The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 34

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Don’t Forget To Vote For TonyT908

On the 7th of January, the Global Delegate Team (GDT) announced that they added delegate TonyT908 as their new member.

TonyT908 needs no real introduction as he’s one of most active community members. From building all his amazing tools on to being a Reddit moderator, he’s always there to help out.

GDT promised to always keep their total delegate count at 33, Tony is replacing delegate Joel in their pool. So starting February 1st, anyone not voting for Tonyt098 will no longer be eligible for Gold level rewards from the GDT pool.

As always all the existing Gold level voters would be eligible for a refund of 1 LSK when they update their votes. So once you’ve voted for Tonyt908, please contact him on the for a refund.

Two days later Tony updated the Lisk community on his plans. Tony will use some of his forging rewards to improve the infrastructure to The plan is to update both the tools server and database which will bring noticeable performance boost to the site.

With 10% of his forged Lisk Tony will set up a fund which will go towards paying for project expenses, community donations, meetups, and anything else related to enhancing the Lisk ecosystem.

Last but no least Tony will also share 30% of his forged Lisk to voters directly through GDT pool.

On behalf of LiskUSA congratulations on this next step and we know you will continue to bring value to the Lisk ecosystem!

The Lisk Center Utrecht Opening Meetup

Last November, during the Lisk Amsterdam Meetup LiskHQ announced the opening of the first Lisk Center in Utrecht (the Netherlands) in Q1 of 2019.

This community-driven initiative is going to serve as a Blockchain incubator for enabling the adoption of Lisk-based applications. It will also function as a place for the Lisk community to come together and to host meetups.

After the announcement by LiskHQ, delegate Joo5ty continued working on the Center in which he was joined by Dutch Lisk ambassador Elum and Jurre/Raphaël from Moosty.

Thanks to their hard work everything is moving along as planned. In the last 2 months we have seen plenty of progress updates on either Twitter or Instagram.

This is why on the 21st of February (the anniversary of the Lisk Relaunch) the first Lisk community meetup will be taking place at the Center.

During this meetup there will be something for everyone in the Blockchain scene, regardless of whether you are a Lisk follower or a Blockchain enthusiast wanting to learn more about the Lisk Center.

More information about the event will follow soon but you can already get your tickets by going to the meetup page!

Lisk Listed On Cross Exchange

This weekend, Cross exchange announced the listing of the LSK token on their trading platform.

Cross exchange is a platform on which you can get coins (XEX) the more you trade. Just having XEX will result in maximum 80% of the fees originally expected to be paid to the exchange, will be returned to you.

Starting last Monday, exchange users could start depositing & withdrawing their LSK tokens. One day later the trading opened which is available in a LSK/BTC pairing.

It’s great to see yet another exchange being added to the list of places where people can trade the LSK token!

Lisk Is Now Available On Coinsave

Last Friday, Coinsave announced that their users now are able to directly buy Lisk for Canadian dollars.

Coinsave is a 100% Canadian owned company, which makes cryptocurrency investing easy and accessible to all Canadians. Coinsave also offers a diverse set of financial products such as a cryptocurrency top 10 index and auto deposit functionality.

All you have to do to start buying LSK tokens is sign up, verify and fund your account. You can also sell you LSK tokens and sending LSK to an external wallet will be available soon.

It’s really good to see another fiat pairing for Lisk especially on such a user-friendly platform as Coinsave!