The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 35

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GDT Rewards The Community

The Global Delegate Team (GDT) thinks it’s important to show some appreciation to community members who do special work for the Lisk ecosystem.

This is why they recently created the GDT Bounty fund which is used to reward some of the most hardworking Lisk community members.

Last night, they announced the bounty winners for December.  The following 10 Liskers were rewarded with 160 LSK tokens each : Przemer, Lemii, zOwn3Ds, Lisk.central.america, Lisknews, Sexor, TonyT908, Prolina, Endro, and Elevate.

Congratulations to all the winners and great job GDT on this motivating initiative!

The Lisk Foundation Expands

Today, LiskHQ released a new blog post where they welcomed back Guido Schmitz-Krummacher to the Lisk Foundation.

Guido is coming back as the Managing Director with a primary focus on Lisk’s administrative, legal, and financial well being. He will use his international law background and Swiss regulatory system knowledge to make sure Lisk makes full use of Crypto Valley’s ecosystem.

Guido will also create regular reports and present his work’s results to the Foundation Council.

LiskHQ also expands their Zug office team with two new hires. The first being Marcin Zarakowski who joins as the legal counsel. He will drive progress in compliance, corporate issues, and management of intellectual property.

The second hire is Camelia Ionela Mikesch who has joined as the foundation’s accounting manager and will help oversee its finances.

It’s really good to see that Lisk’s administration, legal and finances are being taken care of by a team of experts!

Lisk Received A KuCoin Promotion

Last Monday, KuCoin made an official announcement in which the LSK token was promoted to the KuCoin Plus Trading Area.

Tokens which are promoted to the Plus Trading Area have already completed a strict screening process done by KuCoin. They are also considered by them as well performing projects with less risk than the tokens traded in the main market.

To be upgraded, projects must meet a number of criteria. These are being ranked in the top 40 on, have a well-performing trading volume within the market, and continually pass the regularly ratings test after the initial rating.

It’s great to see Lisk getting recognition from KuCoin with this promotion and being ranked as a well performing project!

The Official Opening Of The Elite Center

On the 25th of January the Elite Center Japan will host a meetup to celebrate the official opening of the Center.

The event will start of with an welcomes video by Lisk’s CEO Max Kordek after which the manager of the Elite Center will give a introduction on how the Center came about and what the Center will be used for.

After the introduction there will be presentations by Dr. David Zhang, president and representative director of BTC Box Co , and Mr. Eileen of EliteX CMO for Asia. Last, but not least, there will be a guest speaker which has yet to be announced.

After these presentations there will be time to network and for the attendees to meet the events speakers. As this is an official LiskHQ sponsored event there will be drinks and snacks provided and to celebrate the opening there will be a lottery draw where attendees can win a special price.

Unfortunately, all tickets for this event have already given out but we will likely see an update shortly after the event took place!

Lisk’s Bi-Weekly Development Update

Last Thursday, LiskHQ released their development update where they outline some of the important January milestones already hit.

As always the blog starts of with Lisk Core which saw the release of version 1.4.0 to Mainnet at the start of this month. With this release the Quality and Performance phase for Lisk Core has now been completed, this means Lisk Core 1.5.0 will be the first release of the Architecture and Design phase.

Also released at the start of 2019 was Lisk Elements version 2.0.0 which included the important conversion to TypeScript. Lisk Elements version 2.1.0 is still in development and will focus on several library updates.

Last week LiskHQ released Lisk Commander 2.1.0, this version brought the addition of a data field option for transfer transactions, votes and voters commanders.

On the 2nd of January, LiskHQ released the Lisk Hub version 1.8.0 this brought the separation of the ‘Send LSK’ and ‘Request LSK’ features into their own pages. Last week the development team released the release candidate of version 1.9.0 and work on version 1.10.0 has already started.

For Lisk Mobile version 0.9.0 is developed and in its QA phase after it will be released.

Last, but not least, Lisk Explorer was updated UI with the release of version 2.2.0 in late December. This version received a patch last week which provided a fix for delegate voters view, usage statistics for an improved UI experience, and an update to the test suite.

The next Lisk development update is expected to be released in late January!