Richlist tool with the ability to view historical data.

To do this he had to incorporate how much Lisk any particular address had at an exact moment in the chain, let alone every address that existed at that time. Because it is nearly impossible to allow the user to select the very exact moment they are looking for, Tony decided to make it possible to see the data once a week. This data started being recorded from the beginning of the Lisk chain and now automatically updates every week.

Tony also has a lot of new idea’s for future updates of the Richlist but for more info on that you can best read his blog post!

Decembers Development Vlog

Friday, LiskHQ published their Lisk Development Vlog which is hosted by Tech Evangelist Rachel Black.

In this edition we get a Lisk Core Roadmap update by Maciej Baj followed by the Lisk developers talking about the update to TypeScript during a Q&A.

Rachel talks about the new Lisk Hub landing page and the Lisk Hub Tuts and we get an update on the new UI of the Hub itself. The last part of the Vlog has an update on Lisk Mobile which was released discreet mode, night mode and a new send form.

Once again a solid update on Lisk’s developement progress and as always its good to see the lead developers talking about their product!

Lisk’s Development Update Blog

Thursday, LiskHQ published their last bi-weekly Developement update of 2018 which has all the releases and work of the past weeks.

Since the last update the LightCurve development teams released Lisk Core 1.3.1, Elements 2.0.0 and Hub 1.7.0 onto Mainnet.

On December 5th, LiskHQ released Lisk Core version 1.3.1 which implemented a security update from Node.js to v8.14.0 and SocketCluster to v14.3.3. The development phase of version 1.4.0 has also finished and started its QA phase. Also, starting in Lisk Core 1.5.0 we will see the first batch of changes from the next roadmap phase which is called :  Architecture & Design.

In December, Lisk Elements saw the release of version 2.0.0 which brought a upgrade to Node.js v8, bringing Elements in line with Core. The development team will most likely release Lisk Commander version 2.1.0 this week and it will contain the migration of Lisk Commander to TypeScript.

On December 12th, LiskHQ released the Lisk Hub version 1.7.0 which updated the overall look and added a feedback button to the sidebar .

Last but not least Lisk Mobile version 0.7.0 is now available in the App and Google store it contains a redesigned home page, a bookmark page and links to other accounts’ overviews.

Lisk’s next development update will be on January 17 but if you can’t wait that long you can always keep an eye on their GitHub!