The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 37

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Join the LIP Discussion

Back in November, Lisk introduced the Lisk Improvement Proposals (LIP).

LIP’s are intended to be the primary mechanism to proposing protocol changes for the Lisk network. They gather community imput as well as documenting decisions made from beginning to end.

Yesterday, the LightCurve Science team opened the discussion for their 11th LIP – to change to one vote per account in Lisk’s DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake).

It’s important to know that you can give your opinion on this latest LIP and all future LIP’s as community input is important.

This is also why you should subscribe to the LIP mailing list and never miss a new LIP or discussion.

So, make sure your voice is heard and help in creating the future of Lisk!

The Lisk Play Contest

Last Friday, community member Lemii announce a new project called Lisk Play and its first contest.

Lisk Play is a fun tool enabling simple contests to be played for a nominal amount, utilizing the features and utility of LSK whilst showcasing a simple use case for transaction fields in explorer such as time, date, message, and so on with trivial value transactions.

The first Lisk Play contest is to predict the opening price of Bitcoin as at 00:00 on 2019/03/01. You can place you entry at the cost of 1 LSK and the closest prediction wins the sum of all the predictions.

Thanks to the generous sponsoring by StellarDynamic,, and zOwn3Ds the original price pool will get a boost.

You still have until the 16th of February to enter your prediction so make sure to participate and you might win the lot!

Lisk Got Listed On Huobi US

Around two weeks ago, the LSK token got listed on Huobi US. This exchange is located in San Francisco and is an advanced digital currency trading platform and strategic partner of Huobi Global.

On January 25th, the exchange started accepting deposits, withdrawals, and trading for the LSK token. Users of the exchange are now able to trade LSK in the following pairs : LSK/BTC and LSK/ETH.

Once again, it’s good to see the LSK token get added to yet another exchange hopefully we will see many more new ones in the future!

You Can Help To Improve The Lisk Hub

LiskHQ is always working on improving the user experience of their products. In order to improve the user experience of the Lisk Hub LiskHQ is looking for your help.

This is why the Lisk Hub 1.9.0 came with the optional usage statistics analytics tool, Matomo. Because Lisk also cares about their users privacy the usage statistics are anonymous.

All you need to do to help out is go to the settings page and enable the “send anonymous usage statistics” toggle.

So the next time you use the Lisk Hub make sure to toggle this option to improve your Lisk Hub experience!

The Lisk Development Update

Last Thursday, LiskHQ released their bi-weekly developement blog post. This update has all the latest product releases and progress made in the last weeks.

As always, the blog post starts of with Lisk Core version 1.5.0 finished its development phase and is nearing a release to Testnet. Development of Lisk CoreLisk Core 1.6.0 started this week and will complete the last stages of the new system architecture LIP.

The blog post also has some more information about the next developement phase, called the Architecture and Design phase. This phase will be fully implemented in the next three (1.5.0, 1.6.0 and 1.7.0) releases of Lisk Core. Once the Architecture and Design phase is completed the Alpha version of Lisk’s SDK (Software Development Kit) can be released.

The blog continues with Lisk Elements on which the team finished the development of version 2.1.0. This version will implement features for the following Elements libraries: Transaction, Transaction-pool, P2P and continue integration with Lisk Core.

Next up is the Lisk Hub of which version 1.9.0 was released. This version includes the new Ledger Nano hardware wallet support. The Ledger integration works on Windows and MacOS. The feature is named ‘beta’ as LiskHQ continues to test and improve the user experience. This however has no impact on the security of the connection with the wallet.

For help with setting up your Ledger Nano to Lisk Hub, check out our Tech Evangelist Rachel’s walkthrough on Twitter.

Last Monday, LiskHQ released the first release candidate for the Lisk Hub 1.10.0. This version will introduce a completely redesigned login and registration process, new navigation menu and status bar. The development of version 1.11. is now in development.

For Lisk Mobile version 0.10.0 is close to being finished and it will enable 3D Touch, sending LSK via iMessage and German localization. The last means that the Lisk Mobile app will also be available to use in German language.

Last, but not least, the development of Lisk Explorer version 2.2.2 is ongoing and close to completion. This version will include UI fixes for both desktop and mobile.

As we can see progress is being made and it looks like we are closer to the SDK Alpha version as we might think!