The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 36

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The Opening Of The Elite Center Tokyo

Friday the 25th of January, the Elite Center Tokyo celebrated its opening with a first meetup.

This Tuesday, the Elite Group released a report in which the Lisk community can read what happened during the event.

The meetup started with a message of Lisk’s CEO and co-founder Max Kordek. After the video Yuji Hosoe (operation manager of Elite Center) explained the background and operation mode of the Lisk incubator.

After this introduction, Eileen the CMO of EliteX Asia took the stage. She gave the attendees some more information about the first LISK Eco-Exchange EliteX and some of its features and currencies.

David Zhang, CEO of BTCBOX Exchange, then gave a presentation in which he analyzed and evaluated the development trend of virtual currency in the Cryptographic currency market in 2019.

In total the meetup had around 60 attendees of which many where organizations, such as Edogawa University, Tokyo University, BTCBOX Corporation and many more.

All in all the meetup was a great success and im sure the Lisk community will hear more about Elite Center Tokyo soon!

A First Partnership For The Lisk Center Utrecht

This Tuesday, the Lisk Center Utrecht was excited to announce the signing of an officially partnership with Blockchain030.

Blockchain030 is a Hub for Blockchain technology which is also located in Utrecht (The Netherlands). The goal of Blockchain030 is to exchange Blockchain knowledge, and give business consultancy. Each Monday the Blockchain030 community meetup at the Social Impact Factory where they work and learn Blockchain together.

The Lisk Center Utrecht and Blockchain030 plan is to work together and host future meetups, workshops and other Blockchain projects.

But there was more news because the next day  Lisk Center Utrecht had an inspiring talk with KPN where they talked about ways to coöperate in the near future. As the largest telecom provider of the Netherlands, KPN is already running Blockchain POC’s in the field.

Meanwhile, the work on the Lisk Center Utrecht is nearly finished and preparations for the first meetup have already started!

TonyT908 Updates Lisk Excel

This week, delegate TonyT908 released a new update for his Lisk Excel tool which lets you gathers Lisk transactions based on your criteria and downloads them into an Excel file.

This update brings us a new feature for retrieving blocks forged by a specific delegate, as well as a general performance upgrade to allow for a faster download.

The retrieving blocks feature gives forging delegates the ability to gather a list of their forged blocks. And it also shows much those blocks were worth at the time of their creation.

Tony also managed to do a few tweaks which noticeable improvement to the download speed of the Excel file. This is especially noticeable when you download a file with a lot of transactions or forged blocks that have pricing data attached to them. 

Tony also managed to upgrade the Lisk Rich List tool with 5 new charts. These first new chart is the Numbers of Addresses and Amount of Lisk being held by different ranges of addresses. The other four are the Number of Addresses, Percent of Addresses, Amount of Lisk, and Percent of Lisk being held by different ranges of addresses over time.

Once again great work Tony and community don’t forget that you have untill the 1st of February to vote for delegate TonyT908 and get the full GDT rewards!

Access Lisk On Adament Messenger

Last Thursday, the announcement was made that you can now access and manage your LSK tokens using ADAMANT Messenger.

ADAMANT Messenger is an anonymous and independent messenger encrypted in Blockchain. The messenger does not really on governments, corporations or even developers. This is possible due to a decentralized network infrastructure, fully open source which is run by its users. It also means that in ADAMANT nobody can control, block, deactivate, restrict or censor accounts.

With ADAMANT Messenger users can store and transfer cryptos In-Chat with full control of private keys, use Adament as 2FA and more. ADAMANT Messenger is available on web, IOS and Android.

So if you are looking for an independent messenger on which you can also store your LSK tokens then check them out!

Lisk Central America Speaks At TicoBlockchain

On the 2nd of February, Lisk ambassador Jake Simmons (Lisk Central America) will attend the TicoBlockChain conference to speak about the technology track of scaling Blockchains horizontally with Lisk.

TicoBlockchain will be the first major Blockchain conference in Costa Rica, highlighting the potential of the Blockchain technology in Central America. During the event participants have the choice of attending speeches on two separate tracks occurring simultaneously.

There is a business oriented track meant for those looking to get more knowledge of the current state of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, both globally and in Costa Rica. And there will also be a technical track which will focus on Blockchain developers or those who are interested in getting into the world of building software on a Blockchain.