The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 45

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A New Lisk LIP Proposal

LiskHQ introduced a new LIP (Lisk Improvement Process) proposal along with a blog post for a Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT) consensus algorithm for Lisk.

This latest LIP proposes to change the consensus algorithm used in Lisk by introducing a mechanism that will allow delegates to vote on the correct Block at every height and implementing a new fork choice rule. By doing this the consensus protocol will achieve Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT) and provides block finality guarantees. This will mean that a Block can never be reverted after it has been created by the forging delegate.

This step to create Block finality and a robust consensus is required before LiskHQ can introducing side chains and communication between different chains in Lisk.

So far, the community seems to support the new LIP as delegate Karek created a vote option for both forging and non-forging delegates.

For a more detailed explanation of the Byzantine fault tolerance consensus I would suggest reading the LIP and blog post!

The Lip 11 Discussion

In early February, LiskHQ presented LIP 11 which aims to improve Lisk’s DPoS (delegated proof of stake) system.

This LIP proposes a change of the voting system for the election of delegates in Lisk. LiskHQ suggest to only allow one vote per account with a vote weight given by the balance of that account.

The goal is to increase the decentralization of the network by disincentivizing coalitions between active delegates and creating a healthy competition for active delegate slots. Moreover, the proposed voting system is very simple and encourages a high participation of stakeholders.

Although seemingly positive, LIP 11 caused a lot of controversy and many concerns among the Lisk community and delegates.  It also lead to great discussions being sparked and many new LIP ideas being written by the Lisk community.

Due to the controversy surrounding this LIP delegate, decided to create a vote option for forging and standby delegates to check the overall support for LIP 11.

This lead to the following current results of forging delegates : supported by : 2, not supported by: 76, maybe supported by: 1, no decision yet : 22.

For the standby delegates the results are as followed : supported by : 0, not supported by: 12, maybe supported by: 0, no decision yet : 190.

So far one thing is clear : LIP 11 is not being supported by the Lisk delegates and a big part of the Lisk community.

The Lisk Breakfast Club

Last Friday, LiskHQ hosted a networking breakfast event as part of the Berlin Blockchain Week.

During the event Lisk’s Tech Evangelist Rachel Black gave an overview and talked about the Lisk Alpha SDK. Jan Hackfeld Lisk’s cryptographer explained the LIP (Lisk Improvement Process) procedure and went into more detail about Lisk’s current ‘one vote per account’ LIP. The attendees also got a chance to meet the developers and science team and ask questions about the latest technical updates from the Lisk network.

In total the event attracted around 35 people of which most were developers making this breakfast a great success!

The Lisk Center Utrecht

As we all know, the Lisk Center Utrecht has been put to good use with many meetups, brainstorm sessions and creating a place for people to come and talk about crypto and Blockchain.

Last week, there were a number of events at the centre starting with a workshop for ‘Mind Elevators‘. Here Mr. Cherien of the Royal Dutch land force talked about mental toughness to help people in their daily lives.

The Lisk Center also welcomed 5 students from the Hogeschool Utrecht who worked on a 3 week project for VodafoneZiggo. That evening there also was a brainstorm meetup on “How to choose a Blockchain platform” which attracted around 12 attendants.

Last Thursday, there was yet another meetup which was set around Project Genesis. This project is an open-source initiative to develop new technologies and concepts for cryptocurrencies. Their goal is to build upon the foundation that exists today to increase global adoption and build a decentralized financial system for the entire world.

It’s good to see the Lisk Center Utrecht being put to such good use and more updates make sure to follow them on Twitter!

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