The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 48

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LiskHQ Will Attend Consensus

Today, LiskHQ announced that they will once again be attending the Consensus Blockchain conference in New York city.

Consensus is the annual gathering of the cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology world. Since 2015, Consensus has attracted every major company, developer, founder and investor in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain world to engage in an annual discussion about the future of the industry.

Consensus is designed to be a big tent for the industry: it convenes industry participants ranging from enterprise consortia to cypher punks. This convening power breaks down the barriers that separate companies in the industry and allows everyone working on the technology to spend three days learning from their peers.

Consensus offers a place for exceptional networking opportunities as it brings brings entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, traders, developers, academics, students and the curious together under one roof.

This is why Lisk’s ceo and co-founder Max Kordek together with Tech Evangelist Rachel Black will attend Consensus and be giving keynotes on Lisk.

More information on the event and their trip will likely follow later this month!

A New Lisk Milstone

This week, a new milestone was hit on the Lisk network with the forging of the 9 millionth Block since the network went live May 24th.

On the Lisk explorer a new Block is forged each 10 seconds and each Block may hold up to 25 Lisk transactions. For each forged Block the 101 delegates that are securing the Lisk network receive a forging reward and the transaction fees for their service.

Initially this started in 2014 with a reward 5 LSK per forged Block. But every 3,000,000 Blocks (approximately 1 year) this reward is reduced by 1 LSK, ending at 1 LSK per Block where it stays like that forever.

Currently each successfully generated Block is awarded with 3 LSK. Once we hit Block 10.451.520 which is expected to be around 14-10-2019 that reward will reduced to 2 LSK.

So even though Lisk’s supply does not have a hard cap it does have an annual Lisk inflation rate ending at 1 LSK per Block.

Learn More About Lisk Discovery

In April 2018, Lisk Discovery was created by delegate Endro as a tool to serve as a news aggregator for Lisk projects.

Since then a lot has changed and Lisk Discovery grew to be its own platform. This week Lisk Magazine interviewed Endro to talk about Lisk Discovery and the work he has done on the platform.

In the interview you can read how Endro found out about Lisk, his recent decision to focus exclusively on Lisk Discovery and much more.

So make sure to check out this interview and to visit the Lisk Discovery platform!

Lisk Mobile Version 1.0

Last October, the first version of Lisk Mobile was released on the Apple’s app store and Google play.

This first version allowed you to manage your Lisk transactions on the go. Since then new features like Face ID or Touch ID login and the ability to send LSK tokens via iMessage were added.

And with this weeks release of Lisk Mobile version 1.0 another announced feature was added to the app. Because this release includes the long-awaited Bitcoin integration. This means that you can now access and manage your BTC holdings straight from Lisk’s mobile Blockchain wallet.

So make sure to check out this new feature and let LiskHQ know what you think of it!