The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 44

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The Lisk Development Update

LiskHQ released their fortnightly development update which has all the recent product releases and versions from the last two weeks.

As always, the blog post starts of with Lisk Core of which version 1.6.0 finished development and began QA testing. Version 1.7.0 is still in development and will enhance the developer experience by improving Lisk’s framework structure.

Lisk Elements version 2.1.0 has finished its feature development and will add yet another new library, Lisk Validator. This library will contain all the schema validation logic of Lisk Core and Lisk Elements.

For Lisk Commander the development of version 2.2.0 is still in progress but two important milestones are close to being completed.

Last Wednesday, the Lisk Hub version 1.13.0 was released which came with more transaction filters and a new transaction details page. There are detaild pages for each transaction type and a wallet overview module which displays account balance, last transaction, and more.

Version 1.14.0 is currently being tested and will include a new and improved “Send LSK” process. Version 1.15.0 is also already in development and will begin work on the planned Trezor support.

Last, but not least, is Lisk Mobile of which version 1.0.0 is in development. This version will include an improved Lisk Mobile sign-in process, BTC integration and design updates.

The next Lisk development update is expected on the 11th of April so stay tuned!

The Elite Effect

Wednesday, the Elite delegate group launched a new website called the Elite effect.

On the website you can read all about the contributions that Elite made to the Lisk ecosystem since the group was created. These contributions consist of things as exchange listings, the creation of Lisk Centers, hosting meetups, donations, and much more.

For a full list of their contributions I would suggest to check out their new website!

The LightCurve Rebranding

Yesterday, LightCurve presented its new brand identity and website together with an updated team member page.

Since January 2017, the LightCurve GmbH is in a contractual collaboration with the Lisk Foundation, founded by Oliver Beddows and Max Kordek. LightCurve is the Blockchain development studio behind Lisk ecosystem which works on strategy consultancy, development, and marketing.

This rebranding comes with a brand new logo, color palette, typography, and much more. The website also features a careers page where you can find the open positions at LightCurve. Currently LightCurve is looking for a Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, Research Scientist, Scrum Master and a UI/UX Designer.

On the “meet the team” page we can see that the LightCurve now consists out of 54 employees. Out of these 29 are developers, 10 work in operations, 8 in marketing, 4 in the creative department, and 3 in the science team.

So make sure to check out LightCurves new website and let the team know what you think about it!

Follow Lisk Dev Updates

Last Friday, the Twitter account Lisk Dev Updates went live. On the page you can follow all of LiskHQ’s GitHub activity on their major repositories.

Each tweet links you directly to LiskHQ’s GitHub and the issue that was fixed or worked on. While you are on their page you can always check the progress the team is making on their other products such as Lisk Core, Hub, Mobile, Commander, and Elements.

If you are active on Twitter and would like to keep up to date with LiskHQ’s work, then make sure to follow Lisk Dev Updates!

Lisk Central America Launches Its Website

This week, Lisk Central America announced the launch of their website. On it you can find information about the team, their mission, meetups and much more.

Lisk Central America was founded back in 2018 by Lisk Ambassador Jake Simmons. Their team believes that Blockchain technology is the gateway to many solutions for some of humanity’s greatest problems. They plan to champion this idea by focusing on educating developers and Blockchain enthusiasts about Lisk and what it has to offer the world.

On behalf of LiskUSA I would like to congratulate Lisk Central America with their new website. And we hope to see many more great updates and meetups in the future!