The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 40

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Vote To Get Lisk Listed On BitPanda

Bitpanda is Europe’s leading retail broker for buying and selling cryptocurrencies and has over 900.000 users.

Yesterday, they released a poll in which their users can vote for which project they want to see added to Bitpanda. The 4 selected projects you can vote for are : Lisk, Basic Attention TokenDogecoin,  and Golem.

With 1 day left to vote, Lisk is in first place with 44% of the total votes. Followed by Basic Attention Token (26%), Dogecoin (22%), and Golem (8%).

As only 1 project will get listed we need to make sure Lisk stays in first place so make sure to cast your vote today!

The First Lisk Center Utrecht Meetup

Yesterday, the team behind the Lisk Center Utrecht (Netherlands) released a blog post where they recap their very first Lisk community meetup.

The meetup started of with a presentation by delegate Joo5ty who explained why the Lisk Center Utrecht was founded and how it was made possible. Joost was followed up by Dutch Lisk ambassador Meyade Curfs who gave an introduction to Lisk and discussed the benefits of the partnership with Lisk.

After a small break there was a presentation by Peter of the Hogeschool Utrecht on how they focusing on Blockchain research, education and applications.

Then Susanne Pieterse and Marc Buma of Blockchain030 took the stage to take the audience into space. Susanne and Marc discussed three different scenarios that illustrate how cryptocurrencies and Blockchain can be used by future Mars and Moon colonists.

Last, but not least, Abe of the world’s biggest Blockchain & AI Hackathon Odyssey took the stage. He talked about their upcoming hackathon in April where Lisk Center Utrecht will also be present to network.

This first meetup brought around 80 attendees to the Lisk Center Utrecht which shows the potential for Blockchain and Lisk in the Netherlands.

On behalf of LiskUSA, congratulations to the Lisk Center Utrecht you guys did an amazing job on the Center and this meetup!

The Lisk Mobile Survey

In late 2018, LiskHQ released a new product : Lisk Mobile which is an app available on iPhone and Android. The app offers standard transaction and account balance functions for LSK cryptocurrency.

This week, LiskHQ released a survey where they want to know your thoughts on Lisk Mobile. This 13 question survey will help LiskHQ consider your input during the future development of Lisk Mobile.

So make sure fill in the survey and let LiskHQ know what you think about Lisk Mobile!

Equicex Hosts A €10.000 LSK Airdrop

As of this week the LSK token is available on the Equicex Exchange where it can be traded against BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, BCH and many more.

In total, Equicex Exchange listed Lisk for trading to over 300 cryptocurrencies and over 30.000 trading pairs. To celebrate the listing Equicex has organized a €10.000 airdrop which will be paid out in LSK tokens. In total 20 random winners will be picked and each of them will receive €500 in LSK tokens.

To enter the giveaway you visit the Equicex Lisk Airdrop page. Make sure you read the conditions after which you fill in your information to enter the airdrop.

So if you want to win some free LSK tokens then make sure you enter the giveaway!

Lisk Received A Top 3 Rating

This week the website Rating token released a report on the top code submitting Blockchain projects last month.

Out of the 260 Blockchain projects they ranked Lisk finished in the top 3 together with the projects Jibrel Network and Qtum. Lisk got rated a 4.0/5 and with that it defeats 96% of the circulating projects. Lisk’s overall performance and technical strength was rated as good. Rating Token gave the community discussion an active status and the discussion content a neutral.

It is also noteworthy that out of the 260 projects with more than a $5 million market cap, only 29.61% projects continuously submit code on GitHub within 30 days.

Like always, it’s good to see Lisk getting a high rating in a code review and shows us that our project is here to stay!