The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 46

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The Lisk Pre-SDK All-star Team

Today, delegate StellarDynamic announced his Lisk pre-SDK All-Star Team which consists of active and dedicated community members.

The All-Star team consists of 5 different category’s : testnet bounty All-Stars, excellence in meetup hosting, most dedicated prospective delegates, most creative technical contributors and top community liaisons. Each of the selected All-Stars will receive a reward of 50 LSK as a token of appreciation for the work they done.

You can find all the winners in our special Lisk pre-SDK All-Star Team blog post!

The Lisk SDK Mono Repository

Last weekend, LiskHQ merged their GitHub repositories into a mono repository structure.

The move to a single Lisk SDK repository will allow LiskHQ to improve their development speed, enforces code consistency and third-party accessibility. It will also make the Lisk tools more accessible and easily installable by developers.

The team has merged the Lisk Framework, Elements and Commander renamed it to Lisk SDK. As the name suggests, Lisk Framework combines all the Lisk Elements libraries and creates the business logic to be a foundation on which to create a Blockchain application. It’s responsible for establishing and maintaining the interactions between the modules of a Lisk Blockchain application.

LiskHQ has also renamed Lisk Core version 1.7.0 to 2.0.0 and the protocol version from 1.0 to 1.1 for the next scheduled release. The release of Lisk Core 2.0.0, will be the role model app created using Lisk SDK.

With the SDK, custom transactions are becoming a central focus point of Blockchain applications created using Lisk SDK. There are three types of custom application registration (type 5), transfer of value to a Blockchain application (type 6), and transfer of value from a Blockchain application to Lisk main chain (type 7).

But there are still a number of steps necessary for the Alpha SDK’s release to be considered completed.

You can read about these steps and the new repository in LiskHQ’s Lisk SDK repository blog post!

Lisk’s Development Update

On April the 11th, LiskHQ announced that the Lisk development update will change from a bi-weekly to a monthly release.

LiskHQ chose to switch to a monthly format to be able to give the community with an even more robust insight into Lisk’s development work ahead of the Alpha SDK. To still keep the community up to date on all that is happening in and around Lisk the team will give more quick-fire updates on Twitter and the

Lisk’s first monthly development update will be released next Thursday so stay tuned!

The EliteX Beta Launch

On April 10th, EliteX announced the Beta release of the first digital asset exchange integrated into the Lisk ecosystem.

During the beta launch the platform will feature trading of BTC, ETH, USDT as well as LSK trading pairs. The exchange was set with the intention for it to act as the primary exchange and marketplace to launch and trade future Lisk tokens.

EliteX also announced their further plans for the exchange with their development roadmap. On it we can read that version 1.0 of the exchange is expected to be ready in July and will feature OTC (Over The Counter) trading. In the next versions 1.1 and 1.2 EliteX will introduce a fully featured contract trading suite with project information, tracking and tools for trading risk assessment.

The next step for EliteX will be the EliteX DEX (Decentralised Exchange), which itself will be a token-driven side chain project ready to launch in 2020. After this EliteX ambitions are not done as they aim to rank in the top 20 exchanges globally by 2021, and by 2023 in the top 10.

If EliteX manages to reach these goals it will for sure have a huge impact on Lisk and its ecosystem!

The Lisk Daily Updates

Lisk’s co-founder and ceo, Max Kordek has started a daily and weekly Lisk update on his Twitter page.

In the tweets you can read about the latest Lisk news, product version releases, community initiatives and much more. At the end of the week Max also gives a short roundup of the most important Lisk news in the Lisk weekly.

So make sure to give Max Kordek a follow on Twitter if you havent to stay up to date on all the latest Lisk news!