The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 47

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The Lisk Highlights

Yesterday, LiskHQ released a bullet-pointed overview of their progress and activities for the month of April.

The overview on Reddit has SDK & Network developement updates, wallet updates and updates outside of development. They all come with direct links so that the news is just one click away incase you missed something this month.

So make sure to check out the Lisk Highlights if you missed out on some of April’s news!

Lisk’s Monthly Development Update

Last Thursday, LiskHQ released their first new monthly format of Lisk development update.

In this first blog post we can read all about the new SDK monorepo and product releases on Lisk Core, Lisk Hub and Lisk Mobile.

The Lisk SDK monorepo will improve Lisk’s development speed, code consistency and provides a simpler way to for developers to use Lisk’s products.

For Lisk Core there were a number of releases in April. On the 10th LiskHQ released version 1.5.1 which fixed a bug in the peer-to peer communication layer. And this week LiskHQ released version 1.6.0 on Mainnet. Leaving just Lisk Core version 2.0 (former 1.7) to be done before the SDK Alpha release.

The Lisk Hub, Lisk’s wallet saw the release of 3 new versions. On the 5th LiskHQ released version 1.14.0 followed by version 1.15.0 on the 17th. And this week the team also released the Beta of version 1.16.0. The team also announced that the upcoming Lisk Hub releases will include BTC and Trezor T hardware wallet integrations.

Last but not least the team submitted Lisk Mobile version 1.0.0 to the app stores and those are awaiting approval. The release of this version of Lisk Mobile will include a Bitcoin integration on the wallet app.

For a more in dept look into how LiskHQ progressed this month make sure you read the blog post!

LSK Is Now Available On The Atomic Wallet

Today, LiskHQ announced that the LSK token is now available on Atomic’s universal cryptocurrency wallet.

On the Atomic wallet you can exchange your assets using the decentralized Atomic Swap, manage over 300 different tokens and buy cryptocurrencies using your credit card. At the moment Atomic has over 40.000 active users a month and has been downloaded over a 150.000 times.

It’s always good to see more wallets adding Lisk especially one as diverse and user-friendly as Atomic.

The Lisk Elite Report

This Monday, the Elite Delegate Group released their monthly report in which we can read about the work and promotion Elite did to expand the Lisk ecosystem.

In March there were a number of events which involved the Elite Centers. Alan, manager of the Elite Center Xiamen, joined the video conference on the topic of Staking Economy.  Leah, attended the Lisk Hong Kong meetup hosted by during which Lisk’s CEO Max Kordek was one of the key speakers.

The Elite Center also announced the launch of the Elite Foundation website which will give the community a better overview of the ecosystem and projects inside Elite Group.

In March the Elite Center Tokyo received advice from the consensus investment management of Blockchainer. And they are likely to reach a cooperation with them in the future.

Elite also sponsored Lisknews for providing the community with this weekly blog post. And they sponsored the Lisk Hong Kong meetup hosted by

For more information on Elite’s activities and promotions you can aways check out the Elite effect website!

The Lisk Center Utrecht

Since the opening, the Lisk Center Utrecht has been put to good use for meetups, brainstorm sessions and creating a place for people to come and talk about crypto and Blockchain.

In early April, Jurre Machielsen (Moosty) introduced the Lisk Center Utrecht and Blockchain technology during the Tech Tuesday meetup by Permanent Beta.

On the 11th there was an evening meetup at the Center to see how Blockchain entrepreneurs can get a subsidy for their business.

And on the April 19th, Vodafone Ziggo hosted an event at the Lisk Center Utrecht during which they presented a Blockchain application made by Xurux and Blockchain030.

The Center also welcomed the Dutch Blockchain developers of CrypTag (the social payment revolution). Who from now on will be using the Centers facilities, connections help from other participants.

This is not all as this week the Lisk Center Utrecht announced that they welcome Daan Maasson and Jochem Gerritsen from Infloat to join the Center. Infloat is a research and consulting firm that specializes in tokenomics, tokenized business models and security tokens. 

Once again a lot of exciting stuff happening in and around the Lisk Center Utrecht and Blockchain in the Netherlands!