The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 38

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The Lisk Atlanta Meetup

This Saturday, Blockvibe will host its second Lisk community meetup in Atlanta (Georgia).

This event will give attendees an intro to Blockchain and the Lisk platform and will have delegate Bloqspace joining as one of the speakers. During the meetup there will be presentations about Blockchain in general, Lisk’s technology, Dapps, and of course Bitcoin.

Blockvibe will also provide free food and drinks. There will even be some giveaways.

Whether you are new to Blockchain or been around for a while this meetup will be a great place to network, learn from others and share ideas!

LiskHQ Opens Another LIP

Yesterday, LiskHQ opened a new LIP for the Lisk community to discuss and give their opinion on. This time, the topic of the LIP is Lisk’s Static Fee System which has been one of the most talked about points by the community.

This LIP proposes a dynamic fee system as a free fee market where the fixed fee for all transaction types will be removed and a minimum fee will be defined for every transaction. Any transactions received with a fee below that minimum fee will be rejected.

For each transaction, it will be up to the issuer to choose an appropriate transaction fee depending on the network load, which has to be at least the minimum transaction fee.

This change to a dynamic fee system will happen during the ‘Network Economics’ phase of Lisk’s roadmap.

Most of us know that the science team already did a lot of research into the dynamic fees but hopefully this LIP will also bring some good discussions and idea’s!

Lisk’s Automatic Testing For Blockchain

Yesterday, Lisk Backend Developer Mariusz (4miners) released a blog post on the importance of software testing in Blockchain, the benefits of automation testing, and how to get involved in the Q&A (Quality Assurance) of our open source project.

The blog post starts of with a short introduction to Blockchain and Lisk before continuing with the main topic of software testing in Blockchain.

Mariusz explains why testing Blockchain applications adds new metrics to traditional software testing and exactly why Blockchain developers need to pay much more attention to details.

The blog continues with how automation testing can significantly cut down the release process and which different types of automated tests can be used.

But software testing does not stop there as a need for Q&A always exists. In this last part of the blog Mariusz lays out how they implemented Q&A at LightCurve, the results of having a QA team in place, and Blockchain network’s QA testing process.

Last, but not least, he explains how you can start getting involved and contribute to Lisk’s Quality Assurance process.

This in dept blog post is well worth a read for both developers and non-developers as it gives insight in how Lisk is developing and how the testing of Blockchain software works!

LiskUSA Responds To LIP11

Last week, we reported on the LightCurve Science team opening the discussion for their 11th LIP – to change to one vote per account in Lisk’s DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake).

LIP’s are intended to be the primary mechanism to proposing protocol changes for the Lisk network. They gather community imput as well as documenting decisions made from beginning to end.

Seeing as Lisk’s DPoS is a hot topic this LIP managed to get a lot of attention. Especially on the community held active discussions on why they thought the proposal of one vote per account is a good or bad idea.

It was amazing to see the respectful way in which the discussion were held and how new ideas for improvement came about. But it was also clear that the largest part of the community expect that LIP 11 will have the opposite effect of what it is intending to solve.

LiskUSA could not stay behind in this discussion and that’s why last Friday we released a response to LIP 11. In this in dept blog post written by Ultrafresh, in cooperation with StellarDynamic, we explain what most likely will happen if the “one vote per account” LIP is implemented and why this is not the route LiskHQ should take.

Seeing as the overall feedback of the community has been negative, to say the least, we hope that LiskHQ will not implement LIP11 and look for a more unique solution!

Vote To Get Lisk On

The London based cryptocurrency exchange is currently hosting a voting event in which the project receiving the highest number of votes will be listed.

Currently, Lisk is in 10th place with 902 votes and seeing as only the winner gets listed we need to community to go and vote. There are still 5 days left to place your vote, all you need to do is head over to the website, register and vote for Lisk.

So lets once again show the strength of the Lisk community and get Lisk listed on!