The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 33

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A Look Back At 10 Years Of Bitcoin

In early January, Bitcoin celebrated the 10 year anniversary of its first generated block. The Japanese exchange BitFlyer thought this was a nice moment to look back at some of the milestones in the virtual currency ecosystem.

The overview covers the 10 year history, starting in 2008 with Satoshi Nakamoto publishing Bitcoin : A Peer-To-Peer Electronic Cash System. The list features events like the Bitcoin price halving, the first Bitcoin ATM, MTGox, and the launch of Ethereum.

For us Liskers, the best part of the list is in 2016. Here we see BitFlyer mentioning the launch of Lisk. This is special as out of all the projects and tokens in the space Lisk gets a place on the list among the major cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.

The list also features all the events of 2017 and 2018 which some of us might already have forgotten.

If you want a nice trip down crypto-memory lane then make sure to check out BitFlyer’s 10 year milestone list!

Introducing The Elitex Exchange

A few days before 2019, the Elitex Exchange got introduced to the community. This exchange is a initiative by the Elite Foundation who funded and incubated the project.

Elitex is dedicated to serving Lisk’s ecosystem environment with providing token trading and financial solutions for Dapps development on Lisk platform and providing liquidity for Lisk’s ecosystem environment.

To test, and make the exchange more user-friendly, Elitex created a bug finding contest in which 1 million Elitex points can be won. With these Elitex points you can receive lower trading fees or exchange them for Lisk tokens at a rate of 1 LSK per 1000 Elitex points.

The contest is still running until 25 January and has a number of bug levels with rewards attached to them. If you won some Elitex points then you can exchange them for LSK tokens in the second week after the test phase. 

To help test the exchange all you need to do is head over to the website and register an account and take part in the trading test.

For more information on the Elitex Exchange you can visit their official Telegram group!

Lisk Market Data Statistics At Chainsage

Recently, Chainsage launched their cryptocurrency pricing site which among 2489 assets also contains a page for the Lisk token. On the website you can find information on the price in many different currencies, market-cap, volume, and recent percentage changes.

What makes Chainsage special is contains even more interesting data. The site also features the projects community statistics such as Twitter followers, Reddit subscribers, and more. Last, but not least, Chainsage has a development page which shows the projects GitHub activity like open/closed issues, contributors, and watchers.

All of this combined makes Chainsage is a very nice website to use if you are looking for more information on a certain project!

The Lisk Monthly Update

Right before the holidays, LiskHQ released a special edition of the Lisk Monthly update. In the update team members sum up some of Lisks biggest achievements of the last 12 months.

One of these achievements is the increase of Social Media followings by 30% in 2018. LiskHQ also hosted a total of 42 official meetups, in 29 different cites, in 13 countries. The team also published 87 blog posts, 65 video’s, 600 graphics, and the Lisk token got listed on 10 different exchanges. 

Development wise, Lisk Core reached over 10.800 commits and had 1 major and 3 minor releases. The team also released 1 major release of Lisk Elements and 2 major releases of Lisk Commander. The Lisk Hub had 18 different releases over 2018 with 38.000 downloads and the new Lisk Mobile saw 8 releases with 100.000 lines of codes written.

In 2018 the Lisk Network reached 463 nodes, 2 million transactions, 1754 delegate registrations and 220.000 active Lisk ID’s.

Hopefully we will see many more Lisk milestones and highlights in 2019!

The 2018 Liskie Award Winners

At the start of December LiskHQ announced the Lisk Community Awards. These awards aimed to give the Lisk Community a chance to endorse individuals that contribute to the Lisk Ecosystem the most.

The community had the opportunity to nominate community members in 6 different categories : the Merry Lisker, Best Technical Content Creator, the Most Helpful Lisker, the Best Nontechnical Content Creator, the Best Community Tool, and last but not least, the Community Member of the Year!

After receiving nearly 700 unique votes the community chose the following winnersJedrzej (the merry Lisker), TonyT908 (best technical content creator), Sexor (the most helpful Lisker), and I, E1337, won the award for best nontechnical content creator.

The last two awards went to Lemii for the best community tool and non other than John Muck won the community member of the year award.

It’s great to see so many people took the time to nominate and vote for their favorite Lisk community members. Make sure to keep checking back for weekly updates as we begin another exciting year!