The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 4

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The Lisk team has been on a roll, speaking or in booths at many of of the top recent crypto conferences. Meanwhile, the code base continues to get rave reviews from Darpal and others. We have these stories plus so much more to offer in this week’s The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 4

Lisk Once Again Finishes In the Top 3

This week, the Darpal Ratings team released their monthly blog post where they review and rank Blockchain projects based on their GitHub code audits. Darpal Rating is a top Chinese tech influencer and platform that offers Blockchain reviews, interviews and auditing. Last Friday the Darpal Ratings team released their Github code audit for the month of April, which this time has over 200 different Blockchain projects.

Just like last month Lisk did very well and ended up in 2nd place, receiving the highest rating of 5 and having 403 commits of type A1 (continuously, steadily developing new features) in April. In the audit we can also see that Lisk received a very high rating for its popularity and a high for number of contributors and its release frequently.

This makes the 4th month in a row that Lisk finishes in the Darpal Rating’s top 3, showing once again that Lisk’s development is active and moving a long in the right way!

The Blockshow Ratings Are In

Last Monday and Tuesday, the BlockShow Europe Conference 2018 took place in Berlin (Germany). This event gathered more than 3.000 attendees and over 150 projects, as well as over 80 internationally recognized speakers and experts from banks, institutions and diverse global industries.

During the event there was a Blockshow Rating in which Blockshow used the world’s first Blockchain polling application to identify the distinguished women leaders and Europe’s game-changing companies. Lisk’s was nominated both these catagories, Front-end developer Gina Contrino was nominated in the category Leading Woman In Blockchain and Lisk as a company was nominated for Europe’s most game-changing Blockchain companies.

And once again the Lisk community can be proud as Gina finished in 2nd out of the 15 nominated woman! In the category Europe’s game-changing companies Lisk finished in 3rd place out of 20 major Blockchain companies.

On behave of LiskUSA I would like to congratulate Gina and the entire LiskHQ team on these great results!

Max Kordeks BlockShow Interview

During BlockShow Europe Max Kordek was interviewed by the Dutch YouTube channel Bitcoin Magazine NL. In the interview Max talks about the panel he was which was all about the importance of educating people on Blockchain technology. Max explains how he feels like understanding and learning the basics of Blockchain is one of the most important things, once you know this then you will be able to define what a good of bad project is. He goes on to explain that when you are looking at a project to invest in it is more important to look at the team working on it. A second factor is the importance of looking beyond the flashy websites and logo’s and to look into the technology and potential useability.

They then talk about Lisk and the milestones that were reached since the start of the project such as setting up the Lisk foundation, scaling up the team and products and growing the Lisk community. Max also shortly talks about the Lisk Core 1.0 progress and it being the biggest release thus far and forming the basis for the upcoming Lisk platform.

The interview is rounds off by them talking about the current “bearish” market, Max explains how he feels that Blockchain has a real use case and will continue to grow but markets will always move up and down. Max closes off the interview by telling how during the conferences he attended you see the huge interest in Blockchain and the amounts of talented people all and willing to make it happen.

Like always it was an interesting and open interview with Max and its great to see him having such high hopes for the future of Blockchain!

Lisk’s New York Blockchain Week

This Friday, Lisk released a blog post on their New York Blockchain Week experience. The Blockchain week is full of conferences, events and meetups where Blockchain companies and representatives from all kinds of industries meet, learn and discuss both the future of Blockchain technology. LiskHQ flew over to New York with 12 team members from the development and marketing teams to attend Consensus 2018 and Token Summit.

Lisk was one of the sponsors of Consensus and had a large booth in the exhibition hall together with a huge meeting room where they played informative video content. The Lisk booth got a lot of attention from the visitors who either already heard about Lisk or were interested in its technical achievements. Besides answering questions, communicating Lisk’s vision the Lisk team members also connected with business representatives who were interested in future partnerships and collaborations.

During Consensus the team members also had a change to meet community members and chatted with important figures in the Blockchain industry such as Whitfield Diffie, Don Tapscott. They also sat down for interviews with Blockchain and the mainstream business media like VentureBeat, Reuters, Forbes, and CoinPost. During Consensus LiskHQ also was scouting talent and took advantage of the Blockchain Week NYC Job Fair where they got over a 100 resumes from talented developers, designers and marketeers.

After Consensus, the team attended the third edition of Token Summit which focussed on the economics, regulation and best practices surrounding Blockchain-based tokens, protocols and crypto-assets. The event was full of industry-leading discussion panels, the Lisk team members also got the opportunity to discuss the potential of Blockchain with people from all business backgrounds and explained how Lisk can help each use case with the transition to the global, decentralized economy.

As you read the blog post it feels like the New York Blockchain Week was a huge success for Lisk and the connections made during the events will help Lisk’s future growth!

The Consensus Aftermovie

One day before releasing the Blockchain Week recap LiskHQ had already released their Consensus 2018 Aftermovie. In the video we get a behind the scenes look, see the amazing Lisk booth and hear team members Jennifer Tekneci, Max Kordek, Kuba Kufel, Maciej Baj and Diego Garcia talk about their Consensus 2018 experience!

Another Lisk Milestone Was Reached

This week marked another milestone for Lisk as we celebrated the 2 year anniversary of the mainnet going live. Since that time a lot has changed for Lisk as the company, team and community grew immensely. The Lisk network also seen a lot happening over the past two years as a total of 18.3 million LSK where forged, 1.7 million transactions were made and a block height of 6 million was reached.

Congratulations to the team and the Lisk community on this amazing milestone, we are certain there will be many more to follow!

LiskHQ Releases The Lisk Hub 0.7.0

Around a week ago LiskHQ released a new version of the Lisk wallet which is called the Lisk Hub. Together with the release of version 0.7.0 LiskHQ also published a blog post where they explain the new features and changes. This new version of the Lisk Hub has two important enhancements which are the Delegate details page and the Request LSK feature.

The Delegate Details Page gives users the ability to view a delegates statistics which include uptime, rank, status, approval percentage, vote weight, forged blocks, as well as missed blocks. The page also shows Lisk accounts that the delegate voted for as well as Lisk accounts that have voted for them. As there could be thousands of accounts voting for a delegate LiskHQ also added a filter option to quickly see votes placed by a Lisk address or delegate.

The Request LSK feature is as the name says the option to request LSK funds from anyone with a Lisk account. This request can be done by sending a special link, an e-mail, or scanning a transaction request QR code. The feature also lets you request a specific amount of LSK tokens. Through the specific amount request function, you will be able to share predefined LSK transaction requests with anyone you’d like.