The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 43

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Lisk integrates with WEG Bank

After some speculation, LiskHQ officially announced that Lisk is the first Blockchain project integrated as a corporate account with WEG Bank.

WEG Bank is located in Germany. It’s a specialized credit institution providing banking products to the housing industry, currency and deposit accounts, and financing for construction and renovation projects. It also provides card facilities and Internet banking services. Its total assets in 2017 sat at 53.58 million EUR.

This integration will provide Lisk with a path for the rollout of new financial services for the Lisk Foundation such as new ways to buy LSK tokens as well as seamless LSK-fiat payments in the near future.

This is amazing news for Lisk and its community as this will make it easier for new people to buy LSK tokens!

Introducing Lisk Research

Tuesday, LiskHQ announced the move of the LIP (Lisk Improvement Process) discussion to Lisk Research.

The LIP’s are intended to be the primary mechanism for proposing protocol changes for the Lisk Network. They will gather the community input as well as document the decisions made from the beginning to the end.

Recently, we seen a huge spike in the LIP discussions which sparked many great ideas. However, One of the main issues was that LIP’s were on a Mailing List. After receiving a lot of  community feedback about this LiskHQ decided to move the existing discussions on the Mailing List to the new platform.

The new system will allow the entire Lisk community clear access into the ongoing scientific debate about the future of Lisk’s Blockchain. On the Lisk Research page you can see all the different LIP categories such as consensus, blocks, transactions and many more. You can also select the latest LIP or see which LIP has the most feedback.

It’s good to see LiskHQ acting on the community feedback and providing a new place for the current and upcoming LIP discussions to flourish!

February’s Lisk Elite Report

Last Monday, the Elite delegate group released their monthly report about the work and promotion Elite did to expand the Lisk ecosystem.

The report is divided into three segments which are the community, sponsoring, and promotional activities.

In February, Lisk Elite members attended several conferences and meetups such as FINWEX and MSEC’s “creating the future, anticipating the Blockchain — enabling you to open the new world” and the meetup “the return of the king — the bull and bear enlightenment of Blockchain” by Xiahu Chu

The Elite group also did some recent sponsoring activities such as the 500 LSK donation to support’s Lisk community meeting at the University of Hong Kong. And I (Lisknews) also received a 200 LSK donation for my articles and other contributions. Once again thank you for this generous donation!

Last, but not least, Elite also did some Lisk promotion such as getting the Chinese Lisk community to vote for LSK to be added to Bitpanda and the EliteCenter Xiamen designed and completed EliteCenter t-shirts, which were authorized by LiskHQ.

It’s great to see many things happening for Lisk in Asia thanks to the Elite Centers and the people working on contributing to the Lisk ecosystem!

Lisk Gets Added To ICE Cryptocurrency Data Feed

This week, ICE Data Service announced that Lisk would be added to their new cryptocurrency data feed.

ICE Data Services is a Fortune 500 company. It is also an international exchange that connects the largest community of participants in all major markets at key phases of the investing, trading, hedging and capital raising life-cycle.

The crypto data feed will support price discovery and risk management in this relatively new market and hopes to boost its transparency.

The ICE crypto data feed will also offer users insights and efficiencies and its global coverage can enable hedge funds to better manage their crypto trading strategies.

It’s great to see Lisk being one of the first to be added to the ICE cryptocurrency data feed and opening the door for huge potential!

Blockvibe Promotes Lisk

The Blockvibe team has recently started promoting and educating people on Lisk and Blockchain at various events.

Blockvibe is a group of cryptocurrency savvy people that consists of entrepreneurs who are investors, engineers, and Blockchain enthusiasts that are committed to creating awareness about the Lisk ecosystem.

Last Friday, their team once again attended a KPOP (Korean Pop) festival. During the event they hosted a raffle where attendees had the chance to win one of 30 Ledger wallets or the main prize which was a Samsung TV valued at $4000.

In total, over 800 people registered and took part in their survey on Blockchain making it a very successful promotion of Lisk and Blockchain in general!

The Lisk Hong Kong Meetup

On the March 16th, LiskHQ co-hosted an event in Hong Kong in collaboration with and the university of Hong Kong’s Blockchain Club.

This event was an official side event of the Asia Crypto Week and Token49. During the meetup Lisk’s ceo and co-founder Max Kordek gave a presentation on side chains, decentralized applications, and the future of Lisk. 

At the event attendees received a Lisk starter kit created by (who are a group of Blockchain enthusiasts based in Hong Kong). The starter kit came with pre-charged LSK on a paper wallet and a guide on how to use it.

Seeing as the meetup attracted over 50 Blockchain and Lisk enthusiasts it can definitely be counted as a huge success!

The Lisk Mobile Survey Results

Last Friday, the results of February’s Lisk Mobile survey were presented by marketing manager Lindsay Buescher.

A total of 129 people took the 13 question survey and this gave the following results : Lisk Mobile is most used by investors (71%) followed by delegates (15%) and developers (14%). To the question : Who does community think should be the target audience? 50% of the respondents believe developers should be one of the primary audiences for Lisk Mobile.

LiskHQ also asked which features should have most priority for Lisk Mobile. Here the results showed that respondents wanted to most see a “buy LSK” in app option, multi-coin support, delegate voting, and hardware integration.

Another important question asked was : which features should have least priority? This showed that customization & themes together with localization, and stablecoins came out on top. The last one being a remarkable result seeing how much stablecoins are being used in today’s crypto space.

The survey also asked the community for ideas and developer/delegate feature requests which showed LiskHQ what their users want to see.

For more information you can check out the survey presentation which features all the percentages, charts and interesting answers!

The Lisk Development Update

Last Thursday, LiskHQ released their fortnightly development update which has all the recent product releases and versions of the last two weeks.

As always the blog post starts of with Lisk Core of which version 1.5.0 was released to Mainnet on March 6th. Version 1.6.0 is in the last stages of development and will continue the work on the new modular architecture. Last, but not least, the development of version 1.7.0 is also in progress and this will conclude the integration of Lisk Element’s libraries.

As said, Lisk Elements version 2.1.0 is finalizing integration of three libraries into Core 1.7.0. While doing this the team fixed several bugs and added improvements including minor interface changes with the feedback gathered.

For Lisk Commander version 2.2.0 is nearly finished and will make great progress for Roadmap objectivesAdd node dependency/management/configuration commands” and “Add node migration/upgrade commands”.

On Wednesday, March 6th the Lisk Hub saw the release of version 1.12.0 which included a new transaction filter allows you to filter your transactions by the custom message. This version also includes the rollout of the new UI/UX design and an option to extend you passphrase to 24 words instead of 12.

The upcoming Lisk Hub version 1.13.0 will bring more transaction filters and a new transaction details page. And version 1.14.0 will include another account and ‘send LSK’ pages in the new design.

Last, but not least, is Lisk Mobile which will see its second major release. This version will introduce multi-coin support, starting with BTC integration. This will allow LiskHQ to easily communicate with other Blockchains, retrieve the accounts and transactions information and store them locally to present them to the user.

For information about the development progress you can always visit Lisk’s Roadmap or Github page!