The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 5

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This week was once again packed with Lisk news such as the expansion of LightCurve, Lisk getting listed on OKex and all the upcoming events. You can read all about these stories and much more in this week’s The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 5

LightCurve Is Growing

This Tuesday, LiskHQ announced the hiring of three new LightCurve members. The first hire is Valeria Ippolito who will be working at Lisk as a video editor and designer. Lightcurve also hired a second cryptographer named Jan. Lastly, they hired a financial analyst named Burak. You can already find out more about Valeria on by visiting the Lisk team page, Jan and Burak have yet to be added to the page.

The Lisk Blockchain Was Temporarily Halted

Saturday morning an anonymous individual broadcasted a faulty transaction to the Lisk network. Due to a rare edge-case bug in transaction processing, the transaction was deemed valid and went through the processing steps on each individual node. However, it was an invalid, maliciously customized transaction type that utilised this particular code bug. This caused every individual node to temporarily stop processing new blocks which resulted in the Lisk network coming to a halt.

The Lisk team as well as delegates and other community members immediately sprang into action and worked on reproducing the bug and finding a fix for it. During this time Lisk’s CEO Max Kordek communicated with the Lisk community via Reddit and explained what was going on and which actions had been taken.

After some hours the bug was reproduced at LiskHQ and shortly after it was fixed, the team also added two unit tests to make sure it the bug didn’t happen again. After this, LiskHQ released Lisk Core version 0.9.15 and the 101 delegates updated their very quickly.

At the time of the bug, around 150 transactions where in the process of being confirmed but because of the network coming to a halt these never got through. The Lisk team decided to maintain the same Blockchain and to bypass the 150 transactions that happened between the Blockchain halt and the 0.9.15 deployment to main net and testnet. This resulted in the 150 transactions to be seen as they never happened and funds being added back to the senders account. During Lisk’s history similar edge-cases like this only took place 2 or 3 times and in all scenarios the Lisk Blockchain and balances always remained secure.

This attack on the network showed us once again that LiskHQ is very open and transparent with its community and that the Lisk community is stronger than ever!

Lisk Gets Listed On Okex

Last Saturday, delegate Carbonara announced that the Elite delegate group had managed to get Lisk listed on OKex, the worlds second largest crypto exchange. The Hong Kong based exchange confirmed the listing by announcing that starting from the 4th of June the trading of the LSK token would be available followed by allowing withdraws the day after. The LSK token is now available for trading on OKex in the following pairs : LSK/BTC, LSK/ETH, and LSK/USDT.

All The Upcoming Lisk Events

Like last month, June will be full of Conferences, events and meetups where Lisk team members will be promoting Lisk to the public.

June kicked off with LiskHQ attending the JSConF EU 2018, which is a two-day conference in Berlin which attracts hundreds of JavaScript community members from all over Europe. As Lisk is build on JavaScript this was a great opportunity for Lisk’s developers and HR team to recruit new talent and talk to people about the advantages of Lisk and bringing Blockchain to the mainstream public.

From the 19th until the 22nd, LiskHQ will be attending Tech Open Air which is Europe’s leading technology festival. This conference brings together 150+ thought-leaders from tech, art, and science who will speak on the future of technology and its impact on business and life. The event will have over a 120+ satellite events taking place and will attract over 20.000 attendees making it a great place to promote Lisk.

A couple of days after this conference LiskHQ will be visiting the Netherlands where they will host not one but two Lisk community meetups. On the June the 25th the first meetup is going to be taking place in Rotterdam followed up by a meetup in Amsterdam the day after. Further information on both these meetups will soon be released by LiskHQ so if you are interested in attending then make sure to keep an eye out for the Lisk’s event page.

After this last meetup Lisk will stay in Amsterdam to attend the Blockchain Expo Europe which is this year is taking place in the RAI Amsterdam. This event will bring together over 8000+ dedicated Blockchain industry attendees from across all the key industries. The Expo will feature many keynote presentations, interactive panel discussions and solution-based case studies with a focus on learning and building partnerships in the emerging Blockchain space.

The last event of the month will be Distribute 2018 which is taking place in Hamburg on the 28th and 29th of June. The event will center around : “how to take advantage of Blockchain technology”. It has also been confirmed that Lisk’s CEO and Co-founder Max Kordek will be one of the speakers during the event.

Lisk’s Community Update For May

This Friday, LiskHQ released the Lisk Community Update for the month of May. As always the blog post features updates on the company, Lisk’s development, marketing and the growing community.

In the Company update we can read that in the beginning of the month, Lisk was listed on New Zealand’s exchange Cryptopia. In May LiskHQ also updated their Team Page, on which you can learn more about each team member and see the different Lisk departments. Last month, LiskHQ also introduced “What’s Up Wednesdays” which is a weekly Q&A round with the entire Lisk team during which team members can ask one another anything work-related. This Q&A will help Lisk to promote the highest quality of communication across the teams.

In the Development update we can first read about the milestones Lisk reached. The first one being the 2 year anniversary of the main net going live and the second being that now over 200.000 Lisk wallets have been created. It also contains the great ratings Lisk got in China’s first public Blockchain assessment and high-ranking Lisk once again obtained in the Darpal Rating of April. The update also features all the new versions of the Lisk products that have been released last month.

May was also a busy month for the Marketing team as LiskHQ attended multiple Blockchain events, gave many interviews and released several blog posts. In the last month Lisk got a total of 46 media mentions and 7 media placements. We can also read that the Lisk community once again kept on growing as Lisk saw an 3.8% average growth over their different Social Media channels with their Telegram even seeing a 11% increase in its users.

The Community update features the succesful North American community giveaway and the announcement by LiskHQ that because of this similar giveaways will follow in the future. It also contains the great work Bloqspace has done such as sponsoring the Lisk meetup in Ottawa and organising several Lisk meetups in San Antonio which were held in various languages.

The blog post shows that May was once again a very productive month for Lisk and that LiskHQ is well on their way in laying the groundwork to becoming one of  the major players in the Blockchain space!

Episode 3 Of The Lisk Vlog

Thursday was the last business day of May which meant it was time for the release of the Lisk Vlog. As always the Vlog starts with an introduction by Lisk’s community managers Mat Piaggi and Jan Liz-Fonts. In it they talk about the worldwide events LiskHQ attended in May such as Chainges, BlockShow Europe, the New York Blockchain Week and WeAreDevelopers. We then get to see new footage of some of the events and hear team members share their amazing experiences.

The Vlog continues with a developement update which contains the Lisk Core 1.0 Beta testing, The Lisk Hub, Lisk Explorer and some changes in product developement leads. In the Company update Lisk’s new HR Generalist Gabriela D’Alò talks about the current recruitment and the plans to expand the team while keeping an eye on having a good on boarding process. The Vlog rounds off with Mat and Jan giving some high performing community members a shout out and talking about the new Lisk website pages which are the Lisk Foudation page, Brand & Style Guide and Presspage.

As always the Lisk Vlog gives a good and fast recap of all that happened over the last month so if you havent seen it make sure you do!

The New Orleans Anniversary Meetup

Last week LiskUSA celebrated its one year anniversary with a Lisk meetup in their hometown of New Orleans. This time the meetup was hosted at the Contemporary Arts Center where around 25 guests enjoyed multiple presentations and technical segments. The meetup kicked of with delegate StellarDynamic giving an overview of Lisk where he explained all that happened to Lisk since the ICO (Initial Coin Offering). After this John Alex Hebert gave a technical presentation on how you can already start developing on Lisk. Brandon Glosson then showed the attendees how a transaction goes through the Lisk Network and the steps that are taken during the process.

After each presentation there was plenty of room for questions and discussing the endless possibilities of Lisk and Blockchain technology.

Thanks to the support of Bloqspace we managed to capture some of the best video and audio we had over the past year! Yesterday we also released a blog post on the anniversary meetup and more video footage will be released soon!