The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 49

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Subscribe To The Lisk Center Utrecht

The Lisk Center Utrecht needs your help, as they need to reach a 1000 subscribers in order for YouTube to allow them to stream all of their Blockchain meetups.

Since its opening the Lisk Center Utrecht hosting many great Blockchain meetups and events in the Netherlands. The team now wants to start live streaming these events for the Lisk and crypto community free of charge.

To do this their channel needs a total of 1000 subscribers due to a change in YouTube’s rules for live streaming. Currently the channel has close to 300 subscribers and needs the help of the community.

So make sure you subscribe to the Lisk Center Utrecht so everyone will be able to enjoy and learn from their Blockchain meetups!

LiskHQ Will Attend WeAreDevelopers

Next month, LiskHQ will once again be attending the WeAreDevelopers congress which takes places in Lisk’s hometown Berlin.

WeAreDevelopers attracts some of the biggest tech pioneers who exchange knowledge with the over 10.000 attending developers. During the 2 day event there are tech sessions, workshops and over 200 different speakers giving keynote presentations. It’s also a great place to network and to scout for new development talent to join the team.

Lisk’s ceo and co-founder Max Kordek and developer Maciej Baj will attending the event and educate the developers attending about Blockchain developement with Lisk’s upcoming SDK Alpha tool set.

Hopefully this event will attract some new developers to join the team or community and start working with the Lisk SDK Alpha!

Lisk Support For The Ledger Nano X

This week, delegate Hirish from the GDT pool announced that the Lisk Ledger app is ready for the support of the new Ledger Nano X.

Hirish was able to work with a developer version of Nano X and in this way created Lisk support for the new version before its release. The Nano X is the latest ledger hardware wallet which provides the same security and user-friendlyness as earlier versions but with a few extra’s.

The first new feature is the ability to use it on your mobile phone thanks to the adding of Bluetooth low energy connectivity. The second feature is the new display with higher resolution and the option to display more characters arranged on two lines. The third one is that it is supported by a 100 mAh battery that should allow a duration of a few weeks of use after needing to be recharged.

Last but not least this new version offers the possibility of installing up to 100 crypto apps without having memory problems like earlier versions had.

So if you are looking to buying a ledger then pre-ordering the Ledger Nano X might be a good option for you!

A New Github Milestone

After last weeks, 9 million Block milestone Lisk reached a new milestone last Friday with the Lisk Hub repository passing 10.000 commits made and 1.000 issues solved.

The Lisk Hub is is an all-in-one solution wallet to manage your Lisk ID, access and send LSK tokens, as well as vote for delegates. The Hub combines the functionality from the former Lisk Nano wallet and Blockchain explorer.

As Lisk’s development continues and the project keeps growing we’ll see more and more milestones down the road!

The EliteX Exchange Lists GNY

Last Sunday, EliteX announced they upgraded to version 0.5 and also listed GNY on their exchange.

Starting May 10th, the GNY token will be available in the following trading pairs : GNY/BTC, GNY/ETH and GNY/USDT.

GNY is a project which started in 2017, and is the world’s first machine learning platform for Blockchain applications. GNY introduces machine learning to pre-existing Blockchains, offering smart APIs that bridge to Ethereum, Asch, to Lisk and any developer working with our universal system.

With GNY Centre, GNY brings its own dedicated Blockchain that can host side chains, offering a powerful set of tools to launch and host your own project from conception to implementation in the most developer friendly environment built around artificial intelligence.

To celebrate this listing EliteX will host an airdrop where a total of 30.000 GNY tokens can be won. All you have to do to take part in this airdrop is register to the EliteX exchange.

Hopefully we will see many more listings and updates in the future!